3 How to tell fake Anya Hindmarch I'm NOT A Plastic Bag

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Extremely detailed extensive guide knowledge help on with: Anya Hindmarch I'm NOT A Plastic Bag - How can I tell telling spot spotting recognise to decide determine know if is my anya hindmarch hindmarsh hinmarch i'm im not a plastic bag fake not real replica imitation inspired copied copy where can buy purchase still get hold of find are there any an authentic genuine original bags left for sale anywhere they sold out? vogue IT bag - My latest secrets revealed!

Please read Section 2: "I'm NOT A Plastic" Bible - Part A first, if you have not yet done so.

How to spot an I'm NOT an "I'm NOT A Plastic Bag"
The Must-Read 4 Part Guide to Spotting a Fake - PART 3!

Section 1:
HISTORY - The Media, Mobs and Mayhem!

Section 2:
'I'M NOT A PLASTIC' BIBLE - Detailed guide on how to spot a NOT! - Part A

Section 3:
'I'M NOT A PLASTIC' BIBLE - Detailed guide on how to spot a NOT! - Part B

Section 4:
'I'M NOT A PLASTIC' BIBLE - My latest secrets revealed!

Section 3:

THE "I'M NOT A PLASTIC" BIBLE - How to spot a NOT! - Part B

Beware! Sites such as Ebay are now absolutely flooded with imitations which are becoming more and
more difficult to recognise. As it were, it is now more a case of spotting the authentic bag than the fake
so read the following carefully, with your utmost attention and matchsticks in your eyes - no blinking!

Continued from Section 2 ...

e.) The rope style handles are made from woven cord in a light taupe colour (beige grey), are approx 1.5cm in diameter and 45cm
from end to end making it stand approx 20cm from the top of the bag at it’s highest point.

The handles are looped through the eye-holes and bound very closely to them leaving just enough room to swivel the handles round...

Genuine Article (See how you would not even be able to fit a finger in the loop)
Want to buy this actual genuine grey bag? WATCH HERE!

The binding is very neat and secure, approx 4cm tall and in a similar shade to that of the handles themselves. Many of the fakes
have sandy/straw coloured handles, are thinner and longer than the genuine item and in particular, are bound higher up leaving
enough room to put one or more fingers in the loop such as in the replica below...

Here the handles are bound too high up, appear to be a sandy colour and also the bow is inflated in size (explained in Section 2b )

f.) The eye-holes should be made from chrome (silver coloured) whereas some of the fakes are made from a brassy looking metal.
Each eye-hole should have an outside diameter of approx 3.5cm and inside diameter of approx 2.5cm. (See first picture in this section)

Although the previous points have shown that with a little knowledge and patience it is not difficult to 'spot a not' there are
yet even more convincing versions available, many of which are probably being carried around at this very moment with
the owner still blissfully unaware that they have not purchased an authentic version.
Our aim with the following finer details is to help you avoid even the most convincing of bags in ways that very few people
know about as it is still presently possible to distinguish them by very closely analysing the lettering on the front of the bag
as we did earlier on the inner lining slogans (shown previously in Section 2d ).

Remember that the lettering "I'm NOT A Plastic bag" displayed on the front of genuine bags has been dye-cut and
stitched on i.e. a machine was used to cut the material. Therefore the genuine articles will always have exactly
the same shaped lettering - no equivocations!

g.) The apostrophe in "I'm" is often a round or oval shape in replica versions such as in the first picture below...

This fake has an oval apostrophe While the genuine apostrophe is an elongated 'tear-drop' shape with the pointed end facing up.

The genuine bag shown in these images is listed on Ebay... WATCH HERE!

h.) Another point to look out for is the shape of the "A" in the front lettering. This should have a slightly flattened top whereas many of the fake
bags have a more rounded shape as can be seen in the example below...

This fake has a 'rounded' top to the "A"... Opposing the genuine article which has a slightly 'flattened' top

Also, you can see the beginning of the word "bag" which has an italic or 'stretched' effect in the genuine version but is missing in the replica.

i.) Now moving on to the word "Plastic". This should have a separate and very distinguishable dot to the "i" compared to some imitations which
have the dot joined to the "i" as below, or sometimes the "t". If manufacturers of the fake versions have cut the material and stitched it on in an
attempt to produce a more realistic looking bag, then it is likely that they have attached the 'dot' in order to save a little time. Unfortunately for
them, it gives us yet another tell-tale sign that the bag is not authentic.

This fake has the dot attached to the "i" But the genuine article will always have a separate dot.

j.) And finally, here's something a little harder to spot consequently meaning that it's probably best to do a side-by-side comparison with a definite
genuine version in order to determine whether there is a difference or not.

The "l" in genuine bags should have a slightly thinner right hand side to the loop, whereas the replicas often have a slightly thicker right-hand side
or in some cases is the same thickness both sides of the loop:

Here the fake has a 'thicker' right-hand side The genuine bags will have a 'thinner' right-hand side as above.

It is a common misconception, but not all genuine bags have tags attached. Tags are attached on bags that were originally
purchased in an Anya Hindmarch or Sainsbury's store in order to display information to the consumer (such as price) whereas if
they were pre-ordered directly from Anya Hindmarch or 'We Are What We Do' then the price was already known by the consumer
and hence, the tags were not required. Also, do not be fooled into thinking that a bag is authentic just because it is listed as
having tags or receipt as it would be far easier to produce imitation tags and receipts than the actual bag itself.

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Your LAST chance for an RARE opportunity to own a 100% GENUINE Anya Hindmarch “I’m NOT A Plastic Bag” is here!

I originally purchased two asian grey bags (plus 9-5 books) from 'we are what we do' and was planning to keep one myself
but have decided to sell it to one VERY lucky Ebayer!


I've recently been informed by a genuine Ebay user who has just purchased one of my bags that there are now even fake guides available!
I really cannot believe the cheek of these sellers! Soon there will be no bags being sold because each person will have a different idea of
what a fake is!

All I can say is that everything in these guides is 100% correct and has been checked and double checked. All of the pictures used in the
comparisons stating 'genuine' are absolutely guaranteed to be genuine as they were taken from my actual authentic bags and have not been
copied from any other seller ! Absolutely authentic, no doubts whatsoever!
I can guarantee that the only pictures copied were those of the fake bags, for comparison purposes only, and all of which clearly state under
them that they are an example of a fake bag.

SPOT A FAKE SUMMARY - A quick refresher!

The bag you are looking is a fake if...

* It is not one of the colours mentioned in this guide
* It states on the advert that it is "I'm NOT A Plastic bag" or Anya Hindmarch 'inspired'
* It has a zip, poppers or pockets e.g. for mobile phone
* It does not have the Anya Hindmarch bow embroidered on the front or if this logo is inflated in size
* Either of the printed slogans are missing from the inner lining or of an incorrect font and / or size
* The handles are bound higher up, elongated, thinner, a different colour to that mentioned in this guide
* The eye-holes that the handles loop through are not made from chrome
* The "I'm NOT A Plastic bag" lettering on the front of the bag is printed or embroidered rather than stitched on
* The apostrophe in "I'm" is oval or round rather than a long tear-drop shape
* The "A" on the front has a rounded rather than flattened top
* The "i" in "Plastic" has the dot joined to the "i" or "t" - it should be separate
* The "l" in "Plastic" should have a slightly thinner right hand side to the loop than the left side

Remember that...

* Not all genuine bags have tags attached, it depends on where they were purchased
If you are buying from Ebay to always check the feedback score
Any questions you may have should always be asked BEFORE buying / bidding
Many sellers have copied their pictures from other adverts so ask if they are of the actual item or if they can provide you with some
When purchasing an expensive item it is always best to opt for a 'recorded' or 'signed-for' delivery option so that the item is tracked and insured
You should be wary of buying from abroad, particularly china as this is where the majority of imitations are produced (See Section 1 )

If you have purchased a bag that stated it was in it's original packaging and it arrived in any form of plastic, it was not the original packaging
although it does not necessarily mean that the bag is fake. Whether purchased directly from Anya Hindmarch or 'we are what we do', the bag
will have been wrapped in a white crate paper as it would be a somewhat of a contradiction for companies promoting plastic alternatives to then use
any form of plastic to package the bag in!

Continue to Section 4: My 'Latest Secrets Revealed'!

I hope this helps you in your search for a genuine original "I'm NOT A Plastic bag" and wish you all the best!
Good Luck! : )

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