3 Must-have Vintage Star Wars Figure Accessories

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3 Must-have Vintage Star Wars Figure Accessories

So many Star Wars figures and accessories have come out since Kenner started producing them in 1978 that a collector just starting a collection of vintage Star Wars figures may not know where to start. The rule of thumb is to collect what you like, not necessarily what is rare or valuable. That said, there are some accessories, like Luke's lightsaber, Han Solo's blaster, and Yoda's snake, without which no vintage Star Wars collection would be complete.


Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber

The very first lightsabers to come out with Star Wars figures had a "double telescoping" (DT) design. A thin and fairly fragile tip telescoped out of a thicker plastic shaft. These are extremely rare, although Luke's yellow DT saber is the most common of the three available colours. The telescoping design proved to be too complicated for mass production, and the single telescoping lightsaber came out soon after. However, the Luke's lightsaber remains one of the most sought after accessories in the vintage Star Wars collecting world, and few collectors ever have the joy of even seeing a genuine one.


Han Solo's Blaster

Han came out with no fewer than three blasters in the vintage Star Wars figure series produced by Kenner. The blue-black Han Solo blaster came first. Later, a blue version came out for the Han Solo Hoth figure released after "The Empire Strikes Back" hit cinemas. Finally, the Han Solo Trench Coat figure came with a black rebel blaster. The same blaster design came out with other rebel figures, including Greedo and Snaggletooth, so these are not extremely rare pieces. In addition, because the rebel blaster was in production for so long, many variations in both colour and design exist. Some alternate colours include light blue, dark green, and blue-green.


Yoda's Snake

Though one of the most popular figures of all time, there was just one vintage Yoda figure with a few slight variations. The 1980 Hong Kong Yoda came with an orange snake. A lighter orange snake was the first variation of this accessory. Also from 1980, a Yoda with a brown snake came out. Similarly, a light brown variation also exists. The brown snake is made of a softer and more flexible plastic than the orange snake. However, the distinguishing mark of genuine vintage snakes is that they sink when placed in water. Along with his cloak, gimer stick, and belt, Yoda's snake completes his outfit as Jedi Grand Master.

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