3 NASCAR Souvenirs That Fans Must Have

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NASCAR, or the National Association for Stock Car Racers, is a business venture that governs and sanctions multiple auto racing events. It is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 1947-1948 by Bill France, Sr. As of 2012, over 1,500 races at over 100 tracks in 39 U.S. states and Canada are sanctioned by NASCAR. Its corporate headquarters is in Daytona Beach, Florida, with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Bentonville (AR), and in four North Carolina cities (Charlotte, Mooresville, Concord, and Conover).

NASCAR races are broadcast in over 150 countries internationally. The sport has over 75 million fans that purchase billions of dollars worth of licensed products each year. Fans of NASCAR are serious about their sport, and their favorite drivers. There are three types of souvenirs that NASCAR fans should own: diecast cars, memorabilia items, and NASCAR car parts. Die hard fans of NASCAR can find these types of items at several different places, including department stores, sporting goods retailers, hobby shops, Internet memorabilia stores, and on eBay’s auction marketplace.

1. Diecast NASCAR Cars

NASCAR produces thousands of diecast cars for fans to purchase for their collections. A diecast car is a model produced by forcing molten metal into a mold or cast of the vehicle being made. The cars have plastic, glass, or rubber details with the main body being cast from a zinc, aluminum, and copper mix. The car is then painted in the various styles of numerous drivers in NASCAR. These cars are extremely popular and collectible thanks to the fans of the sport. There are several different size specifications that buyers should be aware of before purchasing a diecast car. The size of the diecast car is given in ratio form. These numbers represent the size of the diecast in comparison to an actual vehicle. Below are the most common sizes of NASCAR diecast vehicle available, but they range from 1:6 down to 1:500.

Scaled Size


Popular Uses


Scaled down 64 times from items original size

NASCAR vehicles, Matchbox, and Hot Wheels


Scaled down 43 times from items original size

NASCAR, model railways, and hand-painted model trucks


Scaled down 24 times from items original size

NASCAR, dealer promotional models, and Franklin Mint items


Scaled down 18 times; larger model, usually 7-8 inches long

NASCAR, model cars, and model trucks

While there are several other sizes available, these are the most popular among NASCAR diecast vehicles. Buyers should remember that the smaller the number to the right of the ratio symbol, the larger the vehicle size.

2. NASCAR Memorabilia

NASCAR offers fans several types of memorabilia items to add to their collections. Some of the more popular items include trading cards of their favorite drivers, photos, and fan gear. Fans of NASCAR will see that there are a handful of drivers that are more popular than others, so their memorabilia items will be easier to find. Fans of the sport have plenty of memorabilia items to choose from collect for years to come.

NASCAR Trading Cards

NASCAR offers trading cards of all types to their fans, including rookie, autographed, numbered, and relics. Much like other sports, these cards are highly collectible and offer the buyer the chance to own a small piece of NASCAR history.

Rookie Cards

Rookie cards are commonly known as the first card of a driver that is part of a fully licensed, nationally distributed set. Rookie cards are commemorative pieces that feature a photo of the driver on the front, and his or her statistics on the back. Similar to other sports, the condition and scarcity of the rookie card factor into its value. The rarer the card, and the better condition it is in, the greater the value will be.

Autographed Cards

Autographed NASCAR cards are highly collectible. These cards offer a picture of the driver along with his or her autograph on the front with statistics for the driver on the back. There are different variations of an autographed card. Sometimes, the autograph is on a sticker that is later affixed to the card by the trading card company. This allows them more flexibility in offering signed products to potential collectors without having to get the signature obtained at the time of production.

Another version is an autograph cut from another document. This is commonly referred to as a "cut signature" card. This type of card allows the trading card companies the option of providing newer styled cards for deceased drivers. It also aids the company in making different styles of cards that include driver autographs without having to gather the necessary signatures again. The third style is when the autograph is directly on the card. This is produced when a driver is given several cards at a time to be signed and the driver signs directly on the card.

Numbered NASCAR Cards

Numbered trading cards for NASCAR drivers come in a limited print run quantity, which is stamped directly on the card. When a card is stamped with single digit numbers, it is usually worth more due to its scarcity. The most valuable numbered cards will be those that are stamped 1/1 (read one of one). This means that the card company only made one of this card, so it is extremely rare. In general, the lower the numbered print run (the number to the right of the slash) the rarer the card.

Relic Cards

Relic cards are also known as jersey cards. These are trading cards that feature a piece of race worn attire from the driver. Most of the time, the driver is pictured on the front of the card with the relic. In either case, the driver’s stats for his or her career are on the back of the card. Relic cards are often numbered as well.

NASCAR Autographed Gear

NASCAR offers fans the chance to own a piece of their favorite drivers gear by selling things like helmets, fire suits, and hats. Sometimes, fans can find autographed versions of these items for sale. While these can be of great value, buyers should be sure that the signatures come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This means that the item’s signature has been looked at by an expert and that expert has authenticated it as real. If the item does not have a Certificate of Authenticity, prospective buyers can have it looked at by their own professional before the final purchase to ensure it is genuine.

3. NASCAR Apparel

Fans of the sport of NASCAR like to show their support for their favorite drivers. NASCAR offers a wide array of apparel available in men’s, women ’ s, children’s, and infant sizes. Men can purchase items like jackets, sweatshirts, dress shirts, athletic apparel, wallets, and t-shirts for NASCAR or their favorite drivers. Women can find items like intimate apparel, t-shirts, camisoles, racing jackets, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. Intimate apparel includes everything from bras and panties to sexy costume wear. Children’s clothing available for purchase includes jackets, swimwear, underwear, and t-shirts. Clothing items for the infant NASCAR fan include pajamas, onesies, outfits for boys and girls, and rompers. With all types of NASCAR apparel available to fans, they can clothe their entire family racing-related items.

Buying NASCAR Items on eBay

Fans of NASCAR can find several items to promote their pride for the sport on eBay. eBay offers thousands of items from sellers all over the world. Whether you use the category search or the main search bar on the eBay homepage, you will find many items available for purchase. If you use the main search bar on the homepage, just type in what you are seeking; for example, "NASCAR Jeff Gordon diecast car," and click search. eBay will return the listings on the site that have those keywords in the listing. Buyers like the category search function because it lets them whittle down the results to display only what they are looking for.

Searching by Category on eBay

If you choose to search by category, start by clicking the "All Categories" option from the homepage. This will display a full listing of categories available on eBay. From here, choose the "Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop" category. This will give you the option of cards, fan apparel & souvenirs, and many more subcategories from which to choose. When you click on these subcategories, each will give you the option to choose the sport you want. Choose racing and then type what you are looking for into the search bar. This will display the results of your search query, while limiting your results to only the category you have chosen.


NASCAR has become a largely followed sport throughout the world. With dozens of drivers, and hundreds of races, millions of memorabilia items are produced each year. Three of the major things every NASCAR fan should have are diecast cars of their favorite drivers, collectible memorabilia, and NASCAR apparel. With several types of memorabilia to choose from, fans have a wide array of options. They can collect trading cards, autographs, photos, and much more. There are several types of trading cards buyers can purchase and each type offers the fan different features, such as relics, autographs, and individual numbering. Thanks to eBay’s worldwide marketplace, buyers can find the perfect NASCAR item to add to their collections.

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