3 ideas for fun DIY Christmas gifts

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This month, the build up to Christmas has really begun. The Christmas ads are on telly, the Christmas jumpers have invaded every clothes store and soon the local Christmas markets will be landing in towns across the UK.

The foodie and crafty stalls are my favourite – they’re always so visually pleasing and packed with creative ideas. With that in mind, I’ve taken inspiration from my love of Christmas with the family to share three of my favourite family friendly Christmas gift crafts.

3 ideas for fun DIY Christmas gifts

Make sweetie favours

Bulk buy a selection of your family and friend’s favourite sweets, wrap them in cellophane, tie off with decorative ribbon and voila! Affordable little Christmas gifts.

Make bath bombs

Bath bombs are essentially just bicarb and citric acid mixed at a 2:1 ration, with a little added natural colour and a few drops of essential oil to scent. Mix the ingredients together, spritz with water to bind, then press into your moulds of choice. There’s a nice guide herenofollow.

Make mason jar gift candles

Making candles at home is surprisingly easy. All you need is jars, soy wax flakes, colouring flakes, wicks and sticky pads to secure your wick to the base of the jar. There’s a great step by step guide to making them herenofollow and you could then decorate the outside of the jars with sharpies to make them extra beautiful.

Get all the kit you’ll need from eBay

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If you’d like to purchase everything you’ll need to make these great gift ideas, pop over to my Crafty Christmas Gifts collection on eBay. I found it so easy to find everything from wax flakes to cellophane bags at a great price, so I’ve popped them all in one place.

While you’re there, don’t forget to click the big green “Follow” button as I’ll be updating my collection with more crafty bits and pieces in the coming weeks.

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