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Hi people, this is my guide on how to stop getting ripped off for free codes which people are selling on Ebay for 99p. I know what your saying 99p isn't that much. But if you spend 99p on 10 items you've spent £9.90 = now doesn't that seem a waste?

I have done it myself in the past, when i was new to Ebay- Buying these spreadsheets where you get freebies from, Police auctions, £30.00 off this and that. I know Ebay can draw you in to think that everything on here is cheaper than buying from the high street. You hope, you think, you wish!

My opinion is, do your reaserch. If someone is selling a code for £30.00 off, then use a search engine and type in £30.00 off high street stores. You'll soon come accross these codes yourself, and for free and 2 minutes of your time.

If someone is selling Samples on eBay- You can easily obtain these samples yourself, By looking at what is being sold, and go to the company who makes them- Go straight to them and ask for a free sample.

Sign upto websites where you will get free emails, updating you on free samples, sign up to them, using a hotmail account. And hey presto.

In today's world, where every penny counts. All i say, is do your own research and find these codes yourself. There is a world outside of eBay you know. And you may find they are cheaper than here sometimes.


I hope you find this useful, and stop yourself from being ripped off.


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