30 Day turnover checker / Negative feedback finder....

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This guide will tell you how to get a sellers 30 day turnover, find their negative feedback and more..

We all here of how eBook sellers make loads of money, "Or so they say", so here is a way to find out how much an eBay seller is making exactally.

Go to goofbay.com and then go to tools, type in the sellers user id and it will calculate the income for the seller over the last 30 days. If in the sellers auction they are making $5000 a month on eBooks and the total of all the page  sums on goofbay is only $769, then you know they are making it up. Also if a seller has a private auction in there feedback profile, goofbay will tell you what it is as you can't find this information from the feedback profile.

P.S - To get the total 30 day turnover, you need to add up all the page totals.

You can also search for negative feedback using the tools, all you need to do is type in the user name and goofbay will display the negative feedback to save you reading through and spending time finding those comments.

You can also work out the fees that eBay will charge you for listing you auction and the final value fee.

It can also be used for finding misspelt items on eBay (You normally have to pay for this info by the way)

There are loads more tools, like negative feedback removal.......just take a look!

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