3D Video Games Buying Guide

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3D Video Games Buying Guide

A 3D videogame is an electronic game that relies on human interaction with a user interface to create visual feedback on a display. 3D video games require a display that is capable of projecting in 3D, as well as 3D glasses. This additional hardware can be expensive, but many argue that visual improvement is well worth the additional cost. 3D video games are available on a few different platforms, namely Nintendo's 3DS and Sony's Playstation. Microsoft's Xbox, another popular platform, also offers 3D gaming. The human controls the action on the screen using a game controller, which is different for each platform.

3D gaming can add impressive graphics and a more lifelike appearance to the game. Many games lend themselves to a 3D platform, such as first person shooters and role playing games. Many multiplayer games are also preferred on a 3D platform. 3D technology is extremely high resolution and also makes the game more interesting for the player as objects appear to come out of the screen. 3D technology is great, however, buyers should be cautious as it can get very expensive because of the necessary additional hardware. 3D games can be purchased at electronics shops and on the online site, eBay. Before consumers purchase 3D video games, they must consider the hardware they require and the types of games available in the 3D format.


Unfortunately, 3D gaming is not usually as easy as just "plug and play." There are many components that go into a 3D gaming system, and unfortunately, most of these components are high-end and expensive technology. The first component is the platform, itself. Next, a buyer must also have a display that can function with the 3D platform. External speakers, additional controllers, memory cards, 3D glasses, and games, themselves, are all other costs for shoppers to consider. Some buyers may be able to narrow down their options based on the games they want to play, so it is important to make sure the platform that a buyer is considering offers the games they desire to play.


Platform is the single biggest factor in 3D gaming. There are a few different options out there. Microsoft's Xbox offers 3D gaming and a wide selection of titles. It is a popular choice because of the comfortable controllers and the many games it offers. Sony's Playstation is also 3D capable. Many of the same games available on Microsoft's Xbox are also available on Sony's Playstation. Finally, Nintendo offers the 3DS, which is a handheld device that does not require 3D glasses. It is very affordable, although the quality and functionality is not the same as with the console platforms.


Monitors, or displays, need to be 3D-capable, otherwise, the 3D feature does not function. A monitor needs to be at least 120 Hz in order to be 3D capable. An emitter is also needed to ensure the 3D functions work properly. Finally, 3D glasses are usually required for the 3D effect to reach its full potential. The additional cost of the visual components alone can quickly break the budget, so shoppers should be aware of this before they begin searching. One good solution is an all-in-one monitor that has an emitter built in and also takes up less physical space.

Other Components

For every person who wants to be able to observe the 3D effect, a pair of 3D glasses is required. Additionally, for each person who wants to play the video game, an extra controller is needed. Many also believe that external speakers are necessary, such as surround sound, in order to maximise the experience. Some platforms require memory cards to save information and data relevant to players and in-game progress. A variety of cables and connectors are also required.


There is a wide variety of games available in 3D. Many different genres lend themselves to 3D gaming so the options range from children's games to war simulators. While there is a wide range of games available on the platforms, not all games are available. Shoppers should ensure that the platform they are considering supports the games they intend to play. Below is a chart of the many different genres.




Action games include shooters and fighting games


Usually puzzle-based and non-confrontational


Cast the player as an adventurer with a specific skill set


Driving, flying, or other types of simulation


Careful planning and skill are required


Sports-based video games


Games aimed at teaching the player a certain subject

Games span across many genres. As a general rule, Nintendo's platform relies on non-traditional games, whereas Xbox and Playstation tend to have more of the popular titles. That being said, it is really just a matter of the buyer's preference which type of games they like. It is also important to remember that not all types of games translate well to a 3D format.

Action 3D Video Games

Action video games are arguably the most popular genre. They usually require quick reflexes, accuracy, and good timing to overcome obstacles. This genre encompasses many different types of games, such as ball and paddle, beat 'em up style games, fighting games, and pinball. One of the most popular genres of video games are first-person shooters. Many popular titles that have been released fall into this category. Typically, players prefer to play a first-person shooter on a large display with a console, as it requires quick reaction time and good hand-eye coordination.

Adventure 3D Video Games

Adventure 3D video games are an interesting genre. They usually do not involve much action other than mini-games that are set as challenges, which must be overcome to continue progressing through the game. Interestingly, these challenges are usually puzzle-based and completely non-violent. Adventure games usually have an interesting storyline, which follows the player's character. Adventure games can be a great choice for children, since they typically do not include much objectionable material.

Role Playing 3D Video Games

Arguably the most popular game in history is a 3D role playing game known as "World of Warcraft". Role-playing games allow a player to control a specific character. This character then grows stronger and develops more skills the more the player plays the game. Role-playing games actually have their roots in card and board games, like "Dungeons and Dragons". Characters in role-playing video games often have to navigate through vast areas that are populated with enemies and fight their way through the game.

Simulation 3D Video Games

Automobile simulation games are a very popular option. Some of the most successful games in history have been simulation-based. While simulators can be related to some sort of vehicle, they can also be on a larger scale. Simulated cities, amusement parks, and even planets have all been made into video games. One particularly unique simulator was "Sims", where players actually got to create an alternate ego in a virtual world. "Sims" offered real-time interaction between players, so players actually lived a virtual life while playing.

Strategy Games

Strategy games are often turn-based, but can also be in real time as well. They typically require a collection of resources to produce equipment that can be strategically used to defeat an enemy. In other types of strategy games, it may be turn-based. This is another fun option and it also only requires one controller.

Sports Games

Sports games are just that: sports. All different sports are represented in 3D video games and include football, American football, baseball, and basketball. These sports games are often played online now against real competition. This can be a fun way to compete with friends and family, as well as connect with other players. Some emphasise strategy, while other sports games emphasise the actual game, itself.


3D video games are exciting and rapidly growing in popularity. More and more consoles are beginning to employ 3D technology to provide the best possible graphics and gameplay to the user. The main downside of 3D video games is the additional hardware that is required. In addition to the game and the 3D-capable console, users also may require special monitors or displays, glasses, and sound equipment. This can quickly become a significant expense, so buyers should ensure that they can afford all of the necessary components to get the most out of their 3D games.

3D video games come in all different types, and range from adventure to first-person shooters. This wide array of genres makes 3D gaming appealing to any gamer. Games can be kid-friendly or aimed at adults. 3D video games are likely the direction of future gaming, so any serious gamer may want to get a jump on the trend, and using eBay to find the best products is always the best choice.

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