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I also think this card is a total rip off. PLEASE DONT BOTHER!  It is extremely misleading.My husband bought me a £25 gift card, assuming, as I did that my paypal account would be credited with £25 as I make several ebay purchases. This is not the case, and to actually use this card is really complicated and time consuming. When I eventually worked it all out I made two ebay purchases to the value of £22. What amused me most was the message from Paypal suggesting I use my current bank account rather than this so called 'credit card'. This 3V company appears to have no connection with Paypal despite the name displayed on the cards.What really irritated me too was the £1 transaction charge deducted. This was refunded after 10 days but I still think this is so cheeky. I was left with a balance of £3 but then discovered   unless I found something to this value I would be unable to  redeem this (I had assumed I would be able to part pay and pay the balance with my regular bank account -WRONG!). I could transfer the £3 balance to my bank account but would be charged £3.50 to do so. Or I could buy another giftcard to add to it. SOME CHANCE!! I was so determined that 3v would not keep my £3 that I bought some wrapping paper on ebay for £2.70 and donated the final 30p to charity. 

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