3V Gift Card - the world needs to know!!

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I was bought two of these for my recent birthday. 'What a great idea I thought' as I buy a lot from Ebay. After a registration process which would challenge even the most computer savvy, you are informed that you are charged £1.00 each for the registration with Paypal!! Bloody cheek!! I then tried to buy something which was over the £25 limit thinking it would simply take the extra from the other account, but NO!! I have read that this incurs a £1.00 charge for even attempting this. To take the complete biscuit, I decided to 'redeem' what I had left and transfer to my bank account, but have been charged £3.50 EACH CARD!!!!!! So what started out as a £50 gift has quickly changed to a £40 gift!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

The paying public needs to know. Imagine someone buying you a £20 voucher for M&S only to find its only worth £15 in the store?? There would be uproar!!!

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