3V gift card rip off

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Thought I'd share this as I received 4  of these things as one gift. V grateful for the gift but beware:
1) It's a pain to register the cards.
2) Only ONE card at a time can be used to pay for a purchase ie NO PART PAYMENT... surely that's a flawed product?
3)If you decide to transfer the balances to one card you'll be charged £1.50 a time
4)If you decide to redeem to your bank account it's £3.50 per card and can take up to 3 weeks
5)Purchasing a gift card costs a few quid more than the card value so how much more money do 3V need to make?
6)If you don't use it from 12 months of the PURCHASE DATE you lose the lot.
I agree with the other posts.
Bottom line - don't buy them - use alternatives - they shouldn't be allowed to survive in a fair market place.
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