3v Paypal Gift Card Rip-Off - Stay Away!

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I bought a £25 3V Paypal gift card for my father, thinking that it would be easy to use for a 78 year old.  However, it wasn't easy to use for a computer-savvy 40 year old, and was certainly NOT value for money.  

Firstly, the front of the gift card states "Load your PayPal account, spend on eBay".  This to me implied that the £25 credit could be applied directly to the PayPal balance, but this is not the case.  You have to register the card with 3Vgiftcards, where the credit is turned into a 'credit card'.  You are issued a Visa card number with an expiry date and a CWC number (the 3 digit security number on the back of all credit cards).  This card has a life of 1 year, but incurs an 'administration charge' of £2 per month after 9 months.

This 'credit card' then has to be registered with your PayPal account, but before you can use it you have to authorise it.  As with other credit card registrations on PayPal, a £1 payment is debited from the card, which shows up on your card balance at www.3vgiftcards.com.  Take the authorisation code from the statement and enter it into PayPal and your ready to go.  The £1 is credited back to your PayPal main balance, not the card.  

However, here is the sting, 3V also take a £1 fee for the PayPal payment as it is a $ transaction !  So after registering the card, my balance was down to £24.

Another issue is that if you wish to buy something in excess of the card balance, the transaction will be declined.  PayPal does not use the balance from the card and source the remaining funds from your normal source.

Finally, as another sting, if you wish to remove the funds from the card to your bank account, there is a £3.50 charge !

The whole process is a pain in the backside.  You only get £24 for your initial £25 investment, and are penalised further if you do not use all of the credit within 9 months or wish to get your own money back.  Well done PayPal, you've found another way to rip off your customers and make what should be a simple process as complicated as possible.  NOT HAPPY :(
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