3v gift card STEER CLEAR

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Thought i would share my experience with the 3v / pay pal gift card.

Firstly it is a long frustrating pain to register the thing where by i feel you have to give to many of your details.

Then unlike other gift cards you cannot use it to knock money of a higher value item and pay the out standing balance with another card or your pay pal balance. You can only use it below or upto the value of the gift card which i think is a bit limiting. That is of course if you even have the original balance on the card.

For example make the mistake that i did and try to get money off with it instead of an outright purchase thats £1 for a failed transaction. Want to transfer the balance to another gift card thats another £1.75. If you want to buy something from another country which i would say is quite common on e-bay that will be a charge of 1.75 % of the transaction so get that wrong go over your amount and thats another £1 failed transaction fee. 

If you dont use it in 9 months thats a £2 a month service fee so you could be out of money before using it.

Decide you have had enough and want the balance transferred to your bank account then they will want yet more details from you and yep you guessed it another charge this tme £3.50.

So in summary the only person getting a gift out of this is 3v / paypal not the person you bought it for in the first place. Frankly you would be better of giving someone cash. Unless you like the idea of lining someone elses pockets and giving the recipetant a load of hassle.

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