4.1 / 4.0 / 1.3 mega pixels Webcams for sale on ebay

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What to look for when you buy a webcam that is claimed to be 4.1, 4.0 or 1.3 mega Pixel webcams

Video rate/ resolution is the maximum size you will see when you run the webcam to record video

Picture size is the maximum size of a still picture you can take with the webcam

1. The first thing to note is that NO webcam Run's at a video Rate Of 4.1 or 4.0 mega Pixels the maximum screen resolution for video is 1280 x 960 or 1.3 mega pixels. Some sell's will tell you that the chip in the webcam is 4.1 or 4.0 mega pixels this is NOT TRUE as the maximum you can get is a 1.3 mega pixels Cmos chip .The reason we know this is that we have tested thier webcams. And found that they print thier own manuals so that you do not notice they have miss lead you.

2. Then you have the 1.3 mega Pixel webcams for sale these are normal 480k webcams that produce a picture of 1.3 mega pixels but only have a maximum video frame size of 800 x 600, some 480k can produce a bigger picture in video format but need to use software to do this, where the 4 mega pixels webcam above do not, this means you get a lot better picture with the newer 4.0 million webcams.

Below is a guide to Video and picture size for webcams

Type/claim to be      Picture size/ number  of pixels            Video size                      What chip is in it

4.0/4.1 million          2304 x 1728 = 3981312 pixels        1280 x 960 = 1.3m        1.3 mega pixel

2.0 mega pixel     takes picture upto 2.0 mega pixels    1.3mega pixels by software  0.48 mega pixel

1.3 mega pixel          1280 x 960 =  1228800 pixels         800 x 600 = 480k          0.48 mega pixel

0.48 mega pixel          800 x 600 = 480000 pixels            800 x 600 by software     0.3 or 0.1

0.3 mega pixels           640 x 480 = 307200 pixels            640 x 480 = 300k           300k pixel

0.1 mega pixels           352 x 288 = 101376 pixels             352 x 288 = 100k           100k

Please note: some of the webcams for sale will have or claim to produce bigger picture or video size but will use software which will produce a very poor quality picture.

We have found a number of sellers are selling webcams of a high spec (what they can do) for a price that we can not even buy them for, which is the reason we started to look into them and the reason for writing this guide as a way of warning people that a number of people selling webcams are fake's as ebay can not check out these seller only you the buyer can.

Things to look out for before buying or biding.

Read The auction notes.

Please please read the auction note's about what you are buying, as i just looked at an auction thats says 1.3 mega pixel webcam at best its a 0.3 mega pixel webcam or less because as soon as you check the frame rates out it does not come out to 1.3 mega pixels size its only 320 x 240 for video size and as soon as the buyer complains the seller will say well it says maximum 320x240 in the auction notes.


Postage Postage and Postage.

This is one of the main things to look at before biding if the postage price is above the norm for most people selling webcam, then the seller does not normal sell many or he has move the cost from the item to the postage or he is outside the uk. Examples are 99p start price and £8.99 postage one person is charging £13.00 postage for item that we ship for £4.49 why? it's a way of making out the product is better than it is as the over all cost is higher so you think it must be better.

Start Price auctions.

Most people think a start price of 99p is good, but if the above is true then you are paying more on postage than other buys. which means not many people are buying them as the seller can not afford the ebay fee if he put them on at the correct price, normal these people multi list items which means they put 30 or more of the same item on so you think they are selling a lot which is breaking ebays rule of a maximum of 15 auctions per items.

Feedback Feedback and again Feedback

Please read feedback before buying it will save you a lot of time and hart ack, if he's a power seller with a lot of negative as a percentage. why? yes we all get bad feedback at some point but what was it for? always read the last few negative feedback, also check the positives for unhappy people

The last thing to beware of is Private auctions.

Why would a sell of webcam or electrical goods only do private auctions, so that other people can not see what they are selling? or to hide the fact that they don't sell many of anything, or on the chance that you will buy one thinking other have got one. this again is done by people who over charge on postage hoping that you will not notice, the lack of sales or cost. how can you check what other buyer have said about what you may be buying?


If you need Help please contact me and i will do my best to explain anything you want about webcam we have been selling webcams from nearly 2 years on ebay and have sold over 20,000 plus

we do know what we are talking about when it comes to webcams

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