4 Hot selling products on eBay 2014

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Need some help picking what items to sell on your eBay shop. I'm going to give you 4 products that are selling hot right now on eBay. How do I know they are selling hot you ask? Because I sell or have been selling them through my eBay shop maijax gadgets. So Lets get down to business.


1. Kids tablets

   Soon every household will have a tablet if they already don't. And kids tablets have become increasingly popular. With great learning apps, games and the most important aspect parental control locks they are a hot selling product of 2014


2. Bluetooth headphones

My line of bluetooth headphones have been selling like crazy. Everyone these days needs a pair of headphones, especially with more people using the gym. Bluetooth headphones are perfect with no wires getting tangled and In the way. wires will soon be obsolete with bluetooth taking over. Go for mid range bluetooth headphones selling at between £15.99 to 25.99. I have found this to be the best price range.


3.smart watches

Wearable gadgets are hot this year. And the smart watch is set to be a hot seller. You can revive emails social notifications and more. Get your smart watches in now while they are getting established.



4. 7 inch Android tablets

 As I said before tablets are now household items. 7 inch tablets are the best selling this year so far with 9 inch not far behind. So look into providing a range of both sizes to capture the market. 


These 4 products are hot sellers and guaranteed to increase your sales and profits. It takes a lot to be successful on eBay but having products that are in demand is crucial. With a little research you can always find what is 

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