4 Is this bag an I'm NOT A Plastic fake? New secrets!

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Anya Hindmarch I'm NOT A Plastic Bag - How can I tell telling spot spotting recognise to decide determine know if is my anya hindmarch hindmarsh hinmarch i'm im not a plastic bag fake not real replica imitation inspired copied copy where can buy purchase still get hold of find are there any an authentic genuine original bags left for sale anywhere they sold out? Vogue IT bag Extremely detailed extensive knowledge best guide help on with - My latest secrets revealed!

Please ensure you have read Section 2 and Section 3 of the "I'm NOT A Plastic" Bible first
as they explain critical points that are not repeated here!

How to spot an I'm NOT an "I'm NOT A Plastic Bag"
The Must-Read 4 Part Guide to Spotting a Fake - PART 4: My latest secrets revealed!

Section 1:
HISTORY - The Media, Mobs and Mayhem!

Section 2:
'I'M NOT A PLASTIC' BIBLE - Detailed guide on how to spot a NOT! - Part A

Section 3:
'I'M NOT A PLASTIC' BIBLE - Detailed guide on how to spot a NOT! - Part B

Section 4:
'I'M NOT A PLASTIC' BIBLE - Latest Secrets Revealed!

Section 4:

Added 15/09/07

THE "I'M NOT A PLASTIC" BIBLE - My latest secrets revealed!

Beware! Sites such as Ebay are now absolutely flooded with imitations which are becoming more and
more difficult to recognise. As it were, it is now more a case of spotting the authentic bag than the fake
so read the following carefully, with your utmost attention and matchsticks in your eyes - no blinking!

Continued from Section 3...

After receiving a message earlier today from an Ebay member asking me to verify if a certain seller was listing
authentic bags I decided to take a look. These bags certainly were very well produced but I was able to denounce their
authenticity using points previously explained in these guides. However, during my analysis I happened to stumble
upon yet more ways to tell if even the some of the most closely produced imitations are just that, and so have revealed
these latest secrets with you in the form of a new guide!

Here are the messages as they happened...
(I have added more text and some pictures for your convenience)

Dear ali100384,

Hello i was wondering if you could check seller ****** and tell me if his im a plastic bags are fake or real because
i want to get one for my nan
I would be very greatful

Thank you


Hi ******,

I have checked ******'s listings and must say that i'm rather shocked at how well these bags have been made but unfortunately they
are imitations. I've given my reasons below...

1.) The first thing that made me aware that his bags are fake is that he has a number of purple lavender trust bags for sale. There
were only 200 of this colour released world-wide (explained in section 2 part 1) so it is extremely unlikely that he would have so many
in his possession and, if he did, he would not be selling them on auction at such a low starting price and with no reserve. For example,
I was looking at a genuine purple one earlier today that is at a BIN price of £1000! If the lavender bags he is selling were real
there is no way they would be at such a low price. So that's the first thing.

2.) When I looked at the photos of the all bags in detail, I was pretty shocked and impressed at how well they had been made.

Seller's imitation brown                 Genuine grey - This bag is listed on Ebay...  WATCH HERE!

As mentioned in my previous guides, when looking at a well produced imitation there may only be one way of telling if they are fake
and the ones from this seller are a perfect example. In fact, they have even gone to the trouble of having the material die-cut and
stitched on which I can tell because all of his bags' lettering is exactly the same shape. Unfortunately for him, they are not the same
shape as the original Anya Hindmarch bags!

If you look at the top of the 'A' in 'I'm NOT A' it has a rounded shape to it whereas the genuine bags have a slightly flattened top.
Check out my pics in part G of my third guide - Here's the link: Section 3.

His feedback score at just over 98% is somewhat deceptive but all I can say is that his customers were either blissfully unaware that
they were buying a fake, or that they knew anyway and so obviously were not looking to purchase a genuine bag in the first place.

3.) The seller doesn't actually state in his adverts that the bags are genuine but to be honest he doesn't need to because the bags
are so well imitated it almost gives you the impression that you've read it somewhere anyway! In fact, I was surprised when I
double checked to find that it isn't mentioned in the adverts!

You will probably need to see pictures in order to tell exactly what I mean so because of this, and, as I have noticed additional
points as to how to 'spot-a-not' which are not contained in my guides, I have posted this message in a new guide containing pictures
of his imitations and my genuines so that you can do a side-by-side comparison and see the differences yourself. By posting it in a
guide we can also allow others to share this new information although I have removed yours and ******'s names in order to keep
you both anonymous which also means that I cannot be accused of slandering another Ebay seller!


Remember that the lettering "I'm NOT A Plastic bag" displayed on the front of genuine bags has been
dye-cut and stitched on i.e. a machine was used to cut the material. Therefore the genuine articles will
always have exactly the same shaped lettering - no equivocations!

4.) Whilst studying his pictures in a side-by-side comparison against my own, I also happened to notice further important points which
are not mentioned in my guides so I thank you for bringing this seller to my attention.

If you look at the 'a' in 'bag', the top of the vertical line (i.e. you have the round part and then the vertical line) does not protrude past
the top of the rounded part of the 'a' whereas it does on the genuine versions. In essence, the vertical line is noticeably shorter - see below...

The fake has a shorter tip to the 'a'           While the genuine has a much longer tip that protrudes from the 'a'

5.) There is also a noticeable error with the letter "b" in "bag", look closely at the pictures below...

Fake Brown                                Authentic Grey - WATCH HERE
for a chance to buy this actual genuine bag!

There is a distinctive gap between the 'loop' and the 'straight' when looking at the genuine tote, whereas in the fake example it looks as though the material may be attached. I have seen some genuine's that don't have quite so much of a distinctive gap as the genuine grey above, but ALL of the genuine do have a gap and the material should not be joined in any way.

6.) For my next revealed secret, take a look at the 'i' in 'I'm' of the fake version in comparison to the true genuine as there are three small
yet important differences here...

Sellers fake brown version
               Compared with the authentic!

ARROW A - The top of 'i' in “I'm” does not have the same italic shape as in the genuine bags. Remember that the material was dye-cut
meaning that it was cut by a machine, so there will be no differences in the shape. With the example imitation here, the top of the 'i' seems
to bulge slightly towards the left whereas on the genuine bag the bulge in pointing directly upwards making a perfect italic effect.

ARROWS B & C - These two points are the same but are in different places on the 'I'm'. Next to arrows B and C on the fake it clearly shows
that the material has been cut off the 'tail ends' in a straight line in comparison to the genuine which displays neatly rounded-off 'tails'.
At first this would not be noticed by the untrained eye but as soon as a side-by-side comparison is done as above, the difference becomes
extremely clear despite the bad resolution on the images!

There are a couple of other things you may notice when looking at the pictures side-by-side, however, I need to check them with
some pictures of other imitations in order to tell either if it is just because of the perspective that his pictures were taken from or,
with some points, just to obtain further information to describe the differences.

The other things you may notice are:

a.) The “NOT” appears to be a little to short compared to the genuine. because this lettering would technically be in the 'background' of
the photo, the perspective (being that the photo looks to have been taken from an angle nearer the bottom of the bag looking toward
the top) could make it appear this way. I need to check this with other imitations that have been taken from an absolute parallel view
(as mine have been) in order to be certain. (See the first pictures in this section for an example.)

b.) Similarly to point b, the word “bag” appears to be a little too short (height) or, that the round parts of each letter are not shaped
in an italic style to the extreme of the genuine bags. This could not be explained away with a simple 'perspective' excuse as this lettering
would be in the 'foreground' of his photo meaning it would only elongate the italic effect more, not flatten it into a more rounded shape
as may be the case with the "NOT" lettering.

The inside oval of the "a" and "g" In comparison to the genuine which has more of an 'egg' shape to
is more rounded in this fake the "a" inner oval and the "g" has the same 'egg' shape but upside down

Well ******, i'm sure you're probably getting more than you bargained for in this message so i'll end now, but after one last thing..
If you have not already done so, please could you vote my guides as being helpful (the links are at the bottom of each individual guide)
because when people search for guides it will make them higher in the list and consequently mean that more people are able to find this
important information which presently cannot be found anywhere else!

Hope this helps.

My thanks and kindest regards,


One last LAST RARE opportunity to own a 100% AUTHENTIC Anya Hindmarch "I'm NOT A Plastic Bag" is here!

I originally purchased two asian grey versions from 'we are what we do' and was planning to keep one but I have
decided to sell it to one VERY lucky Ebayer!

NEW UPDATE: 18/09/07

Well, since last updating these guides I have received a couple of queries about the same issue and so thought I would
post them on here for you all to see (it's turning into a blog now really!) As before, the users name have been removed
for privacy, so here we go..


I read your review guide on how to spot a fake bag and I was wondering if you know whether authentic bags all have a tag that states it is handcrafted?
Because I noticed some bags are authentic but they do not have an extra tag inside that states it is handcrafted... please help me because I am very confused.


I became aware of this issue the other day when I had a question asking if my bags have a label inside saying 'handcrafted in china'.

To be honest I am not exactly sure whether some of the authentic bags possibly have this label but certainly not all do. All I can say for definite is that I have
two bags directly from 'we are what we do', one directly from Anya Hindmarch and one directly from Sainsburys (which were the only three places that the
bag could be purchased from in the UK) and none of them have this label on them. From this, and as the bags were all originally produced in the same place,
all I can presume is that bags that have this label are not genuine.
As far as I was aware, you can only put a label saying 'handcrafted' on an item that has been completely made by hand and have had no interference by
machine for printing or cutting. Although the genuine bags were handmade (stitched by hand), the lettering across the front was dye-cut (cut by a machine)
and the inner lining slogans were machine printed so, although they have been advertised as 'handmade' (which they were), I don't think Anya would be
allowed to actually put 'handcrafted' on the label.

I'm going to investigate this issue and double check the laws surrounding labels that state 'handcrafted' and add to the guide asap so keep checking for

Hope this helps a little for the meantime.


Another message from me....


Just to let you know that I attempted to investigate the labelling laws surrounding textiles and fashion this afternoon and cannot seem to find any information
on clothing, only food labelling requirements. I have resorted to emailing the Anya Hindmarch team via their website and have will be posting your email and
the email I have sent to the Anya Hindmarch website on my latest guide (no. 4). As soon as I have a response I will also add this to the guide. You can either
keep checking the guide every so often, or, if you would like me to email you the info via Ebay then please let me know and I will do this as well as putting it
on the guide.

Please don't forget to vote the guides as being helpful! :)
Many thanks, Ali.

Well, I did send an email to the Anya Hindmarch website on the same day (18th Sept) and have yet to receive a reply
(it's now 27th Sept) which I must say is a little disappointing although I won't be pessimistic and shall expect to receive
one shortly at which point I will post on this guide.

Would you like to help more people just like you to find this valuable information?
If yes, please don't forget to vote at the bottom of the page.

***IMPORTANT NEW INFO*** (27/09/07)

I've recently been informed by a genuine Ebay user who has just purchased one of my bags that there are now even fake guides available!
I really cannot believe the cheek of these sellers! Soon there will be no bags being sold because each person will have a different idea of
what a fake is!

All I can say is that everything in these guides is 100% correct and has been checked and double checked. All of the pictures used in the
comparisons stating 'genuine' are absolutely guaranteed to be genuine as they were taken from my actual authentic bags and have not been
copied from any other seller ! Absolutely authentic, no doubts whatsoever!
I can guarantee that the only pictures copied were those of the fake bags, for comparison purposes only, and all of which clearly state under
them that they are an example of a fake bag.

With having successfully purchased a bag from each UK outlet (1 Brown by relatives of mine from a 'Sainsbury's' store, 2 Grey by both me
and my boyfriend from 'we are what we do', and 1 Blue pre-ordered by my boyfriend's relatives from an Anya Hindmarch London store) I had
the perfect opportunity to write this guide, and so, because I really do hate to see people being swindelled out of their money, I decided to do so.

Because all of the my bags are COMPLETELY GENUINE, they are all EXACTLY the same (front lettering/innerslogans/bow/handles etc) with the obvious exception of colour.
and because they have each seperately come from every possible place in the UK where one could be purchased (Anya store/ Sainsburys/ we
are what we do), you can be pretty sure that if the bag you are looking at doesn't match the genuine pictures in this guide, it is a fake.
Due to them originating from each possible UK vendor, if there were to be any differences in the bags themselves depending on where they were
purchased, then there would be differences between mine which there are not. They are all GENUINE, and all EXACTLY the same apart from their limited edition colour!

The ONLY differences other than colour should be to the packaging and as follows...

(may possibly vary overseas but should definitely be the same within the UK)

My grey bags ordered by myself and boyfriend
online from 'we are what we do':

Arrived in separate 'CityLink' yellow cardboard envelope each of which displayed a reference no. that matched each dispatch email
Had no tags because only bags from a shop have tags .
I have seen a genuine  recently, which was purchased online from WAWWD that did have tags so I presume they we leftovers from a WAWWD shop.
Was wrapped in white crate paper (arrived slightly ripped)
Contained a dark pink 'Plastic ain't my bag' leaflet
Contained the 'Change the World 9-5' book but only because we ordered them as extra items and paid £8.99 for each
Received via email: an order confirmation, a dispatch due date, a dispatch confirmation.

My brown bag purchased by my relatives from a Sainsburys store:

Came with orange Sainsbury's tags because it had been on display in a Sainsbury's store.
Also for this reason it did not come in white crate paper but was put (ironically) in a plastic orange Sainsbury's bag at the checkout..
we'll catch on one day eh!?

My blue bag was pre-ordered by my boyfriend's relatives from the London Anya Hindmarch store and was
delivered to them. It arrived in:

An Anya Hindmarch franked jiffy bag which was cushioned with a layer of recycled small cardboard pieces rather than the usual little
plastic air pockets that everyone loves to pop!
Was wrapped in white crate paper
Came with Anya Hindmarch Tags (as it originated in a shop)
Order confirmation and Dispatch Note was emailed to my boyfriend's relatives

I presume from all of this that if you pre-ordered a bag from an Anya Hindmarch store and collected it rather than had it delivered, it would
have come with tags and not be wrapped in white crate paper but may have perhaps been placed in an Anya Hindmarch paper bag (definately
not plastic though because it would totally contradict what she is promoting!).

SPOT A FAKE SUMMARY - A quick refresher of points in my previous guides!
(Please read sections 2 and 3 for the full details including measurements)

The bag you are looking is a fake if...

* It is not one of the colours mentioned in this guide
* It states on the advert that it is "I'm NOT A Plastic bag" or Anya Hindmarch 'inspired'
* It has a zip, poppers or pockets e.g. for mobile phone
* It does not have the Anya Hindmarch bow embroidered on the front or if this logo is inflated in size
* Either of the printed slogans are missing from the inner lining or of an incorrect font and / or size
* The handles are bound higher up, elongated, thinner, a different colour to that mentioned in this guide
* The eye-holes that the handles loop through are not made from chrome
* The "I'm NOT A Plastic bag" lettering on the front of the bag is printed or embroidered rather than stitched on
* The apostrophe in "I'm" is oval or round rather than a long tear-drop shape
* The "A" on the front has a rounded rather than flattened top
* The "i" in "Plastic" has the dot joined to the "i" or "t" - it should be separate
* The "l" in "Plastic" should have a slightly thinner right hand side to the loop than the left side

Remember that...

* Not all genuine bags have tags attached, it depends on where they were purchased (shop / internet)
If you are buying from Ebay to always check the feedback score
Any questions you may have should always be asked BEFORE buying / bidding
Many sellers have copied their pictures from other adverts so ask if they are of the actual item or if they can provide you with some
When purchasing an expensive item it is always best to opt for a 'recorded' or 'signed-for' delivery option so that the item is tracked and insured
You should be wary of buying from abroad, particularly China as this is where the majority of imitations are produced (See Section 1 )

If you have purchased a bag that stated it was in it's original packaging and it arrived in any form of plastic, it was not the original packaging
although it does not necessarily mean that the bag is fake. Whether purchased directly from Anya Hindmarch or 'we are what we do', the bag
will have been wrapped in a white crate paper as it would be a somewhat of a contradiction for companies promoting plastic alternatives to then
use any form of plastic to package the bag in!

I hope this helps you in your search for a genuine original "I'm NOT A Plastic bag" and wish you all the best!
Good Luck! : )

I would be extremely grateful if you would vote if you have found this guide helpful in order to aid me in writing guides in the future - thanks again!

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