5 Accessories for Your Peugeot

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5 Accessories for Your Peugeot

Owners of a Peugeot can purchase accessories for their vehicles that can increase the car's usability, safety, and security. When shopping for accessories, buyers have the option between choosing aftermarket accessory models, or models released specifically by Peugeot for their cars. Aftermarket accessories are released by third-party manufacturers who have developed universal items that are used on most cars that fit within a certain car size classification. Conversely, accessories released by Peugeot are referred to in the automotive industry as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) items and contain specifications uniquely tailored for a Peugeot's dimensions. Buyers who want to add any accessories to their cars need to research how adding an accessory to a Peugeot can impact the car's warranty. Generally, simple accessory installations do not affect warranty agreements, but any modifications to a Peugeot's body or mechanical system can adversely impact a warranty agreement.

Buyers can search for car accessories at local Peugeot dealerships and car specialty shops or opt to shop online at websites like eBay Motors. Before shopping for accessories, buyers should consider purchasing a number of accessory types that have broad appeal, as well as accessories that can help Peugeot owners highly customise their cars.

1. Car Stereo Systems

Car stereo systems allow Peugeot drivers and passengers to enjoy travelling by providing access to superior sound quality. Although most Peugeots are outfitted with factory-installed stereos, purchasing advanced stereo systems permits Peugeot owners to control the sound designs of their systems. In general, car stereo systems are composed of a number of different types of components.

Car Stereo Components


Car stereo control unit

Contains a stereo's radio and ports to play CDs or MP3s

Used to adjust the stereo's volume and equalisers and connects directly to a Peugeot's electrical system

Car speakers

Reproduce the audio signals that are transmitted by a car stereo control unit and are powered through the unit

Car amplifiers

Provide clearer sound quality when music is played at a high volume and connect directly to a car battery

Required components for Peugeot owners who would like to add a subwoofer to their cars

Car subwoofers

Designed to exclusively reproduce low bass sounds and are powered through a car's amplifier

Installing a car stereo system relies on owners having experience working with their Peugeot's electrical system if they plan on installing the system themselves. This is particularly an issue for owners adding amplifiers and subwoofers to their Peugeots. The amplifier must be connected to the car's battery and is routed through a car's firewall to the amplifier unit's ultimate placement within a Peugeot. If buyers do not have the experience necessary to perform a car stereo installation, they should consult with a car audio specialist before purchasing any components. Since a professional installation adds to the ultimate expense of a car stereo system, buyers should also know how much it costs to install the components before deciding to purchase a system.

2. Car Racks

By adding racks to their cars, Peugeot owners can increase the function and cargo-hauling capacities of their cars. Buyers should research the different types of racks available, however, before deciding which rack can best suit their needs.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are specifically developed to carry bicycles on the back of a Peugeot. These types of racks are mounted onto a Peugeot's bonnet and contain fittings that can lock around the body of a bicycle. Manufacturers utilise different types of mounts to allow owners to install a bike rack, so buyers should carefully review the types of mounts a rack contains before committing to a purchase. In some cases, bike racks have anchors that only support the top and bottom of the rack, while other bike rack models also include side anchors for added stability. Since bike racks are generally produced by aftermarket manufacturers, Peugeot owners should check a rack's packaging to see if a bike rack is compatible with their Peugeot car models.

Roof Racks

Roof racks are useful accessories that provide Peugeot owners with additional cargo space. Unlike bike racks, roof racks are typically installed permanently on a Peugeot. To do this, Peugeot owners must drill holes through the metal of their cars' roofs and fasten rack mounts onto their cars. Because installing roof racks includes performing light modifications to a Peugeot exterior panel, owners may want to consider having the racks professionally installed. Ill-fitting mounting on a roof rack can lead to rust forming on the roof as well as water seeping into the interior of a Peugeot.

3. Car Tracking Systems

For buyers who want to be able to track their Peugeots' movements, car tracking systems are useful accessories to purchase. Buyers can choose from two types of tracking systems depending on the type of tracking they want to initialise when shopping for tracking system models.

Passive Tracking Systems

Passive tracking systems monitor a Peugeot's location by collecting satellite coordinates as a Peugeot travels. When the movements are recorded, they are saved within the passive system's memory. Owners can check where their cars have been by downloading the information from the system's memory onto a computer.

Active Tracking Systems

Unlike passive tracking systems, active tracking systems allow Peugeot owners to see where their cars are in real time. To locate a car's movements, an active tracking system communicates GPS coordinates to an owner's computer when it is prompted to provide location information. This feature helps Peugeot owners in case their cars are stolen or if they want to see how other drivers are using their vehicles.

4. GPS Navigation Systems

Like tracking systems, GPS navigation systems supply owners with geo-tracking information. Depending on a GPS system model, Peugeot owners can access road maps, find out about road construction, or locate local businesses when on the road. Buyers also have the ability to customise some GPS system models to include built-in maps of key areas where a buyer plans to travel. To be the most applicable, buyers should search for GPS systems that feature map and database updates, so that their maps stay as current as possible.

5. Security Sensor Kits

To increase driving safety, Peugeot owners can purchase security sensor kits for their cars. Security sensor kits provide warnings about potential dangers by monitoring the space around a Peugeot that is often situated outside of a driver's sight line. Security sensors mount inside of a Peugeot and emit pulses of radio or magnetic waves to search for physical mass located within a specific area. If an object is detected, the sensors communicate with the kit's main unit and an alarm is activated, warning drivers of a potential collision.

Security sensor kits can be outfitted with a variety of features that Peugeot owners may find beneficial. Some kits include alarms that have different sound frequencies that ring according to the location of an outside object. For example, if a Peugeot owner is backing up and approaching an object, the security sensor alarm becomes louder and faster as a driver gets closer to the object. Buyers who want a neat-looking installation should also remember to purchase security sensor kits that match the colours of their Peugeots.

Buying Accessories for a Peugeot on eBay

Peugeot owners who prefer the increased selection and convenience of shopping online can visit eBay Motors to purchase an array of car accessories for their vehicles. To find items quickly, buyers can add descriptive keywords related to a car accessory into eBay Motors' search field. For example, typing " Peugeot tow bars&" triggers eBay Motors to generate a list of all of the items that contain those search terms. Buyers can increase the likelihood of finding accessories for their Peugeots on eBay Motors because eBay sellers offer both OEM items and aftermarket products from well-known manufacturers, like Bosch, Mintex, and Mont Blanc. When reviewing purchasing options, buyers should pay close attention to the product details offered by sellers. These details include the specifications of accessories, their conditions, and what is included in each accessory purchase. Buyers can also use the information provided in eBay Motors' product listings to learn about the shipping and payment policies of different eBay sellers.


Although Peugeot cars are often outfitted with a number of special features, owners can increase a car's personalisation by adding accessories to their vehicles. Car accessories can be classified as OEM items, which means they are car manufacturer specific, or aftermarket products that can be used on a variety of car makes and models. Although there is a wide range of accessories produced, a number of accessories are popular because they provide benefits for a large selection of Peugeot owners.

Car stereo systems can improve on the factory-installed audio options that Peugeot includes in its cars, allowing owners a superior sound experience when they drive. Most basic stereo systems are easy to install, but systems containing amplifiers and subwoofers can require professional installation. Car racks permit Peugeot owners to carry bikes and other cargo securely on the exterior of their cars, thereby freeing up interior space for passengers or more cargo items. Active or passive car tracking systems and GPS navigational systems help buyers keep track of their cars wherever they are located. Lastly, security sensor kits minimise the risk of colliding with objects outside of a driver's vision field. Once buyers determine the types of car accessories that are most preferable for their Peugeots, they can visit eBay Motors to access a wide range of new and used car accessories.

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