5 Caravan Holiday Ideas by the Seaside

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5 Caravan Holiday Ideas by the Seaside

What could be better than going away for some time and breaking the routine? Taking all the essentials on a trip in a caravan can be a great option, because it allows one to have everything on hand at all times. A caravan is a special vehicle that is, in fact, a home on wheels. Caravans are designed in order to be lived in, and thus typically include sleeping spaces, a kitchen area, a toilet, washing facilities, and, of course, a lounging space. There are caravans in many different sizes and with varying amount of equipment fitted inside. An average family should easily be able to find one that accommodates their needs and allows them to enjoy life on the road.

Buying a caravan is an investment, because of the relatively high initial costs. Caravans can be bought from designated sellers or even on online auction sites, such as eBay. Once it has been brought into the family, a caravan can be modified to suit individual needs, and can even be decorated. When there is enough spare time, the caravan can be used to enjoy the many beautiful coastal areas that England has to offer. Many locations also rent out stationary caravans, so a caravan holiday can be enjoyed even when one does not own a vehicle.

1. Caravan Holiday in Devon

Devon lies in the South of England and offers beautiful coastlines. It is suitable for people who are after an active holiday, full of sporty activities. On the other hand, it is also a great place for relaxation because of the wide range of beaches located on the coast. Families with children can also find suitable activities, as many caravan and holiday parks are equipped with playgrounds.

Caravan Parks in Devon

Devon caravan parks are located close to stunning beaches, so it is easy to get involved in water-related fun or to go for a long walk along the English Riviera. The popular caravan parks in the Devon area include Dawlish Sands, Golden Sands, Landscove, Waterside, and Riviera Bay. The following chart outlines their main features.

Caravan Park

Dawlish Sands

Golden Sands



Riviera bay


Take-away, restaurant, family bar

Take-away, dining area

Take-away, restaurant, family bar

Family bar, restaurant

Take-away, restaurant, family bar


Late March until early November

March until early November

Late March until early November

Late March until early November

March until early November


Mini mart, heated indoor pool, adventure playground, entertainment venue, gamezone

Entertainment venue, mini mart, gamezone, heated indoor pool

Adventure playground, gamezone, mini mart, launderette, indoor and outdoor pools, entertainment venue

Mini mart, launderette, arcade, heated outdoor pool

Mini mart, launderette, arcade, indoor pool, clubhouse

The caravan parks are more or less similar to one another, and they all offer great opportunities that are mainly directed towards families with children. The season starts in March and lasts until November, and in most places it is possible to enjoy heated pools all year round. When the seawater is not warm enough, these are great substitutes.

Things to Do in Devon

Many attractions are present in Devon. Close to the coastline are the national parks of Exmoor and Dartmoor. Neolithic monuments, Tarr Steps, mysterious legends, and even night-time star-gazing can be enjoyed, and are only a short drive away from any of the caravan parks. It is also possible to walk the coastline on the South West Coast Path that stretches along the Jurassic coast. At Dittisham, one can even experiment with the somewhat exotic activity of crabbing. The crabs that are collected into the bucket can be cooked later on the oven in the caravan. Of course, the Blue Flag beaches must be mentioned, although at cooler times there are also numerous swimming pools open to public.

2. Caravan Holiday on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is located just off the coast of Hampshire and it can be reach with a caravan by taking a ferry from Fishbourne, Cowes, Ryde, or Yarmouth. The island features many seaside resorts, and many of these are also equipped with caravan parks.

Caravan Parks on the Isle of Wight

All in all, there are four main caravan parks on the Isle of Wight, and they are all located by the seaside. These include Thorness Bay, Lower Hyde, Landguard, and Nodes Point holiday parks. Their main features are listed in the chart below.

Caravan Park

Thorness Bay

Lower Hyde


Nodes Point


Bars, restaurant

Bars, diner, take-away

Bars, restaurant, take-away

Bars, diner


Late March until early November

Mid-March until early November

Late March until early November

Late March until early November


Adventure playground, launderette, mart, indoor heated pool, all-weather sports court

All-weather sports court, adventure playground, launderette, mart, indoor pool, heated outdoor pool

Outdoor pool, indoor pool complex, mart, adventure playground

Adventure playground, indoor pool with waterslide, launderette

This chart can be used as a reference when choosing a caravan park for the next holiday. It is not exhaustive, as many caravan parks have more features than are included here. Most of them have washing and shower facilities, for instance.

Things to Do on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is known for its scenery and walking paths, such as Tennyson's Trail, which was named after the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson. Moreover, it is also possible to circle around the island on a bicycle. In fact, bicycles can easily be attached to caravans if a special frame is used. Families can spend time at the two theme parks, namely the Blackgang Chine and the Needles Park. The Isle of Wight is also notable for its multi-coloured sand in the Alum Bay, its chalk towers in the Needles, and the Carisbrook castle, which dates from Norman times.

3. Caravan Holiday in Suffolk

The county of Suffolk is located in the Eastern part of England, in East Anglia. The coastal area of Suffolk is about 45 miles long and boasts rolling shingle and golden sand. The coastal reaches are worth a visit at any time of the year. The caravan parks, however, are typically closed during the winter months.

Caravan Parks in Suffolk

The main caravan parks in Suffolk include Heathland Beach, Cakes & Ale, and Run Cottage. These are the Suffolk caravan parks that are located more or less close to the seaside. The following chart lists their main features in terms of catering and other facilities.

Caravan Park

Heathland Beach

Cakes & Ale

Run Cottage


Family bar


Pubs nearby


Outdoor pool, launderette, ironing, mart, golf, fishing, tennis

Golf, barbecue, shop, playground, launderette, ironing, tennis

Village shop, dog exercise area

The shower and toilet facilities are not listed in the chart, although all of these caravan parks have them included on the site. Of these three caravan parks, Run Cottage is the most versatile, as it is open all year round.

Things to Do in Suffolk

The coastal region of Suffolk features miles of tracks that span over stunning reaches and also allow one to explore some of the countryside. The place is also rich in cycling trails, suitable for exploring if a bicycle is taken on the holiday. The Southwold Pier provides entertainment in the form of arcades, shops, and dining places, while at Kensington Gardens, one can enjoy the gardens and facilities overlooking the Lowerstoft seafront.

4. Caravan Holiday in Hampshire

The county of Hampshire is situated on the south coast of England. It is packed with clean and friendly beaches as well as plenty of sights. It is especially notable for having played a part in the D-Day invasions. Easy to reach with a caravan, Hampshire is well worth visiting.

Caravan Parks in Hampshire

Most of the caravan parks in Hampshire county are located in the New Forest region. From there, it is easy to drive to the seaside, although seaside camping sites are also available. The seaside caravan parks include Glen Orchard, Shorefield, and Parkdean Hayling.

Caravan Park

Glen Orchard


Parkdean Hayling Island



Bar, restaurant

Bar, restaurant, take-away, vegan


All year round

All year

All year


Launderette, games room, golf, leisure club

Games room, golf, indoor pool, gym, sauna, tennis, outdoor pool, launderette, food shop

Gym, indoor pool, outdoor heated pool, solarium, disco, food shop

A significant benefit of the major caravan parks in the Hampshire area is that they are open all year round. Therefore, caravan holiday can be enjoyed anytime in the Hampshire region. Most of these parks offer stationary caravans that can be rented for the holiday period.

Things to Do in Hampshire

An important feature of the beaches in Hampshire is that they are dog-friendly, so pets do not have to stay home when one is going on a caravan trip. For children, the beaches of Hayling Island are the most suitable ones, as these are recipients of the European Blue Flag beach award and as well as the Tidy Britain Seaside Award. Hayling Island is also a great place for windsurfing and other water sports. The coastline also features a coastal country park called Lepe, in which it is possible to watch passing ships while also enjoying nature. Quite close to Lepe is the Calshot Spit and an activities centre, where it is possible to enjoy indoor skiing, rock climbing, and sailing.

5. Caravan Holiday in Kent

Kent is a wonderful holiday destination, especially for Londoners, as it is situated close to the capital. The region has something for everyone, from stunning coastline and chalk rocks for nature lovers to cultural sights for people who value history and museums. Driving there is easy, thanks to main roads providing easy access to the area.

Caravan Parks in Kent

Many Kent seaside caravan parks have huge activity centres. Therefore, they are not simply places to park one's motor home, as they also provide lots of entertainment. The main caravan parks of the Kent region are New Beach, Alberta, and Harts.

Caravan Park

New Beach




Family bar, dining, take-away

Family bar, dining area, take-away

Family bar, dining area, take-away


March until early November

Mid-March until early November

March until early November


Entertainment venue, heated indoor pool, adventure playground, golf, mini mart, launderette

Adventure playground, mini mart, entertainment venue, outdoor pool

Launderette, adventure playground, spa bath, sauna, mini mart, indoor pool

The holiday parks in Kent have a relatively long open season. Although they are closed during the coldest months, they do offer a season that lasts from March until early November.

Things to Do in Kent

The famous Canterbury Cathedral is found in the Kent area, along with other cultural and historical sights. Close to Canterbury is the Howletts Wild Animal park, where many exotic animals reside, from gorillas and elephants to lions, tigers, and lemurs. Nature lovers can enjoy the breathtaking chalk rocks in Dover. There are also many castles including Dover, Walmer, and Deal, and Kent is renowned for its medieval architecture.

Buying Caravans on eBay

When looking for a caravan on eBay, start your search by typing "caravan" into the search box that you can find at the top of any eBay page. Then you should receive a list of results that you can sort either by price or auction time. You may also click on related searches if these results look more similar to the kind of caravan you would like to buy. If you wish, you can sort the results either by auction time or price. These are useful options if you need the caravan soon or are on a budget. As a caravan is a rather hefty item, you probably need to pick it up yourself. Therefore, look for sellers who are located close to you and can arrange a meeting..

If you meet the seller, you can get some additional information about the caravan and tips on how to use it. However, you should certainly read the characteristics when you browse the item listing. Check to make sure the technical specifications meet with your approval. If the caravan is newer, then the chances that it is in working order are higher, although you may find well-maintained older caravans as well.


Going away on a holiday is a great way to break the routine and recharge one's batteries. Sometimes even the home can be taken along, in a way. When going on a holiday in a touring caravan, all the necessary facilities are always at hand, and the vehicle is typically cosy as well. One can travel to various seaside locations that have caravan parks, where the caravan can be parked. Many of these places also offer stationary caravans for rent, if one does not have a personal caravan.

Devon, in South England, is renowned for its coastlines, as well as for the national parks of Exmoor and Dartmoor. It is a suitable place for active people, mainly because of its long walking paths. Crabbing is also possible in the area.

The Isle of Wight is yet another great place for walking around, as it features Tennyson's Trail. The island can also be toured on a bicycle. Suffolk, in East Anglia, combines the best of coastal areas and beautiful countryside locales, and is known for Southwold Pier.

Hampshire is best for pet lovers because of its dog-friendly beaches. Many clean Blue Flag beaches are also located there. Kent is a quick option for Londoners, thanks to its close proximity to the capital. It is not only packed with cultural sights, but offers something for nature lovers as well, mainly due to the chalk rocks.

Although many caravan holiday parks rent out stationary caravans, there is much to be said for buying one's own caravan and touring the seaside resorts with it during holidays. Auction sites can be good places to start looking for a caravan.

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