5 Caravan Holiday Ideas for Essex

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5 Caravan Holiday Ideas for Essex

Taking a break from daily life is always a good idea, because it helps to refresh one's body and mind. However, there is also something great about taking the home along on a trip. When travelling with a caravan, this is all possible, as this home on wheels allows one to pack favourite items into the vehicle and even enjoy a favourite pillow or blanket when sleeping in it. Caravans that can be attached to a car and taken on trips are touring caravans, and they can be parked in special caravan parks. Caravans can be purchased from vehicle retailers, and even on online auction sites, such as eBay.

Many places also offer stationary caravans that are fully furnished and waiting for occupants, much like hotel rooms. These are suitable options for those who do not have their own caravan but would still like to enjoy the motorhome phenomenon, living in a kind of portable house while away from home. Essex, a region quite close to London, is a nice place to visit while touring with a caravan, and it offers something for everyone, from coastal sporty holidays to shopping trips and historical castles.

 1. Caravan Holiday on the Essex Coastline

The Essex coastline stretches over 350 miles, and pleases both the eye and the soul. This coastline is one of the longest in England. The Clacton-on-Sea and Southend-on-Sea resorts provide vivid beach life, while people who prefer more peace and quiet can go to Frinton-on-Sea or Walton-on-the-Naze. The Essex coastline offers long walks, endless beaches, and secret coves. The restaurants in the area are full of delicious seafood. The coastal area has a lot to offer for adventurers, as it is possible to participate in water sports, such as wakeboarding or waterskiing.

 Caravan Parks on the Essex Coastline

The Essex coastline is equipped with rather large caravan parks that provide the best in family holidays. The parks generally not only allow for parking the vehicle, but also feature attractions, such as pool complexes and entertainment venues. The Seawick Holiday Park is situated quite close to Clacton-on-Sea, and a certified Blue Flag beach is also found nearby. It comes equipped with a playground, mini mart, gamezone, and an outdoor pool. The Steeple Bay Holiday Park is another great spot for an active holiday, as it offers boating and jet skiing. The place, in fact, is renowned for its boating opportunities, but there is also an outdoor pool for another type of water fun. A seal colony also inhabits the area, and the animals can often be observed.

 2. Caravan Holiday in Colchester

Colchester is Britain's oldest recorded town, and it used to be the capital of Roman Britain. Therefore, it offers many historical sites, but it is also a popular shopping destination. The town is packed with museums, many of which have won awards, that contain collections of international importance. The Colchester Castle Museum is the most famous museum in the area, but due to upgrading and some construction work, it is expected to be closed until the spring of 2014. Modern art lovers can enjoy contemporary art at the art gallery, which exhibits artwork from international, national, and local artists.

Families with children can hop on a steam train in the East Anglian Railway Museum or satisfy a sweet tooth in the Tiptree Jam Museum. For new culinary experiences, there are various seafood restaurants that offer the famous Mersea oysters that come from the island of the same name.

 Caravan Parks in Colchester

When touring with a caravan, it can be parked somewhere close to the town of Colchester, perhaps even by the seaside. Just outside the town is the Colchester Camping and Caravan Park, which is a family-run business. Motor caravans, caravans, and trailer tents are hosted on the site. Touring caravans and motor caravans can also be parked at alarmed storage facilities and stored there during the winter months. The park is accessible throughout the entire year, with the exception of some holidays, such as Boxing Day and Christmas Day.

Another campsite, the Seven Arches, is also situated near Colchester. This small campsite provides grass-only pitches with no electricity, but is well-sheltered. However, there is also a possibility of using the electric hook-up and the chemical toilet disposal facilities. Electric shaver sockets and a flushing toilet are also available.

 3. Caravan Holiday in Barleylands

Barleylands is a large and versatile complex that offers activities for all ages. The farm park is a children's favourite, as it provides both indoor and outdoor play areas. Children can also get to know the animals or can become mini-farmers and practise farm life. Adults can test their skills in the craft village, where it is possible to watch craftsmen at work and to try to create something oneself as well. The offerings of the village include scrapbooking, blacksmithing, pottery, sewing, artwork, personalised gifts, and performing arts, but the list does not end here. Occasionally, a farmers market is organised, and there people can enjoy the best of local produce, sold by the farmers themselves. Herbs, honey, pork, lamb, chutneys, mushrooms, pies, eggs, vegetables, and dairy products are only some of the items sold there.

 Caravan Parks in Barleylands

In fact, there is no need to park very far away when visiting Barleylands, as there is a camping site located inside Barleylands. The site is covered with grass, and it offers some stands as well as electric hook ups. Toilets and showers are available on the site, as is a local farm shop that is open every day and can cater to many different appetites.

 4. Caravan Holiday in Lee Valley

People who are looking to spend an active holiday in Essex are likely to enjoy the Lee Valley area. The place became immensely popular after the London Olympics in 2012, as some of the competitions were held there. Hockey, tennis, and some cycling events took place there, for instance, not to mention water events. Today, people go there mainly because of the great kayaking and rafting opportunities. However, Lee Valley also boasts some peaceful gardens as well as historic sites. Capel Manor, Myddelton House, and Waltham Abbey Gardens are only some of the places to visit on a walk.

 Caravan Parks in Lee Valley

Close to Lee Valley Regional Park are three caravan parks, namely Edmonton, Dobbs Weir, and Sewardstone. The Edmonton park is mainly notable for an on-site cinema that offers entertainment for rainy days. Both Dobbs Weir and Sewardstone offer luxurious accommodation, as many on-site caravans can be rented for a retreat. The facilities in both Sewardstone and Dobbs Weir are quite comfortable as well, thanks to heated toilets and shower blocks.

 5. Caravan Holiday near Hedingham Castle

Hedingham Castle has stood in its spot since Norman times. The keep is almost 34 metres tall. The place is renowned as a marvelous and popular wedding venue, besides being used for corporate events and as a film set. It is surrounded with gardens and lakes, thus offering the joy of discovery for nature lovers. Throughout the year, various special events are held there, and many people visit it to see theatrical performances, for instance. The castle is open to the public from Sunday to Thursday.

The Hedingham Castle can be visited in groups and with children. Thus, gathering friends and family together for a visit to the Norman keep can be a good idea. If staying in a caravan park near the castle, families can visit the place more than once in order to learn all about it. One might like to take an educational tour one day and to walk around the grounds with a picnic the next day.

 Caravan Parks in Hedingham

Near the Hedingham Castle is a small caravan park called Priestfields Farm. It can accommodate five caravans at once. Although not big, it is suitable for people who enjoy peace and quiet and want to spend some quality time with their families. This site is open throughout the year. The site is sheltered and it welcomes pets.

Near the castle, it is also possible to park the caravan at the Four Winds campsite. This is yet another small campsite that fits up to five caravans, and is open to members. The site offers minimal facilities, including a flushing toilet, showers, a chemical toilet disposal point, and battery charging facilities.

 Buying Caravans on eBay

Although you can rent a stationary caravan at many caravan parks, there is pleasure to be had in owning your own, as you can decorate it to your taste in the same way that you do with your house. When looking for caravans on eBay, you can start off by typing " caravan" in the search box that you can find at the top of any eBay page. You can also specify the search by using keywords, such as "motorcaravan", "motorhome", or " stationary caravan". If the first search does not yield the results you want, you can also click on related searches to see what else is on offer. After receiving the results, sort them by price or auction time. You may also choose the vehicle's condition by setting it to either used or new.

When shopping for such a large item, it is always wise to look for local sellers. A caravan is something that you simply cannot send by post. Therefore, you have to pick the vehicle up yourself. In fact, this is a good thing, as you can meet the seller face to face and learn more about the vehicle by asking any questions you may have.


Essex is a county located close to London, and therefore it is favourite destination for Londoners who are looking for a quick break from their routines. With a caravan, the home can be taken along on holiday, although many locations also rent out caravans, helping to create the feeling of being at home anywhere in Essex.

The Essex coastline is one of the longest in England. The caravan parks are mainly located by the sea, and they offer much more than just a patch of grass on which to park the vehicle. These parks are big entertainment and activity centres.

Near Colchester, the oldest recorded town in Britain, it is possible to dive into the world of art as well as history, although the destination is also known for its shopping opportunities and many museums. The caravan parks are small and suitable for people who love peace and quiet.

Barleylands is a complex of different activities, including a crafts village, a farmers market, and many playing areas for children. Caravan parks are part of the centre and provide basic facilities.

Lee Valley is a favourite for active people, and several London Olympics events were held there. Gardens and historic sites are also featured, and caravans can be parked in any of the luxurious caravan parks.

Hedingham Castle has stood strong since Norman times and is known as a film set and wedding venue. The local campsites are rather small and peaceful, thus being suitable for a retreat away from city life.

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