5 Cottage Holidays to Take in the Autumn

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5 Cottage Holidays to Take in the Autumn

Everyone enjoys holidays. They provide much needed rest and relaxation and allow individuals to de-stress, which can actually improve health. One of the biggest downsides of holidays is that they can be quite costly, especially extended holidays and holidays with a large group of people, which usually requires more than one hotel room. A better option for many individuals is to rent a cottage rather than a hotel room or two. Cottages are larger, often sleep more people than standard hotel rooms, and are usually less expensive than hotel rooms.

There are many destinations throughout the UK that are perfect for individuals looking to take a cottage holiday. Some of these destinations are suitable year-round, while others are better suited to specific seasons. Individuals looking to take a holiday in autumn, for example, can find plenty of splendid destinations where they can view the autumn foliage, revel in the cool weather, and enjoy some much needed down time. When looking for the perfect cottage holiday to take in the autumn, individuals should first decide on a destination and then look at the suitable cottages in that area before deciding on which one to rent.

5 Cottage Holidays to Take in the Autumn

Whether one wishes to take in the changing autumn foliage and enjoy the great outdoors or visit specific tourist destinations, autumn is the perfect time to visit a number of destinations throughout the UK. Those looking for ideas for cottage holidays in the autumn can choose from a variety of destinations, including the following five, which offer spectacular sights and activities that appeal to the entire family.

1. Portsmouth

While there is plenty to see and do year-round in Portsmouth, autumn is an especially good time to visit the area. This seaport city is the birthplace of literary great Charles Dickens as well as home to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, which played an important part of the UK's military history. Individuals can view many historic ships at the dockyard, including the HMS Victory and the remains of the Mary Rose, Henry VII's ship, and can even explore some ships, such as the Victory and the Warrior. Those interested in exploring the world of Charles Dickens can visit the Charles Dickens Birthplace Museum. The town often puts on special productions and celebrations, so visitors should be sure to check out the events and celebrations that may be occurring during their stay.

2. Lake District

Touted as both a romantic getaway destination and a family-friendly destination, the Lake District in Cumbria truly does have something for everyone. Athletic individuals can hike to the top of Catbells peak and take in the sweeping views while those who enjoy outdoor festivals and events have a wealth of options to choose from throughout the autumn months. Popular festivals include the Carlisle Fireshow and the Egrement Crab Fair.

3. Northumberland

Autumn foliage abounds in the Northumberland and is a must-see for nature lovers. Visitors find a wealth of things to do, from visiting historic castles, exploring gardens and coastlines, and hiking over rugged moorlands, to walking around the quaint towns and soaking up the incredible views. Bird lovers can take boat tours to view some of the area's most spectacular birds, while those who enjoy fishing can get a glimpse of the area's fishermen hauling in their daily catch.

4. Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is another autumn holiday destination that offers something for everybody. History buffs can soak up local history by touring local castles and animal lovers have enough parks and animal-watching destinations to keep them busy for their entire holiday. Bird lovers can see as many as 500 bird species at Birdland in Bourton-on-the-Water, while those who prefer the four-legged variety of animals can interact with farm animals at Cotswold Farm Park and Cotswold Wildlife Park. The area also boasts a water park and an adventure park, as well as quaint buildings to explore.

5. Wiltshire

From arts and cultural venues, museums, and shopping, to outdoor activities, extreme activities, and historic sites, Wiltshire offers a bit of everything. Outdoor enthusiasts can tour Stonehenge, a World Heritage site, as well as other prehistoric sites, or a safari park, or they can opt for more extreme activities such as skydiving and hot air balloon rides. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, visitors still have plenty of options, including museums, churches, and a plethora of shops. The area boasts several museums featuring displays and information on a variety of topics, including railways, aviation, and photography.

Things to Consider When Renting a Cottage

Most people rent cottages online through one of several cottage rental or holiday booking sites. Usually individuals do not have the luxury of checking out the cottages before they book, which means they could end up renting a cottage that is too small, run down, or not close to any of the activities they wish to do. There are several factors individuals should keep in mind when looking for holiday cottages to rent. Checking to ensure the necessary amenities are present and that the cottage is in a good area is essential to having an excellent holiday experience.

Cottage Size

Holiday cottages are typically small, as are most homes in the UK. Those travelling to the UK from other countries where the houses are usually more spacious should definitely keep this in mind, especially when booking a cottage for four or more individuals. Prospective renters should confirm that there are enough bedrooms, as well as beds, for their party. As with the cottages themselves, beds are not the king- and queen-size variety found in luxury hotels and common in other countries, so those who plan to share a bed should make sure the bed is indeed large enough to share.

Cottage Amenities

Those looking to rent a cottage for holiday usually find that there are a variety of cottages available in any area, often ranging from older, rustic cottages to newer ones that may have more modern amenities. While some individuals do not mind 'roughing it' in terms of appliances and amenities, others prefer television, newer appliances, and Internet access, especially for longer stays. Before making a purchasing decision on a cottage rental, potential renters should look through the list of amenities and confirm that a specific cottage has the amenities they are looking for.

Type of Amenity


Kitchen with stove

Desired by most individuals, especially for longer stays

Extra bathrooms

Preferred by most individuals, especially when travelling in larger groups


Preferred for individuals planning a longer stay or travelling with children

Cable/Satellite television

Preferred by most individuals for all holiday lengths

Bed linens/towels

Preferred by all individuals

Kitchen accessories/small appliances (cups, plates, coffee maker, etc.)

Preferred by all individuals

Because the point of staying in a cottage is often to save a bit of money, it is essential that the cottage has the proper amenities to allow individuals to do so. For example, cottages without full kitchens, including cups and plates, do not allow individuals to prepare meals at the cottage, which means all of their meals must be purchased at local establishments.


The location of the cottage is another important factor individuals must consider before signing a rental agreement. Some prefer to be at least a little ways from the hustle and bustle of the main town, but do not want to be so far away that getting to town or to the various sites of interest requires even more travel time. Individuals who know which sites they plan to visit ahead of time may want to map the cottage and the destinations to determine whether the cottage is in close enough proximity.

Pubs are very common throughout the UK and are found in every one of the five holiday destinations mentioned above. Typically travellers can find fantastic food at great prices at pubs, so they may want to find out if any of the cottages they are considering are near one or more pubs. While not essential, most travellers find it convenient to have a pub within walking distance so they can pop over for a pint or a bite to eat at any time.

Shopping for Holiday Cottages

When individuals are acquainted with people who have visited the area in which they are interested in visiting themselves, they may wish to inquire as to their experiences with rental cottages in the area. Perhaps they know of the perfect holiday cottage, which could be helpful especially if one has never travelled to that particular destination before. Another option for finding great holiday cottages is to read reviews on various travel sites online. While not all reviewers give positive reviews, a high number of positive reviews is generally a good indicator of whether a particular cottage is suitable.

The best way to find rental cottages for holidays is to search online. There are several websites, including eBay, where individuals can find rental properties throughout the UK, so those looking for cottage rentals should make sure to look at several of these sites to find the best cottage at the best price. Most of these websites also provide photos of the exterior and sometimes the interior of the cottages as well, helpful when deciding between a number of different cottages.

Renting Holiday Cottages on eBay

If you want to take a look at the holiday cottages available on eBay, go to the site's main page and type 'holiday cottages ' into the search box. Once the search results load, you can narrow them down by country, city, number of people, and price, among other things. If you know which city you want to stay in, search for holiday cottages in that area for more specific search results. For example, searching on ' holiday cottages in the Lake District ' shows only search results from that region.

Before making a purchasing decision, prospective buyers should always double-check that the cottage is available for the duration of their holiday and that the cottage has all of the amenities they require. Prospective buyers should also pay close attention to the terms and conditions of the rental, including whether the reservation can be cancelled in the event that they must cancel their holiday.


Renting a cottage for holiday is a great way to explore all the regions of the UK without spending a fortune. Individuals can save money by renting a cottage instead of a hotel room, and can use that money to extend their holiday or can put it in the bank to start saving for their next holiday. When looking for cottages to rent, travellers should ensure that the cottage is close enough to the destinations they plan to visit so they do not waste the majority of their holiday travelling to and from their cottage.

While many of the destinations in the UK are incredible holiday destinations year-round, there are several that are absolutely spectacular in the autumn. Individuals looking to view the autumn foliage should consider visiting Portsmouth, the Lake District, Northumberland, the Cotswolds, or Wiltshire because they offer breathtaking views of the foliage as well as plenty of activities for people of all ages. Knowing which destination to visit and what to look for in a holiday cottage rental can help travellers find the perfect cottage rental on eBay.

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