5 Dos and Don'ts of Buying Double-Size Bed Frames

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5 Dos and Don'ts of Buying Double-Size Bed Frames

The bed is an integral piece of furniture, and choosing the right one can improve sleep, as well as compliment the style and decorations of the room it is placed in. Beds can include a wide variety of different features and materials, making them suitable for all kinds of different needs and situations.

The bed frame, the part of the bed upon which the mattress and other bedding rests, is an important component of a bed, and choosing the right frame is important. There are a number of key elements to consider when purchasing a new bed frame. Double size beds are among the most popular types of bed, offering a good amount of space for the person or people sleeping, while being able to comfortably fit into most bedrooms. A wide range of beds and bed frames are available on eBay.

Do Consider the Room the Frame Will be Placed In

When purchasing a new bed frame, it is impovvrtant to consider the bedroom that the bed frame is to be placed in.

* The materials and style included in a bed frame can be of considerable importance when considering the placement of a bed frame. Many people prefer to match the material of a frame to those already present in the room, as well as any other furniture that is in use. This can include matching types of wood or metal, as well as colours and patterns.

* When buying a double frame, it can help to ensure that the bedroom can accommodate a double size frame. There should be enough space to walk around the bed, and if features such as storage drawers are included, there needs to be enough room for those to open easily.

* Take note if the bed will have to be frequently moved for any reason. If so, frames of lighter materials and types may be preferable. Some wheeled frames are also available, which can make moving the bed much easier.

Do Explore the Range of Features Available

There are bed frames available that offer all kinds of different additional features, which can be useful depending on factors such as the space available, or the personal preference of the buyer.

* Many frames feature built in headboards. These were formerly used to protect sleepers from cold draughts, and now primarily serve aesthetic value, as well as offering a soft layer between the person and the wall. Some headboards may include storage for items such as books, and can also serve as somewhere to put items, such as reading lights.

* Many beds feature storage options such as draws built into the frame of the bed. These can be useful if there is limited space for storage in the room, and can also help to keep a bedroom tidy.

* Some frames may come with a mattress included, and the type of mattress can be an important element to consider.

Open Spring

Open spring mattresses are widely available, and less expensive than other alternatives. Open spring mattresses distribute weight across a number of springs present throughout the mattress. This means that, if sharing, the movements of one person are more likely to be felt by their partner.

Pocket Spring

Pocket spring mattresses are similar to open spring mattresses in that they also use metal springs to distribute weight. However, in pocket spring mattresses each spring is contained in a fabric pocket. This helps individual springs to absorb weight, and means that someone's movements are less likely to disturb their partner. Springs in these mattresses can also last longer.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are unlike other types in that they do not use springs. These mattresses use a heat sensitive foam, which moulds to the body shape of the person. Memory foam mattresses are good at absorbing movement, and some consider them to be among the most comfortable. However, these mattresses are often more expensive than other types.

Do Look at the Variety of Types of Frame

There are many different types of bed frame, which are available in double size, and these can offer a variety of different styles and features.


The divan bed frame is one of the simpler and most widely available types of bed frame. The divan frame serves as a flat base for the mattress and other bedding, and requires little, if any, set up and assembly. Some divan bases include springs, which can add additional comfort.

Storage Bed

Storage beds are available in a range of different styles and materials. The main feature of this type of bed frame is the large amount of built-in storage available. Most commonly these are drawers that are built into the frame, which can be useful for those with limited storage space.


An ottoman bed is a type of storage frame that features storage space beneath the mattress, rather than in drawers. Gas lift ottomans are also available, which make lifting up the mattress easier. Ottomans should be avoided if the bed will need to be moved regularly, as they can be considerably heavier than other types of frame.

Classic Bed Frame

The classic bed frame, otherwise called the bedstead, is a widely available and recognisable type of frame. Rather than a solid base, the mattress lies on a series of slats, often made out of wood. These frames are affordable and available in an enormous range of styles, though slats may have to be replaced over time.

TV Bed

The TV bed frame is a frame which has a television built into it. These frames often feature a pneumatic system that allows the television to be stored away into the frame when not in use. These frames are popular for those who like to watch TV in bed, but can be more expensive than other types of frame. The cost of the television must also be factored in.

Don't Forget the Benefits of Different Materials


Wood has long been used as a material in bed frames, and this type of frame is popular and widely available. Different wood types can have different appearances, and can last for a long time. Wood beds can be more expensive than some alternatives, however.


Widely available, metal bed frames are a more affordable option, and can feature a wide array of different designs and styles. Metal bed frames are long lasting, as long as they are protected from moisture to prevent rust.


Leather is often considered a highly desirable material for beds due to its appearance and texture. Leather bed frames are often among the most expensive.


Bed frames featuring fabric are among the most widely available. The soft material can be found in an enormous range of colours, and fabric beds often incorporate other materials, such as wood, into their design as well.

Don't Forget to Ensure the Frame is the Correct Size

Making sure that a frame will fit a double mattress is important. If it is too small or large, the mattress will not fit properly and the bed will be unusable.

* The standard double bed is what is most commonly referred to as a double bed. Frames and mattresses made to this size measure at 54" × 75", or 4 by 6.25 feet.

* Small double bed frames are also available. These are suited to those who prefer extra space to spread out while sleeping, and measure at 48" × 75", or 4 by 6.25 feet.

How to Buy a Double-Size Bed Frame on eBay

A wide selection of double bed frames featuring different designs, materials and styles can be found on eBay. The full listing of available bed frames can be found under the Beds & Mattresses category. This can be found in the Home & Garden portal, under Furniture. Bed frames can be arranged by categories such as price, condition, size, type and brand. The Auction and Buy it Now buying options are also available, offering flexibility in how a bed frame can be bought.

The important specifications of a frame, such as its size and material, will often be prominently displayed in the item listing, making it easy to quickly see if an item meets any specific needs. Further information is available on the item page, along with information about the seller, such as item reviews and feedback ratings. This helps to ensure that a purchase can be made with confidence. It is also possible on this page to ask the seller a question about the item.

If a specific bed frame is required, it may be easier and faster to make use of the search function available at the top of every page. Searches can be made to return results from within a specified category, or from across the whole site. Further information on using the search function effectively can be found on the Search Tips page.


The frame is a vital part of a bed, and can offer a wide range of styles, features and designs. It is important to choose a bed frame that fits comfortably into a bedroom, accommodates those who sleep in it well, and compliments the decorative style of the room it is to be placed in. An enormous selection of bed frames, beds and mattresses is available on eBay.

Buying an item through eBay also means that that the shopper will be covered by the website's buyer protection programme.

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