5 Exterior Car Accessories for Your Truck

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5 Exterior Car Accessories for Your Truck

If you own a truck, you probably bought it because it is functional and accommodates all the heavy things that you need to carry from one place to another. Whether you use it for your own moving company, for getting the whole family to the cottage in summer, or just because you like trucks, these vehicles are sure to meet your practical needs. However, practicality does not necessarily require that the truck should be boring in appearance. With several fancy exterior accessories, you can boost your truck's appearance and make a bold statement. For instance, you can upgrade or customise the grille or bumper of your truck. Still, most exterior accessories are not only good-looking, but also add to the functionality of your truck. A protective car cover can be a good example.

In order to make an informed decision about the available exterior car accessories for your truck, read about their features and decide which ones are the best for you. Exterior car accessories can be bought from designated car parts shops, or ordered conveniently via online auction sites, such as eBay.

1. Grille for Your Truck

On a truck, the grille is the screen of metal wires or bars that is positioned in front of the vehicle. It serves as protection and ventilation for the engine and radiator, as well as adding a styling element. If you wish to make a statement with your truck, then starting with a new grille is good idea. This part of your truck is like the face of your car, being the first thing that other people see. The stock grille that was installed on your truck in the factory may not be as pleasing and attractive as you would like. In this case, you can customise your truck by buying a grille. Look for a user-friendly model that can be installed quickly. For instance, some can be installed simply by being clipped on.

Grille Types

If you are after the classic look, opt for a billet style grille. If you like luster, then a tubular stainless steel grille may be the right option for you. Custom-made grilles give you even more freedom, as they are available in many shapes, for instance, as flames. Custom grilles are overlay applications that are placed over the original factory grille. If your truck was not designed with a grille in the first place, you can opt for a mesh grille. Available in white, black, and silver, this type of grille is sure to accentuate your truck's appearance.

2. Bumper for Your Truck

On vehicles, the bumper is a horizontal bar fixed across the back or front. It mainly serves as protection in case of collision and helps to reduce damage. A good bumper is thus strong and durable. Often, bumpers need to be replaced because they have been damaged in collisions or other accidents. This may be one reason to equip your truck with a new bumper. Look for high-quality materials that are strong and resist corrosion. The bumper should be able to endure extreme weather conditions and remain intact no matter what the season, be it winter or summer. A bumper is not only a functional piece of equipment, as it can also serve as a stylish addition to your truck. Browse the many designs and choose the one that best fits your taste and safety requirements.

3. Winch for Your Truck

A winch is a device used for lifting or hauling, and if you buy one of these, you can add some towing power to your truck. If you use your truck on a farm, or occasionally need to help out friends who have become stuck in mud or snow, a winch is a helpful accessory to have. A truck winch winds a wire around a drum, and as a result, it can be used to tow and haul. The winch keeps a steady tension on the wire or chain. The weight of your truck and the weight of the winch determine the weight of the things that can be pulled.

Winch Features

The main consideration about winches is the exact mechanism they use. A winch may be either electric or hydraulic, but there are also other considerations to take into account. The following chart lists the main features of different winches.

Winch Type

Electric, hydraulic


Wired or wireless remote

Mounting Options

On bumper or grille, hidden; quick-mount or portable


Rope, chain

As the chart shows, buying a winch requires a lot of thought. Study the different types of winches and choose the features that fit your needs, bearing in mind the weights of the objects you may need to pull with the winch. If you make an informed decision, you are sure to find a winch that serves you well for many years and is also safe to use.

4. Storage Options for Your Truck

Although trucks are already relatively large, and can thus accommodate many things at once, you can even further improve your truck's capacity by choosing smart storage options. Bike racks, roof racks, and luggage carriers are some of the storage options available.

Bike Racks for Your Truck

If you often need to transport bikes from one place to another, then you can store them safely and conveniently on a designated bike rack. If you put the bike on a special rack, you no longer need to worry where and how to place it inside your truck and whether or not it may come loose during a long drive. You can place bikes on the roof of your truck or inside the truck bed. Consider how many bikes you need to carry at once and buy the bike rack accordingly. Commonly, up to five bicycles may be mounted on a bike rack. Bike carriers can be removed quickly, so they are great additions if your family loves sport.

Roof Racks and Luggage Carriers for Your Truck

You can maximise your luggage space by attaching racks or carriers to your truck's roof. This way, you can easily spend family holidays in faraway places and always have all the necessary things at hand. You can find appropriate carrying equipment for canoes, surfboards, luggage, skis, and many other things. These luggage carriers come in many forms, including baskets, boxes, and hitches.

5. Car Cover for Your Truck

A car cover becomes necessary if you do not use your truck over an extended period of time. For instance, you may need your truck for a variety of tasks during the summer, but prefer to put it away for the winter. In this case, do not let your truck simply rust in the rain or collect dust in the garage. Instead, you can protect it with a designated car cover. For a wide range of uses, choose a universal car cover that performs many tasks. There are also special covers for indoor and outdoor use.

You may also choose a heavy-duty or a lightweight car cover, depending on the degree of protection required. A cover may be sold as a dust-cover or as an all-weather cover. Before buying a car cover, measure your truck and look for a cover that can cover your car perfectly. You can also find car covers that are designed for the specific make and model of your truck.

Buying Exterior Car Accessories for Your Truck on eBay

When buying any of these exterior car accessories for your truck, you can start looking for them on eBay by simply typing the relevant keywords into the search box that you can find at the top of any eBay page. You can do a general keyword search, or specify the make and model of your truck for more specific results. In any case, after you receive the initial search results, you can further narrow them down by sorting them in terms of price or auction time. Setting the item condition to either used or new is also helpful. If you do not find the item you are looking for, try clicking on related searches, as these may give you some inspiration.

Be sure to read the detailed item listing in order to determine that the car accessory is suitable for your truck. In case of any doubts or questions, you can contact the seller. Other things you may enquire about include packaging, delivery, payment methods, refunds, and exchanges.


Trucks are, in essence, functional vehicles that can be used for many applications. This does not mean that they should look boring. With many exterior car accessories, your truck can become even more functional and also make a statement in terms of style.

The grille is the metal part placed in front of your truck. Not only is it responsible for protecting the engine and radiator and providing them with adequate ventilation, but it can also be a style element. Choose from classic billet, overlay mesh, and custom grilles.

Similarly to the grille, the bumpers in the front and back are functional as well as stylish elements. They reduce damage in case of collision and thus have to be made of durable materials, but they can also influence the appearance of your truck.

If you need to tow and haul heavy things, equip your truck with a winch. Electric or hydraulic, wired or wireless remote, mounted on the bumper or hidden - there are many things to consider when buying a winch, depending on its intended uses.

For extended storage space, install bike or roof racks and luggage carriers on your truck. Many models are available, and you can use them for your skis, surfboards, bikes, and luggage.

When you are not using your truck, protect it with a car cover. Depending on where you park your truck, you may need a dust cover for indoor use or a heavy-duty storm cover for outdoor use.

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