5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Nissan Leaf

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5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Nissan Leaf

Nissan has always been known for their leading innovations in vehicle technology, and the award winning Nissan Leaf is no exception. The name Leaf stands for 'Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car' to represent the values on which the car was built. Introduced in late 2010, the Nissan Leaf is a five door hatchback, 100 per cent electric car, that uses an electric motor and battery power. On a single charge, the Nissan Leaf is able to drive up to 170 km. In addition to being extremely fuel efficient, the Nissan Leaf produces no CO2 emissions, making it one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles on the market. Also built with family in mind, the Nissan Leaf was awarded a five star 'Top safety pick' from the Euro NCAP.

Nissan Leafs are purchased from Nissan car dealerships, general brand car dealerships, or online using websites such as eBay. Because so many people use eBay to buy and sell cars, it is the perfect place to find the right vehicle at a competitive price. Before purchasing a Nissan Leaf, there are some considerations to take into account before making a final decision. By understanding what factors to consider when purchasing a Nissan Leaf, buyers are able to easily decide if a Nissan Leaf is right for them and their family.

Consideration 1: Charging the Nissan Leaf

Since the Nissan leaf runs solely on electricity , it must be charged instead of filled up with petrol or diesel. One of the biggest benefits of the Leaf is the amount of money that owners save on expensive fuel costs, but charging does require more time and planning. Depending on the model year, the Nissan Leaf can get up to 170 km on a single charge. When considering a Nissan Leaf, it is important for buyers to determine the length of their daily drive. It is also helpful for buyers to find the location of EV (electric vehicle) charging stations in the area to determine if they are convenient with their regular routes.

Types of Charging Systems

There are two types of EV charging stations: standard street style chargers and rapid style chargers. Rapid style chargers charge the Leaf much faster than standard street style chargers, and can charge the car from zero to 80 per cent in a half hour. EVSE 'granny' cables are also available, and allow the driver to plug the vehicle in anywhere.

The downside to having to charge the car is that it takes much longer than filling up the car with fuel. However, many people choose to charge their Nissan Leaf at home with a charging system that must be installed by British Gas. Older models of the Leaf may take up to eight hours to charge, while newer models with higher powered charging systems can reach a full charge in four hours. By charging the vehicle overnight, it is ready to go in the morning, similar to charging a cellular phone overnight.

Consideration 2: Fuel Economy and Environmental Impact

Nissan Leafs are the first 100 per cent electric cars to be mass produced and made available at an affordable price. Compared to similar sized hybrid and electric vehicles, the Nissan Leaf boasts much higher fuel economy and low emissions costs.

Type of Vehicle

2012 Nissan Leaf

2012 Chevrolet Volt (EV Mode)

2012 Toyota Prius (Hybrid Plug in)

Miles Per Gallon Equivalent

99 mpg combined city & highway

33 mpg combined

44 mpg combined

Driving Range (Miles)

100 miles electricity & total range

35 miles electricity, 380 miles total range

11 miles electricity + gasoline, 540 total range

CO2 Emissions (grams/mile)

Zero g/m

87 g/m

133 g/m

The Nissan Leaf is the only 100 per cent electric vehicle that requires no petrol or diesel fuel. EV mode and hybrid vehicles require both gasoline and charging, since the vehicle cannot run solely on electricity for an extended period of time. Even though the Nissan Leaf gets a lower total range than hybrid or gasoline vehicles, most drivers do not have to interrupt their daily routine to charge the vehicle throughout the day. By driving a 100 per cent electric vehicle, drivers hardly have to consider the cost of fuel when purchasing the vehicle.

Consideration 3: Condition of the Nissan Leaf

When purchasing a vehicle, one of the first things to consider is the condition of the car. New cars are usually more expensive, but the buyer can be sure that the vehicle is in excellent condition when they purchase it. Pre-owned vehicles are usually much more affordable than new vehicles, and can be just as reliable. When looking at used cars, buyers should always check out the vehicle's history report, to make sure the car does not have any serious previous damage. Purchasing a used vehicle with low miles and a clear history report is a much more affordable way to buy a car that lasts.

It is also important to test drive the Nissan Leaf before making a final purchase. When driving the car, prospective buyers should consider how the car drives, steers, and brakes and accelerates. When purchasing a used car, it is helpful to check out the car with someone who knows about the maintenance of cars to ensure there are no problems with the vehicle.

Consideration 4: Look for a Trustworthy Seller

Especially when buying a used car, it is important for buyers to look for a trustworthy seller. Sellers should never be hesitant to provide information about the car, or to allow buyers to check out or test drive the car. Finding a trustworthy seller on eBay is easy by looking at the seller's detailed seller ratings. Detailed seller ratings show ratings and customer feedback from the seller's previous transactions. By purchasing from one of eBay's Top-rated sellers , buyers can be sure they are buying from a seller that they can trust.

Consideration 5: Set a Budget

Purchasing a car is a large investment, so when setting a budget it is always helpful for buyers to figure out how much they can afford to spend on a car. When purchasing a car, it is important to take into account the cost of the down payment, monthly payment, interest expenses, and insurance costs as well. When purchasing a Nissan Leaf, buyers must also consider the price of installing the charger into their home. Since the Nissan Leaf charges instead of using fuel, owners end up spending much less on electricity than they would on fuel, which may allow for a them to put down a higher down payment.

Base models are usually the most affordable, but choosing a pre-owned model with additional features may be a better value for the price. Additional features such as sunroofs, leather seats, or navigation increase the overall price of the car, so buyers may want to consider which features they think are most important when deciding on a car.

How to Purchase a Nissan Leaf on eBay

With the large selections of Nissans on eBay, finding cars within your budget to research and compare is made quick and easy. After understanding the considerations for purchasing a Nissan Leaf and deciding whether or not it is a good fit for you amd your family, you can begin your search for a car. When shopping on eBay for something specific like a Nissan Leaf, you can use a keyword search in the keyword search bar.

eBay also helps you stay within your price range when searching for a vehicle by allowing you to set your price maximum. By setting your price maximum, you do not have to waste time searching through cars outside of your budget. Because of the large selection of vehicles sold on eBay, it is easy to find a car in any budget. eBay also makes it easy to find what you are looking for when purchasing a car, by allowing you to narrow results by condition, mileage, transmission, or colour.


The Nissan Leaf is one of the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly cars on the market. Aside from also being one of the safest cars on the market, Nissan Leafs are also fairly big in size despite being an electric car, making them an ideal fit for larger families. The four doors makes it easy to access the front and back seats, and the hatchback provides a good amount of cargo space in the boot as well. Another benefit of the Nissan Leaf is the powerful engine, which is not always standard for electric or hybrid vehicles. With the Nissan Leaf, owners can have a stylish, safe, and reliable car without the expensive gas costs. Since charging the car with electricity is only a small fraction of the price of fuel, the cost of owning the vehicle is much lower.

Because of the increased popularity among electric and hybrid cars, the number of electric vehicle charging stations has increased rapidly throughout the UK, making it easier than ever before to charge the vehicle while on the go. However, with the range that the car gets on a single charge, it is easy to get from place to place without having to stop and recharge. Although charging the vehicle is a slight adjustment, the benefits of an electric car outweigh the drawbacks.

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