5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Nissan for Your Teen

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5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Nissan for Your Teen

For many teenagers, getting their own car is one of life's most significant milestones. A car of their own can represent freedom, as well as the ability to take on more responsibility. For the most part, however, if teens were allowed to select their own cars, they might not factor in things like safety and reliability. Buying a car for a teen can be a good chance for parents to impart some wisdom in these areas. Many parents spend hours and hours poring over information about various cars hoping to find the right one for their teen.

While there are a number of different options that are good cars for teens, many parents may select a Nissan, as it is an increasingly popular brand of automobile. There are a number of reasons for this specific choice, among them being safety, affordability, and overall cost. In many lists of the top cars for teens, Nissan cars appear on the list with great frequency. Once the decision to purchase a Nissan has been made, there are several factors that should be considered before spending money, whether it be in a traditional car dealership or online via eBay.

1. Type of Car

When organisations that rate vehicles produce lists of the best cars for teens, they usually only include certain types of cars. For the most part, such lists are designed to factor in how much a car might cost, and how safe it might be.

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Sports Car


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Generally, sports cars are not recommended for teens. Unless of course one feels comfortable doing so knowing that they are not the safest of cars. The list above is a good way to quickly access model types without losing track of the names of each.

Trucks and SUVs

Generally, trucks are excluded from these lists, and few of them may contain many SUVs. The reason for this is that these sorts of vehicles tend to have a more powerful engine than teens need. They also tend to use more fuel, which adds to overall cost. Many older SUVs typically have high centres of gravity that made them more likely to roll over in the event of an accident. This undesired feature is one that is changing to some extent with newer models of SUVs. Newer models are being built with a lower centre of gravity, and often have stability control features that did not exist on previous models. The main reason that many parents want an SUV for their teens is because they are physically larger, which puts more steel between their child and another car.

Compact Cars

Compact cars are popular options for teens because they are relatively inexpensive and do not take up much space. For many parents, however, a compact car is not the best idea simply because the small size means that there is less protection in case of an impact. This is true even in compact cars that have higher crash ratings.

Midsize and Crossovers

For the most part, experts recommend that teens drive a midsize car or, even in some cases, a crossover. A crossover is basically a blend between a car and an SUV. Crossovers are generally sturdier than a car, but usually have less fuel efficiency. Midsize cars, on the other hand, tend to have a decent amount of crash protection with more manoeuvrability than a crossover or an SUV.

2. New vs. Used

Many parents are tempted to invest in a new car for their teen, thinking that it might be safer and more reliable than purchasing a pre-owned model. This is true, to some extent, but insuring that one owns a car that is brand new can be quite expensive, especially when entrusting a teen to get behind the wheel. Used cars tend to be far more affordable and much less expensive to insure.

Parents who are desirous to have the best and most innovative features in a car can look for a used model that is only a few years old to gain most of those features. At the same time, teens are far more likely to engage in minor accidents that may simple scrape paint or cause a dent. In new cars, such flaws are glaring and require immediate, expensive attention. In used cars, the minor things may not be so expensive to repair and may not be as noticeable.

3. Engine Size

For teens, experts generally recommend parents to opt against cars that have a lot of horsepower. Studies have demonstrated that teens are far more likely than adults to use as much power as possible in a car without thinking about the consequences. Driving faster results in more accidents. A general rule of thumb when buying a Nissan for a teen is to look for models with a 4-cylinder engine rather than a V6 engine. Keeping power levels low keeps teens from engaging in reckless behaviour.

4. Safety Features

Crash ratings are an important tool for evaluating a car purchase, especially for a teen. There are, however, other safety factors that should factor into any buying decision. These features include dual front airbags, anti lock brakes, and electronic stability control systems. On many newer cars, these features are mandatory. However, many used cars also have them, especially those that are only a few years old. While airbags are designed to deploy in case of an accident, antilock brakes and electronic stability control systems are meant to keep cars on the road and prevent accidents from happening.

Advanced Safety Features

Along with antilock brakes and electronic stability control systems, some cars are equipped with crash avoidance technology like automatic braking, lane departure warnings, and blind zone detection. These features utilise specialised technology to determine where the car is in relation to other cars and the road itself, triggering warning and automated functionality designed to keep drivers safe. Keep in mind that advanced features like these are quite expensive. While they may be extremely helpful, they are so new that no new studies have been completed on determining how much they might actually prevent accidents.

5. Teen Driving Styles

Teens may love the idea of getting behind the wheel and setting out on their own, but they may not always make the best decisions out there by themselves. Before buying a Nissan for your teen, it is a good idea to look at teen driving styles. For example, when one teenager gets a car, it is likely that they have friends who do not have access to the car. This means that passengers are going to be in the car quite frequently. This can be a huge factor in costs during an accident, and passengers can be distractions for teens, causing reckless driving.

Teens also tend to be more adventurous than adults. If a teen is provided with an SUV that can handle extreme conditions, it is likely that, at some point, the teen may try to drive off-road to test out these capabilities. A lack of experience in these areas can result in accidents, or damage to the car that can be quite expensive.

Buying a Nissan For Your Teen on eBay

Many people who are selling their vehicles privately use eBay. This allows both buyers and sellers access to a wider catalogue of cars than they would otherwise have. Many different types of Nissans are available on eBay, in various conditions. Some may be new and in perfect condition, some may be used and in great shape, and some may be used and in need of serious repair. The best way to find a Nissan that fits your needs, and the needs of your teen, is to use the search bar found on the eBay home page. This search bar can be used with many different search terms like the general 'used Nissan', to the more specific search term of '2012 Nissan Pathfinder'.

Be Thorough

Buying a car online is a major purchase and for this reason, it pays to be thorough when considering a specific car. Being thorough can include reading the product description and specifications of a car before making a purchase. The product description can include information about a car's history and potentially even details about past accidents and major repairs. It is also possible to contact sellers with eBay in order to ask questions about any product that may be for sale. This can help making the buying process less stressful on the possible buyer.


For a teen, Nissan cars and SUVs are among the top vehicles recommended by experts. However, this does not mean that any Nissan is perfect for every situation. Before making a purchase it is important to evaluate several factors. One very important factor is the kind of vehicle that is best suited to your individual driving needs. Experts usually recommend midsize cars or crossovers for teens, although some parents may be drawn to the size and relative safety of an SUV. Others may prefer the lower costs associated with a compact car.

Another important factor to consider is whether or not a new car, or a used car, is in good working condition. Once this has been verified, options can be discussed such as engine size, safety factors, and how a particular teen drives. Once all factors have been considered and the ideal car has been selected, you can find a number of different pricing options on eBay. Buying a car for a teen can be a frightening decision, but finding one that is safe and reliable can make it much easier for everyone involved.

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