5 Reasons to Buy a Radio Control Aeroplane

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5 Reasons to Buy a Radio Control Aeroplane

Radio control (or R/C as it's also known as) is a very popular modern day hobby. It involves driving, flying or sailing a self-powered radio control toy (i.e. cars, trucks, 4x4s, tanks, boats, ships, helicopters and planes) from a distance via a remote.

Thanks to the increase of radio control owners and R/C as a hobby activity, there is now a great market for radio control vehicles. From entry-level electric R/C cars and boats to high-spec petrol and nitro-powered R/C helicopters and aeroplanes for R/C enthusiasts, there are thousands of R/C toys on sale across the internet.

Auction-based website eBay is a fantastic place to buy a radio control aeroplane as there is an extensive range on sale to suit everyone's needs no matter their age, budget or experience in the radio control arena.

Reasons to Buy

There are many reasons to buy a radio control aeroplane however the purpose of this guide is to explain the five best reasons to buy an R/C aeroplane:

* Owning a radio control aeroplane is a great hobby

* Radio control aeroplanes have many uses

* Comprehensive range of radio control aeroplanes on the market

* Best way to master radio control toys

* Video piloting

Besides discussing the reasons to buy a radio control aeroplane, this guide will also describe how to purchase one from eBay.

How Do Radio Control Aeroplanes Work?

The history of radio control aeroplanes dates back to the 1930s however the vehicles weren't mass produced until the 1990s following the success of remote control technology in children's toys.

A radio control aeroplane kit generally consists of two main items: the R/C plane and the remote (or transmitter as it's also referred to as). The aeroplane itself is self-powered and relies on power from a rechargeable battery (electric powered), unleaded petrol and 2 stroke oil (petrol powered) or Nitromethane (nitro powered) depending on the engine type.

The R/Cs remote communicates with a receiver embedded in the aeroplane that sends signals to control the movement of the aircraft. There are various styles and shapes of R/C transmitters but the most common are the simple two channel panel remote or the gun-shaped remote with a steering wheel on the side.

5 Reasons to Buy a Radio Control Aeroplane Explained

1. Owning a Radio Control Aeroplane is a Great Hobby

The first great reason to buy a radio control aeroplane is that they make a great hobby activity. Whether the owner likes to just cruise around leisurely set up obstacles and make challenges to fly into and around or they like to race in a competitive format, radio control aeroplanes are great fun to own. Unlike other R/C vehicles such as cars and boats which are limited only a couple of race types, radio control aeroplanes can be raced in many ways:

* Straight distance races

* Vertical climb races

* Pylon races

* Circuit races

* Obstacle course races

* Dog fighting

Owning a radio control aeroplane, whatever the type, size or specification is a great hobby to get into. R/C aircraft provide hours and hours of enjoyment for anyone and everyone regardless of their age or their experience with the radio control toys.

2. Radio Control Aeroplanes Have Many Uses

The second great reason to buy a radio control aeroplane is that they are very versatile and have more uses than any other R/C type. Unlike radio control cars or boats, R/C aircrafts do not rely on a suitable surface like that of a smooth tarmac surface or a still lake to be used. Radio control aeroplanes need only a clear sky to operate and a small flat area to land in.

Radio control aeroplanes are also more multipurpose than other R/C vehicle types. Besides leisurely flying, R/C aeroplanes can be used in the competitive format of radio control racing. In the R/C aeroplane forum, they are used to contend in a variety of races from straight races and pylon races to obstacle courses and dog fighting. The increase of radio control as a hobby has paved the way for more R/C clubs to open and lead to R/C flying competitions and shows.

In addition to leisurely and hobby flying, radio control aeroplanes are now also being used for aerial photography. Cameras or video recorders are attached to the R/C plane and it is then flown about to capture the necessary images or video. This is becoming an increasingly popular method of capturing fast-paced scenes or areas that are difficult to get to.

3. Comprehensive Range of Radio Control Aeroplanes on the Market

The third reason to buy a radio control aeroplane is the comprehensive range of models available on the market. Since the turn of the Millennium, radio control as a hobby has really taken off which is great because it has in turn increased the amount of radio control vehicles available to purchase today. Radio control products can now not only be bought from specialised model or hobby shops but also on the internet thanks to ecommerce websites like eBay.

eBay stocks a wealth of radio control aeroplanes and associated products to match including spare parts, additional components, batteries, fuels, cleaning products and much more.

Radio control aeroplanes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. From simple small park flyers for novices to nitro-powered jets, specialised pylon racers and 3D aircraft for experienced enthusiasts, there is an R/C aeroplane available to purchase on eBay for any and everyone.

4. Best Way to Master Radio Control Toys

Another fantastic reason to buy a radio control aeroplane is that these R/C types are often the best way to learn and master radio control toys. R/C aircraft are generally a lot more challenging to learn to control than cars or boats where they have fewer functions and factors to consider (wind direction, wind speed, yawing etc).

A basic electric R/C aeroplane is a great way for a novice to get into the radio control field because they are relatively simple to get to grips with, to control and to maintain. Once a radio control beginner has mastered owning and controlling an R/C aeroplane then they should be all set and to make the change into radio control helicopters or cars as R/C aeroplane piloting is often deemed the most challenging but the one that has the most transferable skills to other areas of radio control.

5. Video Piloting

For hundreds -if not thousands- of years, humans have wanted to take to the skies and fly like a bird. With the help of some 21st century technology this can be a reality for any radio control aeroplane owner.

In recent years, video piloting or first-person view (FPV) has grown rapidly in popularity. FPV involves mounting a small video camera and TV transmitter onto an R/C aeroplane and flying it using the camera display in video goggles or by a live video down-link.

This pioneering technology means that the pilot or R/C operator does not need to look at the model but simply follow the display on the screen or presented through video goggles. Some advanced FPV systems include GPS navigation components meaning that the R/Cs can be flown as far as twenty or thirty miles.


There are many reasons to buy a radio control aeroplane and with the help of this guide and the main reasons for owning an R/C aeroplane outlined, the reasons why radio control as a hobby activity has increased in the last couple of decades should be clear.

Owning a radio control aeroplane is not only a great fun leisure or hobby activity, it teaches beginners how to control one of the hardest radio control vehicles to master so they can they go into other areas of radio control. A good radio control aeroplane matched to the owners wants and needs, will provide many hours of fun and excitement for many years to come.

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