5 Reasons to Purchase a Truck

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5 Reasons to Purchase a Truck

When deciding which type of vehicle to purchase, buyers have a number of options. Cars have the ability to transport passengers and smaller cargo, but have limitations when drivers need their vehicles to perform heavy-duty tasks. Multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) include more room than cars but still have restrictions because they are completely enclosed by side panels and a roof. Because of this, buyers may consider purchasing a truck that provides unique benefits that cannot be matched by other types of vehicles.

Trucks can be purchased in a buyer's locality through professional vehicle dealers and private sellers. For buyers who prefer expanded purchasing options, eBay Motors is great supply resource. Purchasing a truck or any other type of vehicle is a serious investment that can have long-term impacts on the livelihood of buyers, so buyers should consider their options carefully. Although the demands of buyers are highly personal, trucks have a variety of benefits that can apply to most buyers.

1. Extra Towing Capacities

Towing capacity is the amount of weight a vehicle can safely pull without compromising the ability of drivers to stop or control their vehicles. If drivers add too much weight to their vehicles, they increase the risk of accidents and can permanently damage a vehicle's drivetrain. When determining maximum towing capacity, vehicle manufacturers must base the amount of weight that one of their vehicle models can tow based on the power of their vehicle's engine and the dimensions of its body. Since trucks contain engines that are more powerful than cars, they can provide owners with extra towing options.

Different Types of Towing-Related Ratings

When comparing truck models, buyers can become confused over the different types of ratings that manufacturers use to differentiate their models. Curb weight is the physical weight of a truck without any added cargo, including a driver or passengers. In most cases, manufacturers use the curb weight of a truck as the starting point for describing different towing ratings. Truck owner's manuals and sales materials should supply buyers with the maximum amounts of different tow ratings so buyers can be certain they stay within a truck's allowable limits.

Towing-Related Rating Types


Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR)

Maximum weight a truck can carry including its curb weight, passengers, and cargo

Gross Combination Weight Ratings (GCWR)

Maximum weight a truck can carry including its curb weight, passengers, cargo, tow trailer, and tow cargo

Buyers should assess how much they plan to carry and tow at one time before choosing a truck model. This allows buyers to make adjustments if needed to the types of trailers they may use when hauling items.

2. More Cargo Options

One of the biggest benefits a truck can offer owners is its open back. An open back allows owners to carry tall or oddly-shaped cargo objects that cannot fit into a car or MPV. Since different truck owners have a variety of cargo hauling needs, truck manufacturers produce models with truck beds in various sizes and styles. Standard truck beds have flatter sides because the fenders of a truck are designed to be contained within a truck's bed. Extended truck beds have the same contours as standard beds, but are longer. These types of longer beds are appropriate for buyers who need to haul bigger equipment or materials. Flareside or stepside truck beds have a distinct silhouette because the sides of the truck bow outward to accommodate the truck's fenders. Although flareside or stepside truck beds are very stylish, it is more difficult for owners to reach into the truck bed if the owner is positioned on the side of the truck and can be an inconvenience for owners who want to unload their cargo quickly.

Cargo Accessories

Buyers considering a truck purchase may be worried about the security of their cargo since the back of a truck is open. Luckily, truck manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers design a range of accessories that can keep cargo secure while travelling. Truck rails can be installed easily on the sides of a truck bed and are vital in tying down cargo loads. To provide a secure anchoring, truck tie-down systems can be made from mesh materials, straps, or ropes. Additionally, cargo covers enable truck owners to protect their cargo from the elements by providing a waterproof covering that can adapt to the size and shape of any cargo items.

3. Increased Off-Road Capabilities

Trucks can help buyers who need to travel in remote areas or on unpaved roads reach their destinations faster. This is because the design of a truck is better suited to rough terrain than many other types of vehicles. Since trucks have bigger tyres, their bodies and undercarriages are placed higher off of the ground. This additional height allows a truck to drive over ruts, curbs, and large rocks without damaging the underside of the truck. A truck's height is also beneficial when driving through low levels of water, but owners should beware of trying to cross fast moving water, even if the water does not seem too deep.

Although all-weather tyres can be adequate when driving briefly through off-road conditions, truck buyers who plan to use their trucks extensively in off-road environments should consider purchasing 4x4 off-road tyres for their trucks. These tyres are constructed of a softer rubber than all-weather tyres to maintain a stronger grip when travelling over rocky surfaces.

4. Better Traction in Poor Driving Conditions

Truck manufacturers produce trucks with different driving capacities that are especially designed for dealing with rough terrain and poor driving conditions. A four-wheel drive truck, which is sometimes referred to as an all-wheel drive truck, includes a drivetrain that supplies power to all four of a truck's tyres simultaneously. This contrasts with two-wheel drive vehicles that only operate either the front or back tyres of a vehicle at the same time. Having four tyres working independently reduces the risk of getting stuck when driving a truck on challenging surfaces, like mud and snow. Furthermore, four-wheel drive trucks are less likely to skid on damp or icy roads because they provide drivers with increased traction.

To bolster traction, some models of trucks are equipped with an electronic stability programme (ESP). This programme electronically monitors the traction of a truck's tyres to detect any evidence of skidding. If a tyre starts to skid, the programme automatically initiates the tyre's brakes. This increases a driver's ability to remain in control of a truck's steering.

5. Improved Safety

To increase the protection of drivers and passengers within trucks, manufacturers have continuously developed safer truck models and safety-related features. A truck's increased weight in comparison to small vehicles provides passive protection in case of an accident. Although rollovers were a common worry for truck drivers in the past, modern truck models include suspension and steering capacities that limit the likelihood of a rollover. Like most other classes of vehicles, trucks have benefited from the development of airbags. When shopping for trucks, buyers can choose models that include driver, passenger, and side-impact airbags.

Buying Trucks on eBay Motors

When searching for a truck, buyers can increase their chances of finding the perfect model by visiting eBay Motors. To match the budget of any buyer, eBay Motors offers new and used models from well-known truck manufacturers. Buyers can find specific truck models, like the Ford F-150 pickup truck , by typing relevant keywords into eBay Motors' search field. Buyers can also limit searches based on model year, fuel type, transmission, or price for more efficient shopping.

When perusing different truck models, buyers should read the item specifics that eBay sellers provide, which can help buyers make an informed purchasing decision. Buyers should check the mileage, tow capacity, engine specifications, and condition of a truck as part of their evaluation process. Since buyers often prefer to conduct a test drive of any vehicle before buying it, they can contact an eBay Motors seller to arrange a time to test drive a truck that they are considering for purchase.


Buyers searching for a vehicle are often perplexed about which type of vehicle they should purchase. Although cars and MPVs provide buyers with a range of capabilities, in some cases, trucks are the most appropriate vehicle type for buyers. Trucks come in handy for buyers who need to tow heavier trailers without the risk of damaging their drivetrains. Tow capacities for trucks are not unlimited, however, so buyers should understand how the towing capacities of trucks are rated before making a purchase.

When hauling cargo items that are very tall or wide, the open beds of trucks give owners the freedom to position the cargo as needed to make it fit onto a truck. This contrasts with cars and MPVs that have enclosed cargo spaces that limit flexibility. The height of trucks increases a truck's ability to go off-road and maintain stability on a range of driving surfaces. Additionally, trucks can be safer to drive than other, smaller vehicles in many driving situations. For buyers who opt to purchase a truck, shopping on eBay Motors provides access to models that have the capabilities, condition, and price to match any buyer's preferences.

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