5 Sure Fire Ways To Improve Your Ebook Auction Listings

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5 Sure Fire Ways To Improve Your Ebook Auction Listings On Ebay

As we all know Ebay is by far the biggest and most popular auction site on the internet today. Everything from electronics to books and magazines can be bought and online sellers have quickly recognized this. One of the hottest selling items on Ebay over the last few years has been information products. Products like how-to ebooks have become in big demand as sellers across the globe have cottoned on to their profitability. Sellers of these items have realized that by purchasing resale rights ebooks they can create new and profitable products that they can sell over and over again.

One of the biggest features of ebooks is their lack of shipping and handling costs. They are available via download mere moments after purchase. In this day and age of instant information they are the perfect product for people looking for help and tips on all manner of subjects. There are hundreds of ebook sellers on Ebay so it is important to make sure your own auctions stand out from the masses of listings out there. So I've wrote this article to help newbie’s improve their listings and make them as good as they can be. After all without sales your business will fail so it’s important to get it right first time.

#1 - Stand Out From The Crowd

The easiest way to do this is to have your own listings template. These can be quickly created in products like Photoshop for those that know how. For those that don't there are plenty of sellers on Ebay who sell templates for your own exclusive use. There are also plenty of free templates that can be downloaded online. If you cannot find a template you like try searching for webpage templates instead. These can also be used as listing templates with minimal amounts of alteration.

#2 - Your Title

The first thing your buyer will see is the title you have put in your Ebay listing. Therefore it is imperative that you create the best title you can. Think about what keywords your buyers may be searching for and include these in your title. Use capital letters to highlight those keywords so they stand out amongst the others.

#3 - The Product Description

Don't just blindly copy and paste the salespage that may come with your resell rights product. The chances are there will be 10's of other listings for the same thing. As such try and make yours slightly different. Change the text around and reword sections. Use a different font than the other sellers use. Many sellers will use the three standard fonts like Arial, Times New Roman and Courier. But there are plenty of other good readable fonts like Georgia, Tahoma and Trebuchet to name just three.

#4 - Over Deliver

If there are many listings of the same product it is essential that you try to add better value to your own listing. You can do this by adding extra items. Maybe you can add a couple of similar ebooks on the same subject. If you over deliver to your customers they will come back time and time again. Remember that everyone loves a freebie!

#5 - Make The Download Process Simple

With Ebay US now providing functions for downloadable (digital) items make sure you use it. If your listing states 'instant download' then your customers will not appreciate having to wait 24 hours for you to email them with an attachment. You can learn more about listing digital items by  clicking here and visiting my Ebay shop. Once your at my shop do a search for 'list digital items'.

Thank you for reading. My name is Richard Fenn and I'm an Ebay Powerseller with over four years of experience selling information products. Check out my Ebay Blog for information and more hints and tips on selling via Ebay. ==>  http://blogs.ebay.co.uk/djrichardfenn
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