5 Things To Check Before Booking A Florida Villa

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Orlando is a great place to visit, and really can provide a holiday of a lifetime. Booking a local villa is a cost-effective way of having a great vacation but, as with everything, you need to make your choice of villa carefully to make sure it meets your expectations.

1) Location. The Florida building boom of the nineties led to a lot of property being built in the greater Orlando area. As the boom developed the sub-divisions crept further and further way from Disney. Even if you do not mind long car journeys to and from the amusement parks, a good idea is to ask the owner of the villa for its zip code and type it into Google Maps to do a route plan to Disney.

2) The Pool. You will be amazed just how much time you will spend in and around the pool on a villa holiday. In fact, getting the kids to leave it will require all your negotiation skills! It is therefore the single most important facility of the villa, and you should only consider villas that have really top notch pools. At the height of the building boom villas were routinely built side by side and back to back in Florida, so if privacy in the pool is important to you then you need to be careful. Photos not showing the view from the pool might be taken like this for a reason....

3) Security. As with everywhere, there is crime in Florida, and you really do not want the hassle of having to deal with a villa break-in during your stay. A villa that is in a gated community (so a PIN code is needed at the gate to even get access to the houses in the subdivision) has an extra layer of protection.

4) A Jacuzzi. It is not something a lot of us have at home, but relaxing in the Jacuzzi/Spa after a long day at the parks is a wonderful way to wind down and really makes the holiday even more special. (If there are great views from the Jacuzzi like at that is even better).

5) How much sun the pool area gets. If you like to sun bathe make sure you ask when the sun will be on the pool/sun deck. Obviously whichever way the house faces you will not be able to get sun interrupted all day, but a two floored north facing house will have less sun on the pool area than a single floored east facing house.

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