5 Tips on Buying Leather Seats for a Jaguar Car

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5 Tips on Buying Leather Seats for a Jaguar Car

A distinctly British and always classy brand, owning a Jaguar car is certainly a source of pride. Indeed, the company is so well respected that it currently holds warrants from both HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Charles, which contributes to the brand's reputation as the standard for luxury. For the everyday man or woman owning a Jaguar car, getting the very best that this expensive brand has to offer can be nearly impossible. That is why many Jaguar owners choose to buy older cars and update them according to their own tastes and budget. One such way of doing this is through adding leather seats.

Yet, buying leather seats for a Jaguar car is not as straightforward as buying an insurance card holder. The process is incredibly exact and can be quite expensive. That is why those individuals who are looking to buy leather seats for a Jaguar car need to spend time acquainting themselves with the ins and outs of doing so; this includes everything from being certain of the impact of this decision to learning how to maintain leather seats once they are installed.

Tip 1: Understand the Benefits of Leather Seats

Many people see that brands such as Jaguar quite often come with leather seats. This is because using leather instead of standard cloth or fabric seats is seen as a luxurious upgrade. However, beyond impression there are distinct benefits to choosing leather seats whether on initial purchase of a Jaguar car or as an aftermarket addition. These additional benefits are outlined in the table below.

Leather Seat Benefit



Besides their perception as an upgrade, well-maintained leather seats actually improve the appearance of a car's interior


After an initial 'wear in' period, leather seats are far more comfortable than cloth seats


Leather is much harder to stain than fabric and also resists water and other liquids naturally

Less allergenic

The same propensity to resist stains also makes leather seats less likely to absorb dust or pollen, making them more hypoallergenic than fabric seats

Clearly, there are several real benefits to splurging on the upgrade to leather seats for a Jaguar car. Buyers need to carefully consider the impact of these benefits against their particular situation before deciding on leather seats.

Tip 2: Understand the Drawbacks of Leather Seats

As appealing as the benefits of leather seats can be, there are also drawbacks to making this upgrade. Some of these drawbacks, displayed in the table below, may not apply to each situation, but they are still important to understand.

Leather Seat Drawback



Leather seats are an upgrade and therefore come at a premium

Jaguar car owners may find it more prudent to spend extra funds on other upgrades to their car


Leather seats only provide an aesthetic benefit if they are properly cared for; this includes regular cleaning and conditioning

Weather-related issues

In hot and sunny conditions, leather seats can feel like they are burning or sticky

In cold conditions, they retain less heat than fabric seats, making it harder to warm up without seat warmers

Animal cruelty

Animal rights activists object to the use of genuine leather because its manufacture requires the killing of animals

Like the benefits of installing leather seats for a Jaguar car, the drawbacks are specific to each owner's particular situation and preferences. Knowing what one is getting into with the purchase of leather seats, however, is important in balancing the budget for this purchase.

Tip 3: Consider Cost vs. Value

Clearly, the advantages and drawbacks of installing leather seats in a Jaguar car are circumstantial. However, cost vs. value of leather seats is not as fluid. The bottom line is that leather seats are an investment which increases the value of one's car. However, the likelihood of recouping that entire investment upon resale is low. In other words, adding leather seats is more about personal preference than money since leather seats cost more than they command on the resale market. This does not mean that buyers should not purchase leather seats for a Jaguar car. It simply means that one's budget should be based around current financial abilities and wants, or any of the benefits listed in Tip 1. They should not buy leather seats, however, in the hopes of recouping the investment in its entirety.

Tip 4: Consider Leather Seat Covers

Although the benefits of leather seats are enough to convince most Jaguar owners to make the purchase, the price can still be a deterrent. For those buyers looking for all the benefits of leather without the cost, considering leather seat covers instead can be a great way to achieve balance. Leather seat covers can be custom made for a particular Jaguar model and year, ensuring a snug fit. They can also be changed out for different colours in order to achieve a different style. What is better is that buyers do not need specialised knowledge to install leather seat covers, as opposed to the seats themselves.

Tip 5: Be Prepared to Maintain Leather Seats

When buyers are looking for leather seats for a Jaguar car they also need to make a plan for maintaining those seats. Unlike fabric seats, leather seats need routine conditioning in order to maintain their beauty. Therefore, in addition to the leather seats themselves, buyers need to consider the purchase of leather seat cleaning materials as well as the process through which leather seats are cleaned.

Leather Seat Cleaning Materials

The basic materials that are needed to clean and maintain the leather seats in a Jaguar car should be purchased along with the seats themselves, so that buyers are ready to clean as soon as it is needed. These items include a handheld vacuum cleaner, specially formulated leather seat cleaner, soft cloths, hairspray, water, and vinegar.

How to Clean Leather Seats

The combination of materials listed above may seem odd, but they all go into properly maintaining one's leather seats. This can be accomplished in three simple steps. First, owners use the handheld vacuum cleaner to get up crumbs and dust. Second, they use the special leather cleaner according to package directions. Third, they wet a clean cloth and thoroughly wipe down the entire surface of the seats to get off any residual cleaner.

The other items listed are used for optional steps. In the case of a stubborn stain, Jaguar owners apply aerosol hairspray and then wipe with a dry, clean cloth. In the case of stains from snow salt, they mix a solution that is equal parts water and vinegar. Then they soak a cloth with the solution, wring it out, and wipe the cloth along the stain, then allow it to air dry.

Buying Leather Seats for a Jaguar Car on eBay

Finally, buyers must also consider where they are going to buy leather seats for their Jaguar car. Because it is such a large investment, many buyers are keen on saving a few pounds in any way they can. That is why many people in the United Kingdom turn to eBay for leather seats as well as many other parts and accessories for cars. As a global website, eBay unites buyers and sellers from around the world, creating instant competition and presenting some of the best prices online or otherwise. Buyers need to simply know how to search the site.

How to Search on eBay

Searching on eBay is pretty simple. At the very top of every page, a general search bar appears. Here is where buyers can enter simple terms to begin the search process, such as " Jaguar leather seats&" or " Jaguar leather seat covers ". From the results that this initial search generates, buyers are able to quickly narrow their choices down according to the price of each item, its location, and brand, among others. Buyers are also able to quickly compare the cost of one type or colour of leather seats to another all on the same website, saving time compared to shopping in person or even looking at several different online sources.


The appeal of owning a Jaguar car is truly great amongst those in the United Kingdom. As one of the most well-known and respected names in British auto making, Jaguars represent their owners as those with both national pride and extremely good taste. However, the prices of Jaguars can be very high, leading many owners to choose to upgrade their cars after purchase through buying leather seats separately from the car itself.

Doing this, however, means considering more than just style and price, but also several other factors that make leather seats a good or poor choice for individuals. Buyers may even want to consider purchasing leather seat liners instead of full seats for additional cost savings. Another great way to accomplish just that is through shopping with eBay. By offering a huge selection of leather seats as well as leather seat covers, eBay is a one-stop shop for price comparison and bargain hunting that can leave Jaguar owners satisfied that they got the best product for their car without breaking the bank.

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