5 Top eBay Selling Tips for Starting Out

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This is quite simple: follow these 5 rules when starting out on eBay.  I won't buy from anyone unless these conditions are met:

1)  Choose an eBay ID to reflect what you're doing - my company is Diamond Line International Ltd.,   therefore dli-ltd.  If you are a business, use either the business name or the product you sell.

2)  Subscribe to eBay's turbo lister - life becomes so much easier!!!

3)  Sell as much as possible of absolutely anything to start off with - you need the feedback!

4)  Send goods the next day - I've paid the money, I want the stuff!

5)  Keep the buyer posted - use the contact buyer function of My eBay - let them know when goods are packaged and when they are due to be sent out.  ALWAYS acknowledge a payment received!  This can be done automatically.

For listing and style ideas, look at Items from Diamond Line International Ltd.

We format all listings using HTML.  We then just relist each time we make a sale.

Good luck!
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