5 things you need to know about buying second hand baby toys

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Buying second hand toys can be a a risky business when it comes to hygiene, wear and tear and safety as you only want the best for your child. 

Make sure your buying something with plenty of pictures, you want to make sure you can see that their not too grubby or not looked after. When buying them you'd preferably not have too do too much cleaning off them. Really have a look at the pictures and get a feel for them.

Wear and tear:
Again, look at the pictures. The product should stay true to the description. Make sure you look out for key features, if there's parts missing, and bits that look loose or not how they should. Also a helping tip is too look for what the product would look like new, this way you can easily assess if any part is broken.

If you have a lot off interest in the product, it's best to message the seller to ask any questions you may have. Has it broken before? Are there any loose parts? Does it work fully? Does it need to be plugged into electricity. All these questions are vital when it comes to buying secong hand toys.

Sterilisation ready:
If it is for a much younger infant, you might want to be able to sterilise it before its used. Make sure of it is yourself not too buy something with any sort off electricity in it or battery operated. Or infact that it might pop if heated. This mainly applies to teething rings ect which are easily sterilised but still for extra precaution you might want to sterilise.

User friendly:
Make sure the user your buying from is reliable. Check their feedback and rating. You do not want to buy something for your child if there is a risk it could go wrong or they have a history off selling products that aren't true to their description.

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