50 Shades of Wedgwood

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Wedgwood jewellery, it's been written about many times and indeed there are many sources of information for anyone collecting jasper jewellery. Due to the demand for vintage and semi-vintage (I think I invented a new EBay category there)  cameos that trickle through EBay on a regular basis.
Instantly recognisable in Wedgwood blue but did you know that at various times Wedgwood would introduce colours to celebrate events and landmarks in history. This can be a helpful way to date your Wedgwood piece along with the often but not always present hallmark. Colours are often evocative of an era, like the chocolate brown not seen since the 1800‘s that Wedgwood re- introduced in 2007. With the popularity of browns and neautral palettes everywhere from home furnishings to ...well...Wedgwood!
Royal blue was first introduced to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, discontinued after a few years and revived for the Silver Jubilee of 1977. There are some colours that don't turn up very often, such as deep yellow. If you are lucky to come across Wedgwood this colour you'll know you are looking at a piece that was produced between 1777 and 1890!
Incase you were wondering Wedgwood only produced one shade of grey for a brief time finishing in the 1880’s. 
It is remarkable that these delicate looking ( but robust) pieces have survived so well. I am always amazed when looking at a piece from the 1970‘s and think 'that's not so long ago...fairly recent' then convert that to years and it dawns on me just how well these fine pieces have stood the test of time. 
Wedgwood from decades past has changed little and is still as wearable now. That is the bonus of collecting these gems of jewellery...collecting something that you are not afraid to wear,that can be handled and used as they were intended.
With fascinating subjects of Grecian Gods, Goddesses and Muses these cameos speak of ancient tales and myths that are a part of history....affordable and wearable, these beauties will always have appeal and are a great place to start collecting jewellery.

They are only going to become more collectable in all of their fifty shades!

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