£500 item is won for £42.00

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I recently won a webcam from a gent who said "why should I sell this item to you for £42" my answer was "Because I won it" he started off saying this was a buy it now item and he wanted £150 for it, but put it up as a bid, I got onto ebay and he is under investigation, I have notice that the webcam keeps turning up still as a bid item and that someone in Germany!!!!! keeps winning it, they have zero feedback and zero items to sell, thing is I got onto ebay, I have there phone number and I think there are interveining in this item and him, the seller pretends to be 81 years old and quite a bit daft to boot,bad spelling on some items whilst every good spelling on other, its also strange that his buying feedback it very good with such items as ipods {for a 81 year old} amoung other teenage items, he at one time blamed ebay for not letting him change from bidding to selling, but he still is trying to sell this webcam with the same results from these German bidders and winners, not very honriable at all is he. He even found my home phone number via ebay records and offered a out of ebay buying price, ebay was informed, he has been blocked from telephoning me, so beward,an as part of my feedback the word BEWARD has been entrered.


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