6 Accessories to Enhance Your Toyota's Exterior

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6 Accessories to Enhance Your Toyota's Exterior

Anyone who is planning on purchasing a Toyota , or already has one, can look for a range of accessories to enhance the exterior of the vehicle. While these can be easily purchased from some specialty car shops and online stores like eBay, buyers do have to be careful when making a purchase. Considerations range from size and weight to basic expense and budget as well as what can be attached to any specific vehicle.

The following information includes six ideas for accessories for a Toyota as well as information about how to choose accessories that suit the vehicle. Considerations include whether or not the vehicle is compatible, safety issues, basic measurements, and how buyers can find out if the accessory suits their vehicle. Buyers should also check the model of their Toyota to see if there are any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) accessories available as Toyota frequently manufactures accessories.

Accessory 1: New Mirrors

New mirrors can do a lot for the look and feel of a vehicle and, in general, is very easy to find upgrades for any vehicle, including for your Toyota. Options include chrome mirrors, alternative and edgy designs, and larger or smaller styles. The important things to consider when replacing mirrors are that the mirror fits the vehicle and that it meets any safety standards required by the law. The mirrors should be able to be positioned so that both left and right can be seen from the driver's seat. Usually, mirrors that are made for a specific model, such as the Toyota Tundra, are excellent options because they do not require drilling any additional holes when installing them.

Importantly, if the mirror being replaced features lights, blinkers, or any type of electric movable capabilities, then it should be replaced by a mechanic rather than at home. This is because it is easy to damage electrical wiring and it is possible to cause a short circuit or even a fire if the wire is not placed correctly. Usually, replacing a mirror takes less than twenty minutes for anyone who knows how to do it, so the cost should not be large.

Accessory 2: Chrome Trim

Chrome trim is always popular especially on older models of vehicles. Buyers can look for trim at custom car shops as well as online stores, but should keep budget, size, and style in mind. Most vehicles can be updated with chrome trim although, usually, it must be installed with care. Most people prefer to buy the trim and then have it installed by a professional, although anyone who is handy can do it themselves.

The important thing to do before purchasing chrome trim of any kind is to measure the vehicle. Most Toyota vehicles come with some sort of trim already installed and an easy way to replace the trim is to purchase chrome variations of the trim already in place. To do this, simply measure the width and length of each piece and then look on eBay or in a car shop for the pieces. Options range from chrome strips to chrome to line the upper side of the doors, so be sure to look around and check to see what is available.

Accessory 3: New Bumpers

Most bumpers that come with factory vehicles tend to be quite basic but it is easy to upgrade to a flashier or more protective bumper. The only considerations are that the bumper is suitable for the vehicle and that it meets the safety standards for the vehicle. This can vary from car to car and especially from a car or minivan to a truck. Materials can range from chrome to fibreglass, although the latter offers very little protection.

Choosing a Bumper for Your Toyota

To choose a bumper, decide whether to replace the front, rear, or both bumpers and then get a measuring tape. Measure the length, depth, and width of the bumper, and then measure the distance between the bolts under the vehicle. These measurements can then be used to either find a suitable replacement bumper or to have a new bumper custom made. Usually, it is better to get a bumper that is made for the vehicle as some bumpers might not be compatible with different vehicles. This is because the bolts on the underside of the vehicle most often attach to a specific place and otherwise might require extensive drilling or welding.

Bumper Covers

Alternately, it is possible to choose to simply add a bumper cover to the vehicle. This allows the original bumper to remain in place while dressing up the look of the Toyota. Bumper covers are often a great deal more affordable than a new bumper, so buyers can save money as well. Chrome and black are both very popular colours, although styles are likely to be more limited.

Accessory 4: Stickers and Magnets

Not everyone likes to use stickers on their vehicle but for those that do, stickers are a very cheap way to quickly personalise a vehicle. Stickers can be of literally anything and most stickers work although any that are specifically intended to be used on a vehicle are most likely the best choices. Stickers should be made of vinyl or other water and windproof material in order to avoid losing them in the first rain.

For anyone who plans on buying window stickers, there are some basic guidelines to follow. These include that the window should not block the view through any of the windows. In some cases the rear view mirror should not be more than 30 per cent covered by a sticker; however, this does vary from area to area. Usually, it is a good idea to simply buy stickers that do not block the view in any way.

Magnets are a great alternative for anyone who would like to avoid using stickers; however, magnets are more limited in style than stickers. Many vehicles are made of fibreglass and cannot be used with magnets. Those who have a Toyota with a metal exterior should remember to look for high quality vinyl magnets that are stated as for vehicles. If the magnets are not for vehicles, they might come off while driving.

Accessory 5: Hubs and Rims

Hubs and rims are always a great accessory to add to any vehicle because they can be used to enhance the appearance without really doing any sort of technical modifications. Hubs and rims can be purchased in chrome or a variety of other colours and can be installed at home as long as the person doing so knows how to change the tyre. Important considerations include that the hub matches and is an appropriate size. Alternately, it is also possible to choose to purchase covers or trims to fit over the wheel locks, enhancing the look to the Toyota as well. Most rims are made for a specific make, model, and even year of vehicle although it may be possible to fit something else as well. Measure the space and distance between the locks before looking for rims.

Various considerations include the driving conditions, bolt pattern, metal, and more, so anyone who is not familiar with their car's requirements should consider asking a professional unless they intend to purchase OEM parts or rims made for their vehicle model. For example, hubs are commonly made in both aluminium and steel, but each has their own advantages and disadvantages. For anyone who does not know the exact specifications for their rims, do not purchase anything not made for the specific make and model of vehicle that the rims are intended for.

Accessory 6: Exhaust Tips

Exhaust tips are a fairly simple way to dress up the exterior of any Toyota, and are usually purchased alongside chrome trim. Exhaust tips simply fit over the back of the exhaust pipe in order to make it prettier. Depending on the vehicle, the exhaust tip should be different sizes, and might have been shaped in order to fit under the bumper. Most tips can be purchased fairly cheaply, especially online.

Buying Accessories to Enhance Your Toyota's Exterior on eBay

Anyone can very easily purchase accessories for a Toyota on eBay. The site offers a very wide range of accessories including stickers, hubs, tips, chrome trim, and more, all of which can be found and purchased right from the comfort of your home. Buyers can measure their vehicle, get the exact specs and requirements, and decide what they want before going to eBay. If you just want to browse, you can also just look up 'vehicle accessories' or similar and browse through a variety of options. Items available on eBay range from accessories to actual Toyotas, so you can usually purchase anything you like.

Buyers should remember to compare options, check the listing description for details about the item, and check to make sure the item suits their vehicle. From there, checking shipping cost and estimated shipping time, choosing an exact item, and then making the purchase are all that is left to do. Depending on the item location, it may take different amounts of time to ship, but most sellers ship as quickly as possible.


There are many accessories that can be purchased to enhance the exterior of a Toyota, and most of them can be easily found online on sites like eBay. Buyers should decide what type of accessory they would like before looking in a shop as this can save them time. Basic choices can range from chrome trim to new hubs for the wheels, and can range in price from very affordable to quite expensive. Setting a budget before shopping is very helpful as it can prevent the buyer from over spending.

Some of the most popular accessories for Toyota vehicles include chrome trim, new mirrors, stickers, and even exhaust pipe tips. Choosing an exact accessory is up to the buyer as most accessories are a matter of preference. Accessories might be difficult to find locally but can be easily searched for and found using an online site like eBay. However, it is important to pay attention to estimated shipping time and shipping cost as these can vary depending on the location of the item.

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