6 Caravan Holiday Ideas in the Lake District

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6 Caravan Holiday Ideas in the Lake District

Once considered a hidden gem within Great Britain, the Lake District has become one of the most popular tourist and sportsmen attractions in all of Europe. People from across the country make annual holiday sojourns to soak up the immense beauty and learn more about British culture. Because of its seclusion and the rapid increase in tourists, a growing number of travellers have taken to the road in caravans to visit the Lake District. Visiting one of the mainstay tourists attractions in Great Britain via caravan allows travellers to enjoy the comforts of home, yet have the capability to move that home whenever they want.

Tourists can shop for Lake District caravan holidays by consulting with travel agents, but eBay offers caravan tourists a wide variety of holiday packages. Better yet, eBay buyers can find new caravan rentals, and then plan their holidays on their own. Tourists who own their caravans only have to plan where they want to visit during their Lake District holiday. Before departure of any holiday, tourists to the Lake District should receive an overview of the region, understand how to prepare for a caravan trip, and consider six of the best caravan holiday ideas in the Lake District.

 Overview of the Lake District

The Lake District comprises a rural area that stretches almost 20 km across the northwestern region of Great Britain. Several glaciers carve unique landscapes that renowned British poets have immortalised in their poems. Ice that initially formed U-shaped valleys now contain lakes bordered by the tallest mountains in the country. People have flocked to this region for centuries, but organised tourism did not commence until the late 1700s. William Wordsworth's "Guide to the Lake" pushed the Lake District to the top of Britain's most popular holiday destinations.

Government officials estimate that over 14 million people visit the Lake District every year, with a growing number of visitors being international travellers. Britain's tourism agency attributes the robust growth to the area's spectacular beauty, abundance of rare wildlife, and one of the richest cultural heritages found in the country. As the most popular holiday destination, the Lake District often reaches full lodging occupancy. This means that more and more people have turned to caravan holidays to enjoy the nation's finest natural and cultural treasure.

 How to Prepare for a Lake District Caravan Holiday

Taking a Lake District caravan holiday eliminates the need to research, and then secure lodging for the entire trip. However, renting a caravan requires additional planning that is not required for travellers who decide to stay in a timeshare or bed and breakfast. The following chart encapsulates the important factors to consider when preparing for a caravan holiday in the Lake District.

Preparation Factor



Prepare for all types of weather, regardless of season

Storms can appear out of nowhere, so bring rain gear

Pack clothes to wear multiple times to save caravan space


Bring dry foods, such as rice and pasta

Shop at markets and avoid roadhouses

Buy foods that reduce the amount of pans to wash


Water tanks and spare water

Full gas bottle

GPS and roadmap

Locate hospitals nearest to where caravan stops for the day


Check caravan batteries

Service caravan before holiday

Ensure brakes and lights are fully functional

Store fire extinguisher

Pack spare caravan tyres

What to pack

Torch or lantern

First aid kit

Mosquito repellant


Matches stored in waterproof bag

Mobile phones should be charged and extra batteries stored for emergency use. Notify neighbours of the caravan holiday and choose one neighbour to contact when important destinations have been reached. While caravan holidays allow families to "wing it" when it comes to travel plans, try to form an itinerary and stick with the itinerary as much as possible. Notify the trusted neighbour when logistical deviations occur during the holiday.

 How to Enjoy a Caravan Holiday in the Lake District

Caravans allow British holiday travellers more flexibility in planning their holidays than staying in stationary accommodations, such as a bed and breakfast or timeshare. The vast natural allure of the Lake District represents the primary impetus for caravan holiday ideas. Travellers can spend an entire holiday inside of the Lake District National Park, without running out of activity ideas. However, the Lake District offers several other holiday options in the quaint small towns that dot the rugged landscape and in pristine areas that lie outside of the park's boundaries. The following is a list of caravan holiday ideas in the Lake District of Great Britain.

 1. Flora and Fauna

Great Britain is renowned for a diverse array of flora and fauna. Perhaps the greatest diversity of brilliantly displayed flora and fauna can be found in the Lake District. The Lake District hosts some flora and fauna species that travellers cannot find anywhere else in the country. Flora lovers can find an abundance of Sundew and Butterworth, which are two carnivorous plants that thrive in the region. The omnivorous tree rodent called the red squirrel is a common sight in the Lake District, despite the squirrel's declining numbers in the rest of the country. Three very rare fish on the endangered species list, Vendace, Arctic Charr, and Schelly, make their homes in the lakeshore wetlands and estuaries that form the Lake District watershed.

 2. Cultural Tourism

Many Lake District caravan holiday travellers stop at Wordsworth's childhood home in Penrith and his resting place located in the Grasmere churchyard. Beatrix Potter lived at Hill Top Farm and the residence is a popular place to visit because the surrounding provides the backdrop for many of her wildly popular children's books. The Grasmere and Wordsworth Museum typically presents a downstairs gallery exhibition two times per year. Some of the exhibits include the lives of Grasmere women through the ages. Watercolours of the Lake District, Constable's paintings, and Edward Lear's sketches and watercolours of Lake District scenes as he toured the region in 1836 are available.

 3. Quaint Towns

Very few travellers to the Lake District eschew the quaint, small towns that enhance the character of the rural region. Ambleside is noted for its quality bed and breakfasts, as well as excellent restaurants. Caravan travellers utilise the charming town of Appleby as a base for an extended trip into Eden Valley. The seventh century artefact, the Bewcastle Cross, attracts visitors to the small town of Bewcastle. The view from the town of Keswick provides some of the most stunning landscapes in the region. As an ancient market town, Kendal is home to several attractions that include the Church of Holy Trinity and the 12th century Kendal Castle ruins. One of the advantages of a caravan holiday to this region is that travellers can visit several of the small towns during the same day.

 4. Lake Windermere

At more than 6 km in length, Lake Windermere represents nearly one-third of the entire region. Mostly considered a summer destination, the lake offers caravan travellers some downtime from the rural roads. Travellers can take cruises, fish, boat, sail, and scuba dive. The lake formed in a glacial trough after the abatement of the most recent ice age. Windermere Steamboat Museum is a popular attraction that includes an extensive collection of vintage steam boats. Caravan travellers have several options for setting up temporary holiday homes.

 5. Hiking

Visitors from all over England and from abroad travel to the Lake District National Park to hike around the lakes and navigate high ridges to soak in the beautiful scenery. The National Park offers several guided hikes that provide visitors with insight into which trails best match their level of physical prowess. Hikers can take short strolls to reach a picnic area or full-day hikes that require more planning. The National Park provides many child-friendly hiking activities that include education sessions and treasure hunts. Hikers can find trail and supply information online at the Lake District National Park website.

 6. Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway

While roaming the Lake District in a caravan is a popular form of travel, drivers still become fatigued and the passengers begin to feel confined. To break up the caravan holiday, consider taking the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway through the Lake District. The 50 cm, narrow gauge railway carries visitors to the Lake District along 5 km of scenic vista, from the old Roman Port of Ravenglass to Eskdale.

 How to Buy a Caravan Holiday in the Lake District on eBay

Most tourists do not consider eBay to be a viable option for purchasing a holiday package. They tend to utilise the services of professionally trained travel agents. However, eBay provides tourists with a diverse set of holiday packages that include travelling by caravan. The key to finding the right seller is to type specific words into the search engine. You can type "Lake District caravan holiday" or if you need train tickets to take you to a caravan rental outlet, you can type "train tickets" into the search engine. Remember that the more specific the keywords, the more likely buyers find the seller who matches their shopping criteria.

If you decide you need to get off of the beaten path for a few days, eBay also hosts sellers who offer a wide variety of Lake District accommodations. One of the least demanded types of lodging, but perhaps the most cost efficient, consists of renting a flat or an apartment for a week or two. eBay has become a popular venue for flat and apartment renters to sublease their living spaces for a limited period. Regardless of how you plan your caravan holiday in the Lake District, be sure to review the customer feedback that eBay places on every seller's product page.


The last thing travellers want to do when taking a holiday is to expend much energy planning and preparing for the excursion. They prefer to allow a travel agent to handle all of the logistics of a holiday, such as reserving lodging and arranging travel dates. Hop on a flight and sit back and enjoy. While a caravan holiday requires some effort to organise, the result is a more personal tourist experience. Caravans allow tourists more flexibility in when and where they plan to travel. Because of the travel flexibility, taking a caravan holiday to the Lake District of Great Britain is the best way to travel.

As the most popular tourist destination in England, the Lake District offers myriad ideas to enhance traveller experiences. The problem for travellers is deciding on which caravan holiday ideas they should pursue during their time in the Lake District. Since there is something for everyone in the Lake District, the best advice is to plan a caravan holiday around points of interest. Sprinkle in a few popular attractions that have stood the test of time and families can enjoy a well-rounded caravan holiday. Any visit to the Lake District National Park, Lake Windermere, and any of the numerous museums and cultural events ensure an unforgettable caravan holiday in the Lake District.

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