6 Caravan Holiday Ideas on the Norfolk Coast

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6 Caravan Holiday Ideas on the Norfolk Coast

The Norfolk coast, which is situated in Norfolk County, a low-lying area in the East of England, boasts plenty of holiday activities that are appealing to individuals of all ages and from all walks of life. Activities range from trips to the beach and hiking for nature lovers to touring historic castles for history buffs and shopping, for those who love to shop. In addition to the myriad of activities and sights to behold, individuals planning a holiday on the Norfolk coast have quite a few accommodation options as well, including hotels, resorts, cottages, and caravans.

Hiring a caravan for holiday is a great way to plan a holiday on a budget. It can also be a new experience for families who do not typically take caravan holidays. Individuals planning a holiday to the Norfolk Coast can find many great holiday parks filled with caravans for hire. Travellers should consider some of these great holiday ideas if they are planning a Norfolk coast caravan holiday. Thanks to eBay, one can find great travel deals to consider for a caravan holiday on the Norfolk Coast.

Norfolk Coast Holiday Ideas

Individuals planning a caravan holiday on the Norfolk coast should determine which activities they would like to engage in while on holiday. There truly is something for everyone on the Norfolk coast. Individuals who prefer to relax and unwind on holiday can do so at the beach or one of the spas in the area, while those who are more interested in adventure also have plenty of options to choose from.

1. Beaches

The Norfolk coast area is home to many beaches, including Blue Flag beaches, Wells-next-the-Sea, and Holkham. Adults can lounge on the beach and soak up the sights, while kids play in water or sand along the shoreline. Visitors may also enjoy combing the beach for shells and other treasures to take home with them as souvenirs of the holiday on the Norfolk coast. Some of these beaches are pet friendly, so families travelling with pets can bring Fido with them to the beach. Individuals should first determine which beaches are pet friendly and which ones are not, so they know the beaches to visit when travelling with pets.

2. Water Sports

Those who want a bit more action than lounging on the beach may want to consider some of the area's water sports. Options include sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, and water skiing. More adventurous travellers may also plan a trip to Hunstanton Beach, which is the perfect destination for learning to kite surf. The flat, shallow water on the beach provides the optimal conditions for those who are new to this sport.

3. Thetford Forest

Nature lovers and those who want to get a little exercise on holiday should consider a trip to Thetford Forest while on the Norfolk coast. The forest boasts a wide variety of flowers, trees, and animals, making it the ideal spot for naturalist. In addition, there are 26 walking trails and numerous bike trails, all colour coded by trail difficulty. Horse riding is allowed in the forest, as is orienteering, making Thetford Forest a great destination for the entire family.

4. Wash Monster

Visitors to the Norfolk coast can climb aboard Wiley the Wash Monster for a truly unique tour of the coastal areas. This amphibious vehicle, used by the United States military during the Vietnam War, delights both the young and old as it crosses the beaches and dips into the water. There are several tour options to choose from, including a trip to the lighthouse and a trip to seal island.

5. Castle Rising

History buffs should plan a trip to Castle Rising while on holiday at the Norfolk coast. One of the area's famous castles, Castle Rising was built around 1140 AD and has served as a hunting lodge and royal residence over the years. Visitors can wander the grounds and explore or take an audio tour to learn more about the castle's architecture and history. A gift shop is on site for visitors to pick up souvenirs of their visit.

6. Museums

The Norfolk coast is home to many museums with exhibits on all types of topics, including aviation, geology, archaeology, and military memorabilia. A visit to a museum is the ideal thing to do on those cold or rainy days. There are far too many museums to cover in one holiday, so individuals may wish to pick museums that appeal to them.


Main Subjects/Exhibits

Time and Tide – Museum of Great Yarmouth

Yarmouth's fishing history

Cromer Museum

History of Norfolk, including geology displays, Victorian fisherman's cottage, and historical information

Mundesley Maritime Museum

Maritime history, including shipwrecks and fishing trade and railway history

Lynn Museum

History of West Norfolk, from Bronze Age forward

Caister Castle Motor Museum

Collection of motor vehicles, many of them classics, as well as exhibits on bicycles, farm equipment, and horse-drawn carriages

City of Norwich Aviation Museum

Aviation history of Norwich, including a Vulcan bomber, a Nimrod MR2, and other exhibits

Dragon Hall

Mediaeval trading hall

These are just some of the museums and historical attractions located along the Norfolk coast. The museums are especially appealing to individuals who are interested in learning more about Norfolk's rich history. Because the museums offer a variety of exhibits and subject matter, there is sure to be something for everyone in the area.

Tips for Hiring Caravans

Individuals who have never hired a caravan may be unsure of how to go about doing so. Even those who have hired caravans before may need a brief refresher on the process. Before hiring a caravan, travellers should determine which areas they prefer to stay in. Individuals may want to pick a backup area as well, so that if the first choice is booked, they know where to look next.

Once the individual has narrowed down the geographical area, the next step is to find out which holiday parks are in the area. Travellers should consider the amenities offered at each travel park when determining where to hire a caravan. After narrowing down the list to just a few suitable holiday parks, prospective travellers need to determine if any of the parks they selected has caravans available for the desired holiday dates. When inquiring about availability, individuals need to know how many people a caravan can accommodate, as some caravans are smaller than others. Typically, larger caravans sleep six people, so individuals with travelling parties larger than that may need to hire two caravans or consider alternate accommodations.

Travellers need to be sure to list all individuals who are staying in the caravan on the rental agreement and should let the rental company or individual know ahead of time if special items or arrangements are needed. For example, individuals travelling with infants may find that travel cots and high chairs are available through the caravan hiring company, which means they do not need to bring their own.

Hiring a Caravan

Travellers can find listings for available caravans on websites offering travel arrangements. Those who have never hired a caravan may want to ask friends and family members for recommendations or tips on finding deals on caravans on the Norfolk coast. In addition to checking out standard travel sites, prospective buyers should take a look at the listings for caravans on eBay. The site offers both last-minute deals and regular caravan listings, so it is a great tool for those planning ahead or looking for a last-minute getaway.

Hiring Caravans through eBay

If you want to take a look at the caravans available on eBay for the Norfolk coast, go to the site's main page and enter " Norfolk caravans " into the search box. You can narrow down your search results using the filters, which include rental month, number of people, and price. If you are looking for a caravan in a specific location along the Norfolk coast, you could enter that information into the search box as well, although you may eliminate listings if the seller did not put that information in the listing title.

Before making a purchasing decision, prospective buyers need to read through each listing thoroughly to determine the dates when a caravan is available as well as its amenities. Buyers should also check the occupancy information so they ensure there is enough room for their entire party. Prospective buyers should also pay close attention to the terms and conditions of the listing, including whether the reservation can be cancelled in the event they need to cancel their holiday.


Whether travellers are looking for a new type of adventure, trying to save a little money on a holiday, or want a more private place to stay, hiring a caravan is a great option. Because they are not connected to one another, they offer privacy not found in hotels and are often less expensive than hotels. Caravan holidays are also a great way to meet new people and fully experience a specific area of the United Kingdom.

Before hiring a caravan for a holiday, individuals should view photos of the caravan and confirm the amenities and features that are available. Those who prefer cable television and Internet access should confirm that these features are included in the caravan so they are not disappointed when they arrive. Caravan holidays are a great way to see the Norfolk coast and experience all there is to do. Prospective buyers should check out the activities listed above before visiting the Norfolk coast and should familiarise themselves with the process of hiring a caravan. Being aware of the many user-friendly functionalities on eBay can be invaluable in creating that perfect caravan getaway on the Norfolk Coast.

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