6 Celebrity Inspired Handbags

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6 Celebrity Inspired Handbags

Handbags are both practical and stylish accessories that have become the staples of every woman’s wardrobe. Women need to carry at least a purse and some keys, and often a mobile phone and some make-up, and these cannot be stuffed into pockets, so handbags become essential items. The number of items carried by each woman varies, so the size of a handbag needs to be just right. From small evening clutches to large shoulder bags, there is a handbag for every occasion. Handbags also stylise an outfit, whether at work, out and about, or on a night out.

Celebrities are often spotted with stylish handbags. As they are often photographed, they tend to choose eye-catching bags that make a fashion statement. Celebrities do not shy away from more peculiar handbag styles that may at first sight seem unattractive or impractical, but soon become the season’s must-haves. So, when looking for inspiration, some flash ideas may be borrowed from celebrities.

Style 1: Shopping Bags Can Be Stylish

Totes are large handbags. They are available in two main variations, a zipped, leather handbag, or an open canvas shopping bag, which is the style that celebrities love. The canvas version is a good alternative to plastic bags that are used to carrying items home from a shopping trip. Reusable canvas totes are not only trendy, but they also reduce the carbon footprint and are environmentally friendly. This green trend is followed by female celebrities including TV presenter Tess Daly, TV and radio presenter Fearne Cotton, and model Claudia Schiffer. A stylish tote can be decorated with prints and used for everyday wear, not just casual shopping trips. For example, actress Michelle Keegan has been seen out and about with a cute personalised jute tote. The prints can be anything from cute kittens to bold slogans. Long gone are boring shopping bags.

Style 2: Shiny Clutches Make the Night Sparkle

The clutch is a handbag that has no strap and is carried in the hand. As clutches are small and do not accommodate many items, they are perfect for nights out where only a few essentials are needed. The simplest clutches come in black leather and they suit most outfits, but shiny and glittery clutches are the handbags that make the wearer stand out from the crowd. Shiny clutches can sparkle, look expensive, and add glamour to an ensemble. Actress Rachel Weisz carried a glitzy silver clutch to accentuate her long white dress. Shiny clutches also come in various colours as seen from the red and white striped clutch carried by actress Michelle Williams. While there are many embellished versions of clutches, it is also possible to opt for a printed canvas clutch. Australian model Miranda Kerr chose a canvas clutch with diamonds printed on it.

Style 3: Hobo Bags Are Practical and Look Good

The hobo is a large handbag with a shoulder strap and a crescent shape. When a hobo is put down it slouches, or slumps, because it is made of a soft and flexible material. The hobo accommodates many items and can be worn on a casual day out, to work, or, in case of celebrities, when shopping in the city. As far as celebrities are concerned, model Kate Moss went for a truly casual look in grey jeans, a black vest, a red plaid top, and a black waistcoat. She finished the look with a simple black handbag designed in the hobo style. Actress January Jones also wore her brown hobo with a casual outfit of rolled up jeans and a button down blouse. Actress Kristen Stewart joins the list of stars who like to wear the big and practical hobo casually, as she was seen with a brown hobo that she wore with jeans and a leather jacket.

Style 4: Animal Prints for an Everyday Look

Animal prints bring an exotic theme to daily life. They are mainly suitable for fancier events, but there are some more subtle styles that can be used as casual day wear as well. Singer Rihanna, for example, was spotted with a large black and white leopard print handbag that was modest enough for day wear, but still made a statement. Besides the classic and widespread leopard print look, some celebrities have managed to wear something quite different. Singer Mandy Moore, for instance, brought animal prints to her everyday wardrobe, and used not so typical dalmatian spots to do so, showing women that the world of animal prints is indeed wide. Mandy was spotted walking down the street with a python and dalmatian print shoulder bag that she combined with cropped skinny jeans and a tan jumper.

Style 5: Colour Block Handbags Pimp Up the Style

Grey, black, and cognac coloured handbags are safe options that go with an array of outfits. While such traditional handbags can be worn for many years without ever going out of fashion, women sometimes need something brighter. A boost of colour in the shape of a handbag can enliven the spirits and heighten the mood not only for the wearer, but other people around her. Colour block handbags can be combined with other similarly vibrant tones or more conservative tones according to how much attention the wearer wants. Victoria Beckham is one of the celebrities who has successfully carried colourful handbags.

Style 6: Quilted Handbags Are Here to Stay

Coco Chanel created the Chanel 2.55 handbag back in 1955 and since then quilted handbags have been carried by many women. This vintage style is being revived and many celebrities are using quilted handbags to complement their outfits. The quilted texture can be used on different styles of handbag and celebrities have been spotted in many versions of this classic. Actress Lindsay Lohan wears one of her quilted handbags as a shoulder bag, as does singer Lily Allen, with her grey quilted version. There are also smaller versions available, such as the black rectangular clutch Girl’s Aloud singer Nicola Roberts was spotted with.

Buying Celebrity Inspired Handbags on eBay

If you are searching for celebrity inspired handbags on eBay by the celebrity name, then you may not yield many results as the seller may not include the famous name when listing the handbag. It is best to research the look of the celebrity and then use keywords to describe the handbag style, for example, "metallic clutch". You can also type in the colour of the bag for more accurate results, like "blue evening bag". Insert all of the terms into the search box on the main page and, if necessary, sort the results by price. It is also possible to choose the condition of the handbag: some glitzy handbags are used infrequently, so it may be possible to buy an used bag in an excellent condition.

When you are browsing through the different styles of handbag, look out for Top-rated sellers who are known within the eBay community for providing good quality products and excellent customer service. Read the seller’s feedback to find out what previous buyers thought about their transactions, and browse the ratings if numbers are more appealing and straightforward for you. Also keep an eye out for local sellers. It may be possible for you to arrange a local collection to save on the delivery costs. The details should be included in the item listing, but if you have any questions you can contact the seller directly to ask about the delivery, payment methods, or returns by using the "Ask a question" link. A good seller responds quickly and is happy to provide additional information.


Handbags are both stylish and practical. They contribute to a woman’s look and can be used for carrying essential items. Handbags come in many sizes from tiny clutches that hold only the necessities for a fun night out to large shoulder bags that are great for storing a laptop and a spare pair of shoes, as well as a purse, keys, mobile phone, make-up, and any other items a woman needs for a day at work. Celebrities often choose fashionable handbags and are responsible for setting trends. So it is a good idea to look to famous women to get inspiration for handbag styles.

The canvas tote is a stylish and functional choice carried by model Claudia Schiffer and TV presenter Tess Daly. The large hobo is also suitable for casual wear as seen by on the arm of model Kate Moss. On the more glamorous end of the handbag spectrum, celebrities like Rachel Weisz sports shiny clutches that make any red carpet night sparkle. Boosting the style can be done by adding some animal prints following the example of singers Rihanna and Mandy Moore. More daring fashionistas can also opt vibrant colour block handbags like Victoria Beckham.

The classic quilted handbag style has been around for decades. First introduced by Chanel, it is now found in many contemporary designs. The classic quilted handbag and all other styles inspired by celebrities can be found in the vast selection available on eBay.

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