6 Celebrity Inspired Heels

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6 Celebrity Inspired Heels

High heels are staples of nearly every women’s footwear collection because they can be worn for a number of occasions, both casual and formal. As heels come in very different heights from the medium height kitten heels to tall stiletto heels, every woman can find a pair of heels that feel comfortable. Heels add height, make the legs look slimmer, and contribute to a woman’s style making her look and feel sexy.

Celebrities are photographed almost on a daily basis when out and about and therefore they need to dress to impress in stylish clothing and footwear. Many celebrities are spotted in heels and they are sometimes quite daring when combining them with an outfit. Celebrities often have stylists who help them to choose their footwear. Therefore, women who are looking for inspiration, or who just want to try something new, can look at the heels that celebrities are wearing.

Style 1: Versatile Shoe Boots for Transition Seasons

Shoe boots, or booties, are a combination of shoes and boots. They are especially great to wear when the weather is changing, in the autumn and spring. They are not as hefty as long winter boots that reach over the knee, but they usually offer more protection from the elements than simple court shoes. If it is quite chilly outside, they keep the feet warm, but do not cause overheating when spending time indoors. Shoe boots are typically closed, but some are available in a peep toe style.

Shoe boots can be worn casually or for a night out. They look good with skinny jeans, bright tights, and dresses. Celebrities who wear shoe boots and pair them with dresses fantastically include Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Britney Spears. Fancy shoe boots with peep toes are worn by Rihanna, Taylor Momsen, and Leighton Meester. Kristen Stewart paired black shoe boots with a stunning yellow skirt and a black top, but women can also wear shoe boots with trousers.

Style 2: Taking the Heels Over the Edge

Women often look for shoes that are both comfortable and beautiful, then sometimes its nice to choose an extreme style to attract everyone’s attention. Crazy shoe styles are suitable for parties or nights out. They are generally inappropriate for casual everyday wear because walking in them is rather difficult. Then again, such challenges may be quite tempting for some women who want to prove that they can do the impossible.

Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Victoria Beckham are daring enough to wear very high shoes that have no heels. These no-heel shoes typically have large platforms. In this case, the weight is not distributed to the heel, it is all on the ball of the foot. Women wearing these shoes need have good balance, and can practice while not wearing the shoes by tiptoeing around. If the platforms are extra high, then some support from friends might be needed. These heels will not fail to make an impression.

Style 3: Animal Print Heels Make a Bold Fashion Statement

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Diane Kruger know that animal print heels go with all black outfits: monotone clothes get a boost when paired with eye-catching zebra, leopard, tiger, or other animal patterns. Gwyneth wore a pair of zebra print heels, while Diane enhanced her black jumpsuit with leopard print heels. The basic rule for wearing any printed heels is to choose more modest styles for maxi dresses and bolder designs for short dresses.

Style 4: Sometimes Kitten Heels Are Enough

Even the most enthusiastic heel wearer has a bad feet day when her feet are too sore to wear really high heels, or she just feels like a change of style. These women do not have to abandon the sexy look of heels altogether, as kitten heels are always available to help out. Kitten heels generally measure 1.5 inches or less and are alternatives to stiletto heels. This heel type is often found on court shoes.

Tamsin Egerton wore a pair of patent kitten heels with a quilted black dress and created a glamorous look for the red carpet. Taylor Swift also wore kitten heels featuring cute bow detailing with a black swing coat.

Style 5: Pointed Court Shoes Are a Classic

Pointed court shoes were worn in the 1980s when they were part of the power dressing look and paired with shoulder pads. Today, they are making their comeback because they are sexy and stylish in their minimalistic classic design. The pointed toe narrows at the tip and visually lengthens the foot, making it appear slimmer. Pointy court shoes can be worn with both formal and casual outfits.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley paired her nude Christian Louboutin pointed court shoes with a long red dress when she attended a film premiere, while Rachel Bilson was spotted on a walkabout in the South France with elegant black pointed court shoes. Pointed court shoes can also add sophistication to the outfit. For example, Gisele Bundchen managed to stylise her T-shirt and miniskirt look with classy two-toned pointed heels, while Karolina Kurkova wore the same pair with an elegant white dress. These two-toned heels in black and white were spotted on Jessica Szohr who wore them with a blue silk romper.

Cameron Diaz occasionally wears pointed court shoes, often with high stiletto heels, with different ensembles, such as casual trousers and a top, or in a classier business style outfit consisting of smart trousers, a blouse, and a jacket. Pointed court shoes work with an array of outfits and are a classic choice that has lasted for years.

Style 6: Sculptural Heels Are Art

Sculptural heels look like the works of art. However, this also means that these heels are not suitable for everyday wear because they are usually very high and draw a lot of attention, which makes them more appropriate for situations where the shoes are the focal point of the outfit. Sculptural heels typically have an outstanding shape, for example, the heel could be sculpted to resemble a candlestick holder or a champagne glass.

Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight, so to be the one that grabs the eye and makes it into the pages of a magazine, they often wear ultra high sculptural heels. Looking at their sculptural heels can give women some styling inspiration. Famous women who have been spotted in sculptural heels include French actress Marion Cotillard, but Lady Gaga is probably the best known wearer.

Buying Celebrity Inspired Heels on eBay

If you start looking for celebrity inspired heels on eBay, then you can yield more search results if you use the style of the heels rather than the celebrity’s name in the keywords. Many sellers may not give details of the celebrity styles in the item listing, therefore you could be missing out on great pairs of heels by restricting your search terms. So, for better results, rather than typing "metallic peep toe heels", try "high heel espadrilles" in order to find just the right pair. After browsing the initial results, you can narrow them down by sorting by price or other factors. Additional options include choosing the colour or size.

On eBay, you frequently shop for shoes by looking at their photos, but remember to read the item listing carefully. It should contain details of the material, size, fit, and any interesting features of the heels. The seller should also provide the payment methods that he or she accepts, as well as delivery costs, and the returns policy. If any of this information is not present, or if you have any questions, then feel free to contact the seller by using the "Ask a question" link. A good seller will always be happy to provide additional information, and even more photographs so that you can see the shoes from all angles. Try the heels on once they arrive to check whether they are a perfect fit.


Heels are versatile staples of nearly every women’s footwear collection. They come in many styles and heights and can be paired with a range of outfits. Celebrities who are constantly in the spotlight often prefer heels because they draw attention and have the ability to add sex appeal and style.

Shoe boots that blend the best of shoes and boots are loved by Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, among others. At the same time, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham show off in spectacular high footwear that in fact have no heels attached. However, there are much easier ways to make a fashion statement. Gwyneth Paltrow and Diane Kruger, for instance, choose animal print heels, while Marion Cotillard and Lady Gaga wear sculptural heels that look like elaborate works of art.

Heels do not necessarily have to be sky high to look great. Lower kitten heels help Taylor Swift to create a simple, but glamorous look. Classic, pointy court shoes never seem to go out of fashion, as proven by Cameron Diaz. All these celebrity inspired heels are available from the vast selection of footwear on eBay.

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