6 Considerations When Purchasing a Volkswagen for Your Family

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6 Considerations When Purchasing a Volkswagen for Your Family

Volkswagen, a German based company whose name literally translates to 'The People's Car', is the second largest car manufacturer in the world. Not only does Volkswagen produce models under its brand, it also owns various companies such as Audi, Skoda, and Porsche. The first Volkswagen rolled off the production lines in 1937 and since that time the company has gained a worldwide following. In fact, the original Beetle remains the single highest selling car model, beating out Ford's Model T.

Many consumers believe that the features Volkswagen offers are second to none, and car models regularly win awards from auto magazines around the globe. When it comes time for a family to buy a new or used Volkswagen from an online dealership or website like eBay, there are several features to consider to ensure a successful purchase. Families who factor in price, safety, and several other features can get the right Volkswagen vehicle that fits all of their auto needs.

 1: Price

Price is the main concern for many families when it comes to shopping for an automobile, and Volkswagen vehicles are no exception. The good news is that these cars provide exceptional quality for their value and are reasonably priced. In fact, producing affordable automobiles has always been one of the main concerns of Volkswagen vehicles since the early days of the company. Audi, the company that produces a luxury line of essentially Volkswagen vehicles, carries a far higher starting price than Volkswagen. Yet for almost the same amount of features, consumers can own a Volkswagen instead.

 2: New vs. Used

In most cases, buying used vehicles almost always saves the buyer money in the long run. New cars typically sell at premium prices because they have never been driven. However, if a consumer can settle for a model that was previously owned, he or she can save a good bit of money. Volkswagens tend to last for many years, especially the diesel versions, and have favourable used car ratings. However, unless a consumer gets extremely lucky and finds a used car that is almost new, chances are the used car for sale does not come with a factory warranty. New cars, on the other hand, come with a factory warranty stating that the company is responsible for providing repairs in the event of a failure, at no cost to the owner.

3: Size

Volkswagen vehicles come in many different sizes, from the mini to the SUV. Families typically need at least a small family car. When it comes to selecting a car based on size, there are several factors consumers need to consider beforehand. Bigger cars provide more space, but their heavier bodies require larger engines, which in turn decreases their fuel economy. On the plus side however, many families find it easier to use a larger car when travelling with small children. The roomy Passat, for example, has plenty of rear passenger room for car seats. More specifically, the waggon version has a large storage compartment that is perfect for storing strollers.





Small family car

Hatchback, Waggon, Convertible


Small family car



Large family car

Sedan, Waggon


Compact SUV



Compact MPV



Mid-Size SUV


Obviously, a large model car such as the Touareg comes with more room than the compact Golf. However, this does not mean that the Golf is not a family car, as it is one of the best selling cars in Europe.

The biggest car models offered by Volkswagen include the Touareg, Tiguan, Touran, and Sharan. The former two are SUVs, while the latter two are minivans. All of them can comfortably carry five passengers, while the Touareg and Sheran can carry seven. These are great models for very large families, or those families who regularly end up carpooling several children around.

The smallest models are the Beetle, Up, Fox and Polo. While they can carry up to four passengers, it is a tight squeeze, especially inside the tiny Up. The interior of the Beetle is surprisingly roomy, but there is little space for cargo. These models work well with small families of three or four people, but do not have the extra space larger families require.

 4: Fuel Economy

Cars that operate on low fuel economy are becoming more important to families in a world with rising gas prices. Families have enough to spend their money on without having to worry about budgeting for gas. Typically, smaller Volkswagen vehicles offer better fuel economy ratings than larger ones, but overall Volkswagen vehicles tend to use less fuel than the competition. Additionally, many of the diesel versions come with Turbocharged Diesel Injection (TDI) engines developed by Volkswagen. These diesel engines get excellent fuel economy ratings along with the additional benefit of a longer-lasting engine than a gas-powered one.

 Hybrid and Electric

Volkswagen is committed to using alternative fuel on many of its vehicles, and the company claims that all of its current models, including diesel engines, are going to have a hybrid option. Hybrid technology combines both traditional fuel with a large electrical battery, allowing the vehicle to have excellent fuel economy. The car uses gasoline when it operates at high speeds, but when it is idling, or driving at low speeds, the system automatically switches to electric power. Driving a large hybrid vehicle is a great way to own a roomy vehicle without having to spend a small fortune on gasoline.

E-Up is Volkswagen's electric car. It runs completely on an electrical battery and needs to be charged daily. This sounds appealing to many consumers who are tired of paying high gas prices at the pump. However, it is a small vehicle and does not have enough room for a large family. Smaller families can consider the E-Up as a viable alternative to a gas powered vehicle.

5: Safety

Few features are more important in terms of family than safety. Volkswagen, highly regarded in terms of safety, is on the forefront of increasing the safety ever more through automotive engineering. Car models regularly receive excellent safety ratings of five stars from both auto magazines and government agencies. The Touran, for example, is Volkswagen's compact minivan that consistently earns five star safety ratings for both adults and children.

When it comes to selecting a specific model, the Jetta, Passat, and Golf are all good options. The tiny Polo is also safe as far as mini cars go, but its small size means it does not afford the same protection as some of the slightly larger vehicles. On the other hand, the large Touareg SUV has also earned high safety features. Its chassis is not as high as other SUV models, which means it is less likely to roll over in the event of a serious accident.

 6: Navigation and Controls

Modern Volkswagen vehicles embrace a slew of computer technology that makes them easier to drive. Selecting a model that comes with an on-board navigation system is one of the best ways to avoid getting lost on long road trips. Internal climate control that is handled through the dash allows the driver and all passengers to remain comfortable while the car is driving. Entertainment features desired by many are also included on many Volkswagen models. It is common to find new cars that come with MP3 players and USB ports for digital media. This allows children to stay entertained while parents safely drive their vehicle.

 How to Buy Volkswagen Cars on eBay

When it comes to finding a website that sells reliable Volkswagens, eBay has the biggest selection available. Consumers can find private used listings from sellers who want to get rid of their old Volkswagen. If a new vehicle is preferred, there are also listings that are directly posted from the dealership available as well. Since there is such a surplus of cars available, sellers often list their vehicles at below market prices, which in turn passes the savings along to the buyer.

You can start browsing the cars available by typing 'Volkswagen vehicle' into the search engine located on any eBay web page. This returns all results for Volkswagen cars of many different models. If you are searching for a particular model, such as the Golf, then narrow down your search further by instead typing in ' Volkswagen Golf'. Chances are you are still going to be facing an overwhelming selection, so try limiting the model year as well. A search for ' 2010 Volkswagen Golf ' only returns cars from that year. You can also limit your search to either new or used cars in order to find exactly what you are looking for.


The Volkswagen company has a sterling reputation among automakers and consumers alike for producing high quality cars at exceptional values. Families are often attracted to the Volkswagen line of vehicles because of their affordability as well as their safety features. However, when it comes to purchasing a car, consumers need to take other factors into account as well, such as size and fuel economy. Even the navigation and control system needs to be considered before a decision can be made about which model to buy.

Drivers can rest assured knowing that Volkswagens in all shapes and sizes, from the tiny E-Up to the large Sheran minivan, are available for sale on eBay. Shopping on eBay allows a consumer to find a used car that fits all of their criteria for sale at discounted price. This makes the already affordable Volkswagen an ideal choice, and one that the entire family can enjoy for years to come.

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