6 Reasons to Purchase a Cabin Bed

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6 Reasons to Purchase a Cabin Bed

Beds are an important part of furniture, and choosing the right one can both help to ensure a good night's sleep, and fit well into a room's style. There are many different types of bed available that offer a variety of features and among the most popular is the cabin bed .

Cabin beds have a raised platform, leaving a great deal of space beneath. Cabin beds can leave room for sofas, computer desks, sofa beds, and generally save a lot of space in a bedroom.

Cabin beds are available featuring a wide range of styles and materials, offering features, which can be suitable for different situations. Cabin beds for children may offer space to play and store toys, while those suitable for teenagers and older children may include computer desks, providing a space for play and for homework, and all kinds of cabin bed are available on eBay.

Cabin Beds Offer Many Different Features

There are different cabin beds available to suit many different needs, and one of the key aspects of a cabin bed is the way it uses the space underneath.

· The amount of space that a cabin bed offers beneath the bed can vary greatly in both height and width. Some, such as captains beds , are low down, offering drawers for storage, but no usable space.

· Higher, larger cabin beds are available with room to fit a wide variety of furniture beneath, and these are often built into the cabin bed.

  • Sofas can provide additional seating in a room, and often neatly fit beneath a cabin bed, if not already built in.

· Some cabin beds include sofa beds, which can be used as a sofa when not needed, and folded out into a bed if, for example, a guest is staying over.

· Many cabin beds include desks, or computer desks, designed specifically to accommodate a personal computer.

· Some cabin beds can include more unusual features. For instance, some designed for younger children may include slides , which can be very appealing to a child.

· Some cabin beds can also feature in-built storage, either under the bed or even within the headboard , which can offer convenient and space saving storage.

Cabin Beds are Available in Different Sizes

While cabin beds do not offer the same variety of sizes as other types of bed, there are still a number of different sizes of cabin bed available, which can suit the needs of different people, as well as different sized rooms.

  • Small single cabin beds are available and most suitable for younger children, due to their smaller size. These beds measure at 30" by 72", or 2.5 by 6 feet, and are smaller than standard single beds.
  • Single cabin beds are perhaps the most widely available size of cabin bed, and are highly suitable for children and teenagers. Single beds measure at 36" by 75", or 3 by 6.25 feet.

· Though unusual, double cabin beds are available. Double beds can be a comfortable choice for people who prefer to sprawl out while they sleep, and can also accommodate two people, though weight limits of a cabin bed should be considered. Double beds measure at 54" by 75", or 4.5 by 6.5 feet. These large sizes will often be in the form of the lower captains beds .

A Wide Range of Materials Are Available

There are many different materials available for cabin beds, which offer different appearances and properties, and can be suitable for different needs and styles.

Solid Wood

Solid wood beds have long been a widely popular choice, and can differ greatly in appearance. This can depend on the particular type of wood used, as well as the treatment, like staining, the wood has received. Wood is one of the most commonly used types of material for cabin beds, and wooden cabin beds are widely available.

Wood Veneer

Another widely popular material for beds, wood veneer offers the appearance of a solid wood bed, but at a reduced price. Wood veneer is made by layering a thin veneer of wood over a core panel, often made out of a material such as MDF. While inexpensive, veneer may not last as long as solid wood, and can begin to peel over time.


Metal cabin beds are widely available, and are often durable and long lasting, as well as less expensive than many other material types. Many different types of metal are available, and are increasingly used for cabin bed frames due to the strength of the material. Metal cabin beds are available featuring a wide variety of styles and designs.


Fabric is another material commonly used for beds and bedding. Soft and inexpensive, fabric beds can feature a wide range of styles and often incorporate wood or metal as well. Fabric beds are among the most widely available.

Different Types of Cabin Bed are Available

There are two main types of cabin bed widely available, and they often incorporate different designs.

Classic Bed Frame

The classic bed frame is one of the most recognisable and widely available types of bed. The mattress rests upon a number of slats made of wood or metal, and these beds are available in a range of styles. Classic bed frames can last for some time, through wooden slats may have to be replaced, as some may bend and break over long periods of time.

Divan Base

The divan base emerged more recently than the bedstead, and has since become a widely available and popular type of bed. Often used in cabin beds, which are lower down, some feature springs built into the base, which can create added comfort.

Cabin Beds can Feature a Variety of Mattress Types

Many cabin beds include a mattress, and the type of mattress can be a key choice when considering a purchase. Different mattresses have different benefits and can appeal to different people. For example, some prefer firmer mattresses than others.

Open Spring

Open spring mattresses are among the cheapest and most widely available mattress types. These mattresses work by spreading the weight out across springs inside the mattress, and can wear out faster than other types.

Pocket Sprung

Pocket sprung mattresses make use of metal springs, like their open spring counterparts. These mattresses place each spring in a fabric pocket, helping each individual spring to carry the weight of the person, and helping the springs last longer.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a more recent development, and is a more expensive option. Memory foam mattresses make use of a heat sensitive foam to mould to a person's body shape, and some consider them to be a more comfortable option.

Cabin Beds Feature a Variety of Styles

Like many different pieces of furniture, cabin beds are available featuring a wide range of different styles, patterns and designs. A cabin bed is often chosen with the personal taste of the buyer in mind, so it is important to know the different styles of cabin available.

  • Traditional styles are popular, often featuring wooden designs and floral, and also other detailed patterns.
  • Contemporary style beds are often made of metal, and feature a more minimalist appearance of solid, bold colours.
  • Children's beds often feature bright colours, and may also include popular cartoon characters.

How to Buy a Cabin Bed on eBay

A wide range of bedroom furniture can be found on eBay, including cabin beds and other types of bed and bedding. The full listing of cabin beds can be viewed through the Home & Garden portal. Cabin beds can be found under the Beds & Mattresses category, under Furniture. Items can be arranged by categories such as price, condition, distance in relation to the seller, colour and type. The Auction and Buy it Now buying options can also be selected, offering flexibility in how a cabin bed can be purchased.

The key specifications of a cabin bed, such as its design or features, will often be prominently displayed in the item listing. This helps to make it fast and easy to see whether an item meets any specific requirements. Further information can be accessed on the item page, along with information about the seller, such as item reviews and feedback ratings, helping to ensure that a purchase can be made with confidence. If further information is needed, it is also possible here to ask the seller a question regarding the item.

If a specific type of cabin bed is desired, it may be easier and more effective to make use of the search function available at the top of every page. Searches can be made to return results from within a specific category, or to cover the whole site. Further information on how to use the search function is available on the Search Tips page.


Cabin beds are a great option for those short on space, raising the bed up from the ground and opening up more room. Cabin beds can offer a range of features, from built in sofas and desks to slides, and can feature a variety of different materials and designs. An enormous selection of cabin beds and other bedroom furniture can be found on eBay.

When you have found the perfect cabin bed, purchasing the product can be done so safely and securely through PayPal, which is covered under eBay's buyer protection programme.

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