6 Skirts That Will Make Your Legs Look Fantastic

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6 Skirts That Will Make Your Legs Look Fantastic

Women who wish to look more feminine and highlight their long legs have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a skirt. There is actually nothing quite like a smart skirt to shake one's style. Whether it is long, mini, or bohemian, there is something for everyone. However, there are also plenty of choices for women who do not have long legs, but wish to wear a skirt that makes them look fantastic. Depending on one's body shape, there are several types of skirts that can be worn successfully in order to create the impression of longer legs.

The optical illusion of longer legs can be obtained not only by choosing a certain type of skirt, but also by pairing it with the right kind of footwear. Knowing what combination works best for a particular body shape can help women make an informed decision anytime they are shopping for a new skirt.

1. A-Line Skirts

A-line skirts are flattering for most women, as they may make the legs appear longer while concealing wide hips. An A-line with clean lines and an elegant cut is a good choice for women of all ages who wish to look taller. As its name suggests, an A-line skirt has an almost triangular appearance and is extremely versatile. Women can choose to wear an A-line skirt with a tucked-in T-shirt and low-heeled sandals for a relaxed look or pair it with a round-neck sweater or Oxford shirt for a business-casual look. This style of skirt also works well with a silk or satin blouse and closed-toe court shoes for an elegant evening outfit.

2. Pencil Skirts

The pencil skirt slowly became a staple in many women's wardrobes as it looks flattering on many body shapes. This sexy style is actually inspired by the fashion of the 50s and its main characteristic is that it is tight everywhere. The pencil skirt is narrow and it usually stops just below the knee. The good news is that this looks good on slender and fuller-figured women alike. When wearing a pencil skirt, the knees are stashed and thus the legs tend to look fantastic, regardless of their length. When it comes to shoes, a pencil skirt goes perfectly with high heels, low boots, and peep-toes.

3. Miniskirts

A miniskirt can make any woman's legs look longer and, contrary to popular belief, this style is not restricted to slender women. The legs may appear longer when wearing a miniskirt paired with some opaque black tights and heeled ankle boots. Women with short legs or generous forms should avoid wearing a miniskirt with ballerina flats, as their legs may look even shorter than they are. Small and slender women are the perfect candidates for a miniskirt, which they can wear both casually during the day or paired with some daring stilettos for a night out. Straight miniskirts may give women a glamorous, slightly retro style. Women with logs legs may wear a denim miniskirt paired with fashion trainers for a laid-back, casual outfit.

4. Asymmetrical Skirts

When speaking of asymmetrical skirts, two styles come to one's mind: asymmetric skirts on one side, which leave a leg discovered at least up to the knee, and front-back asymmetric skirts, which look like a train in the back and a miniskirt in the front. At first glance, one may think that an asymmetric skirt is too ceremonial for daywear, but it can actually be worn casually as well as formally in the evening. Asymmetrical skirts can be paired with tights and they work well with heels. It is not advisable to wear an asymmetrical skirt with ballerina flats or brogues. The main advantage of this style is that it may make the legs appear longer, especially when worn with very high heels.

5. Pleated Skirts

A pleated skirt is the symbol of schoolwear, but in the recent years it has become a fashion trend, being ideal for obtaining a romantic, feminine look. Pleated skirts are perfect for all body shapes and they work well when it comes to hiding wide hips and accentuating the legs. The rule of thumb when wearing a pleated skirt is to pair it with stretch tops, fitted shirts, or tight jackets. In order to make the legs look longer, women should pair a pleated skirt with opaque tights and high heels, such as platforms, wedges and stilettos.

6. Bubble Skirts

A very popular style of the 80s, the bubble skirt is the best ally of women who want to make their legs look great while hiding larger hips or bottom. The length of the skirt is often well above the knees and it lengthens the legs regardless of one's body shape. A bubble skirt can be used to create a variety of styles, including retro, chic, rock, or girly. Women may choose to wear a royal blue, black, or crimson bubble skirt paired with a leather jacket ankle boots for a glam-rock look, or one in pastel colours with a silk shirt or lace top for a romantic, feminine look.

Buying a Skirt in the Right Size

When shopping for a new skirt, it is very important to buy it in the right size, because a skirt that is too loose or too tight may ruin an outfit. Moreover, it is uncomfortable to wear an ill-fitting skirt. Women who want their new skirt to fit perfectly and make their legs look fantastic should take into account both the size and the length of the skirt.

Shopping for a new skirt online is easy and convenient, but a woman needs to make sure she has up-to-date measurements of her waist and hips at hand before starting looking for the skirt of her dreams. Measurements are best taken with a cloth tape measure and women can get help from a friend or family member if they feel it is too difficult to do it themselves. The results should then be compared with the sizing information provided by the seller in order to choose a size that fits right.

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The above table can be used as a reference guide for skirts’ sizing. Buyers should also remember that sizing may differ between different brands and styles, so it is wise not to purchase a skirt in the size one regularly wears, but in the size indicated by measurements.

How to Find a Skirt on eBay

Any woman wants one or more skirts that make her legs look fantastic, but sometimes it may be difficult to find such a garment, simply because there are too many models to choose from. One can be easily put off by the multitude of styles and end up buying a skirt that is not as flattering as it should be. In order to choose the perfect skirt, you need to browse through as many styles as possible and the best place to do so in online. eBay is home to a wide selection of women’s skirts in all styles, colours, and fabrics.

Shopping for a new skirt on eBay is easy because all you need to do is type ‘women’s skirts’ in the search bar on any page and then scour the results in search for your ideal skirt. If you think the results are still too many, you can easily narrow your search by several criteria, including style, price, colour, size, and more. You can also add more keywords to your search if you are looking for a particular style or brand, for example ‘women’s pencil skirts’.

When shopping for a new skirt on eBay, it is vital to pay close attention to the sizing information and the overall product description in order to avoid having to send the item back because it does not fit. You can thus save both time and money because you avoid the return fees.


Skirts are essential pieces in any woman’s wardrobe and they come in a variety of styles, being suitable for any body shape. Some styles are renowned for making a woman’s legs look fantastic and it is not difficult to find a style that is flattering and puts one’s legs into a whole new light. Women’s skirts can be bought in numerous high-street shops and online and it is always a good idea to check out as many styles as possible before actually making a purchase.

eBay is the perfect place to start looking for a skirt that makes your legs look fantastic, not only because it offers a very large selection, but because it is so easy to find what you want in a short period of time. A woman cannot have too many skirts in her wardrobe and if you think it’s time to try a new style that can make your legs look fantastic, chances are you can find it on eBay.

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