6 Tips on Buying a Nissan Qashqai

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6 Tips on Buying a Nissan Qashqai

Japanese automaker, Nissan, ranks as the sixth largest car manufacturer in the world. The company has steadily increased market share by introducing cars that appeal to budget, safety, and environmentally-conscious consumers. In 2007, Nissan unveiled a car that addresses all of the concerns of budget, safety, and environmentally-conscious consumers. While Nissan had to initially tinker with improving the performance of the Qashqai engine and suspension systems, the SUV-like vehicle now garners a large sale of the company's revenue pie.

Consumers have several options for buying new or used Qashqais. They can shop in person, preferably at a Nissan dealership; however, the explosive growth of the Internet presents Qashqai buyers with myriad options, none better than going to one of the leading e-commerce websites, eBay. Sellers who offer Qashqais on eBay typically provide all of the information required to make an informed decision. Yet buying a Nissan Qashqai involves more than going to eBay, clicking a few icons, and making a payment. Consumers need to learn six tips for buying a Nissan Qashqai, with some tips germane to the Qashqai and some tips relevant for buying any type of car.

Overview of the Nissan Qashqai

Nissan manufactures the Qashqai as a compact Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV). The Japanese car manufacturer has produced the Qashqai since 2007 as a small SUV that operates on Nissan's P32L platform. The CUV niche appeals to consumers who want ample room for children, while reducing the size of the vehicle. In the United Kingdom, Nissan has constructed the Qashqai at Sunderland, Tyne, and Wear on the same production line that built the Almera. The Qashqai has become a huge sales success story in the United Kingdom, especially appealing to young parents who are just starting their families.

In 2010, sales of over 39,000 cars placed Qashqai as the 10th best selling new car offered in Great Britain. The Qashqai became the first Nissan model to crack the top 10 since the Sunny appeared on the chart during the early part of the 1980s. Nissan has tinkered with the Qashqai to address concerns made by users about the car's unreliability. The adjustments have attracted more Qashqai buyers, as the car exceeded 45,000 unit sales during 2012. The increased sales made the Qashqai the number six selling automobile in Great Britain.

1. Know the Features

Nissan introduced the Qashqai to compete with the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. The defining feature of the Qashqai is the impressive fuel economy. Rapidly rising fuel prices have attracted car buyers to automobiles in the Qashqai fuel economy niche. However, as the following chart depicts, the Nissan Qashqai possesses several features unique to its design and a few features that require car buyers to make decisions as part of their purchase.




Steering wheel controls

Cruise control

Navigation system

Bluetooth interface


Smart key

Air bags

Received five-star Euro NCAP safety rating


HID headlights

Front fog lamps

40 cm sport rims

Reverse sensors


Audio system

Knockdown rear seats


Length: 4.31 km

Height: 1.61 km

Engine options

114 PS-84 kW/112 bhp (petrol)

141 PS-104 kW/139 bhp (petrol)

106 PS-78 kW/105 bhp (diesel)

130 PS-96 kW/128 bhp (diesel)

150 PS-110 kW/148 bhp (diesel)

The Nissan Qashqai possesses a unique two-tier design. The top half of the car presents a sleek, dynamic appearance that includes a distinctive shoulder line that rises at the rear of the car. Some reviewers compare the look to the design of the Nissan Murano. The lower portion of the car resembles an SUV's wheel arch and slightly elevated floorboard. Nissan bases the design of the Qashqai on the company's X-Trail platform.

2. Decide Between New and Used

One of the first tips for buying a Nissan Qashqai involves choosing between a new or used model. In the used model category, shoppers have to consider numerous degrees of use. Remember that depreciation typically reduces the value of an automobile during the first two years after purchase. The decision to buy new or used often comes down to a shopper's budget. Reviews compiled on used Nissan Qashqais indicate that the car maintains high performance after five years of normal use. Consider the advantages of buying a new and used Qashqai before making a purchasing decision.


Buying a new Qashqai ensures high-quality performance. Nissan offers various warranties that provide protection against mechanical or structural problems. Nissan prices their new Qashqais below the average for the CUV niches, a benefit that attracts first-time car buyers who shop on limited budgets. Buying a new Qashqai also allows shoppers to customise their new vehicles with both safety and design features. New cars typically have better balance and turn capabilities than older model cars.


Consumers have more purchasing options for used Qashqais. While new models are limited to dealer showrooms, consumers can find Qashqais in the used sections of competing car dealerships, online at classified websites, at car auctions, and on eBay, one of the leading e-commerce portals. However, buying a used Qashqai requires meticulous scrutiny of performance and maintenance issues. According to consumer and expert reviews, most of the problems associated with used Qashqais involve mechanical issues.

3. How to Deal With Dealerships

Because the Qashqai has only been around for a few years, most of the cars are sold through Nissan dealerships. This means anyone who is interest in buying a Qashqai should understand how to deal with dealerships. Always ask to test drive any Qashqai model under consideration. The test drive should include unencumbered open road travel at highway speeds and driving in city traffic. Discern how the car handles sharp turns and braking on wet pavement. Not only should consumers negotiate on price, they should also negotiate on the length of the warranty. The Internet provides a vast resource for analysing the reviews of Nissan dealerships. Select one that has earned high marks for customer service.

4. Online vs. In Person

Buying a car has traditionally been a "kick the wheels" experience. Shopping in person allows prospective buyers to test drive the Qashqai and ask questions of the seller. Dealerships employ highly-trained sales professionals who possess an almost mechanic's knowledge of the Qashqai. However, when convenience matters, shopping online is the preferred method for buying a Qashqai. Consumers do not have to haggle or deal with mounds of paperwork. Nissan has developed a user-friendly interface that consumers use to customise their Qashqais. Make sure that when buying online, the seller provides a detailed photograph of the Qashqai for sale.

5. Play it Close to the Vest

Accomplished card players do not announce the monster hand they hold and Qashqai shoppers should hold onto their trump card: the trade-in. Negotiate the price down on a Qashqai before mentioning the trade-in. For example, a Qashqai that costs 14,000 pounds ends up costing the buyer 12,000 pounds after a 2,000 pound trade-in. However, if the buyer negotiates the 14,000 pound Qashqai down to 11,000 pounds and then mentions the 2,000 trade-in, the buyer pays only 9,000 pounds for the Qashqai. Another factor to consider is that Nissan has a strong reputation for accepting competitor models for trade-ins.

6. Pre-Finance

Like many of the major automobile manufacturers, such as Ford and Toyota, Nissan operates a financing company that directly provides financing to its customers. In addition, like many of the major car players, Nissan charges interest rates that exceed the rates charged by financial institutions. Obtaining financing directly from a Nissan dealership is fiscally irresponsible. Pre-finance the Qashqai purchase from a bank or credit union. Research rates online before coming to a loan decision. Make sure to get any loan quote from a financial institution in writing.

Buying a Nissan Qashqai on eBay

When you walk into a Nissan dealership to purchase a Qashqai, you most likely request to discuss the purchase with a sales professional who knows everything there is to know about the Qashqai. The same principle applies to shopping on eBay, except you have to search for the right seller by utilising eBay's powerful search engine. As with any search engine, typing the right keywords ensures that eBay's search engine returns sellers who fit your buying criteria. For instance, if you are searching for a used car, type the mile range into the search engine. You can type " Nissan Qashqai 10,000 to 24,999 miles " or " Used Qashqai 50,000 to 74,999 miles ". You can also search by colour.Black and silver appear to be the most popular Qashqai colours.

eBay does not return the perfect seller, but instead, the search engine delivers several Qashqai sellers to consider. However, eBay does provide tools for you to vet sellers before you settle on the one that best meets your needs. Examine every seller's Qashqai photograph that appears on the product page. Look for obvious signs of wear and tear, as well as exterior imperfections. Review each seller's accepted payment methods and delivery terms. Qashqai sellers may request a bank transfer or accept one of the major credit cards. The final part of the eBay seller vetting process requires you to review the customer feedback that eBay displays on seller product pages.


Nissan has earned a reputation for addressing fuel economy issues. With rising oil prices, car buyers pay more attention to fuel costs than any other car buying factor. Nissan spent years trying to design an SUV-type car that provided owners with fuel-efficient performance and safety features not found on other SUV models. The answer came in the form of the Qashqai, a Crossover Utility Vehicle that uses less fuel than a standard SUV, but provides enough room to attract the interest of parents who are raising their families. Anyone interested in buying the Qashqai needs to learn a few tips before starting the shopping process.

Some of the buying tips outlined above are unique to the Qashqai, such as deciding on the myriad features offered with the sub-compact CUV. Shoppers also need to learn how to deal with Nissan dealerships, especially when it comes to test driving the vehicle. Other Qashqai buying tips involve more generic information, such as pre-financing the purchase, deciding whether to buy new or used, and learning about the abundance of Qashqai buying opportunities found online. The most important tip of all may be that Qashqai shoppers must be patient enough to endure the lengthy buying process.

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