6 fundamental things to live by when growing natural hair

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1) This is one that would normally be left till last but I’ve decided to get right into it… This hair journey will take TIME. Now I know some of you will not be happy with this, but ultimately that’s the reality, hair has always grown at a rate of half an inch per month, and always will. But that’s not to mean that you will have wait years and years before you can feel good about yourself, you can be creative; wear extensions, an afro pony, or even rock your teenie wenie afro (TWA), I just want you to bear in mind that it will take time before you have a Diana Ross.

2) Make water your best friend, water will take care of your hair root (and your skin as a bonus), so it is worthwhile getting into the habit of drinking approximately 2 litres of water a day.

3) You will not need as many hair products as you may think you need. Hair is DEAD, the only part that’s alive is the root, that’s why you don’t feel pain when you get a haircut. Do not get sucked into thinking that something will transform the health of your hair, it can only transform the FEEL and the LOOK.  You will of course need to keep your hair clean and moisturised at all times, but there will be no need to stock up your cabinet/vanity desk with unnecessary products that may in fact counter your growth… less is more.

4) Eat right; as the saying goes you are what you eat. You are already mindful of what you put on your skin, so the same should be applied to what you deposit under your skin; where the root of your hair lays.

5) Exercise!!! Star jumps, jogging, Pilates, Zumba… whatever you like as long as you are moving and getting your blood pumping. I am pretty sure you have figured out that the key to promoting optimal hair growth lies in taking care of the root. It’s all about maintaining a good foundation.

6) And finally, enjoy yourself. Enjoy the journey, take pictures, talk to people, do what you love to do, embrace yourself. Once you have covered sections 2-5, relax and let your hair take its course because as I first highlighted, it will take time. Instead of stressing in front of the mirror 24-7, pass the time enjoying your life. And one day you will get a pleasant surprise.

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