7 Accessories to Buy for Your Scooter

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7 Accessories to Buy for Your Scooter

While there are certainly many modes of transportation available to people who prefer to use their own vehicle, a particularly popular and very personal choice is a scooter. A scooter has similarities to a motorcycle but is actually quite different. Still, most models provide easy transportation for one or two people as well as the benefit of better mileage and much easier parking. Anyone who owns a scooter also must have an affinity for the scooter aesthetic, which includes many different accessories. In fact, in addition to the practical nature of owning a scooter, accessorising the vehicle can be one of the best parts. Because there are so many scooter accessories available, both from scooter retailers and online from eBay, it is a good idea to become familiar with the variety, including safety accessories, storage accessories, and even parking accessories. Knowing which accessories are available is an important first step towards the rider having the scooter of his or her dreams.

Scooter vs. Motorcycle

It is important to note that there are some key differences between a scooter and a motorcycle. These differences can have an impact on which type of accessories are purchased. The following table outlines some of the core differences between the two types of vehicles.




Easy to ride for beginners






Safer at high speeds



More built-in storage



The two vehicles are clearly quite different, although the ultimate choice for which vehicle to ride is up to the rider. When it comes to purchasing accessories, it is important to purchase those that are compatible with the type of vehicle the rider owns or plans to own.

1. Scooter Helmets

One of the most important accessory categories for scooters is those that keep the rider safe. On a scooter, unlike in a car, there is no metal and glass encasement to keep the rider safe from accidents and injury. Safety accessories should be among the first purchases of any scooter owner. Depending on the country in which the scooter is operated, a helmet may or may not be required. However, regardless of law, it is a good idea to wear a helmet. Even at low speeds, a scooter crash can be lethal for a rider who does not wear a helmet. Luckily, there are many styles of scooter helmets available, at least one of which should meet the needs of any rider.

Types of Scooter Helmets

Scooter helmets should meet the safety standards of the government in which they are being sold. Aside from that, they can have many different appearances and styles. Some scooter helmets have a transparent face shield that protects the rider from dust and other debris at all times. Other helmets, known as open-face helmets, do not have this protective screen. While both types of helmets are acceptable at high speeds, the face shield can make the ride much more comfortable.

2. Scooter Eyewear

For those riders who choose not to have a face screen on their helmet, it is also possible to get eye protection from scooter goggles. Much like goggles that may be worn while swimming, this type of eyewear fits over the head with an elastic strap and protects the rider's eyes from wind and debris. There are also goggle designs that are fitted more like a typical pair of sunglasses and do not go around the back of the head. The right style depends on the rider's preference and comfort. After all, if any safety gear is not comfortable, it is unlikely to be worn, which obviously means it cannot offer any protection.

3. Scooter Windscreens

Some scooters come standard with a front windscreen that is designed to shield the rider from excessive wind at high speeds or from inclement weather. However, this is not standard on all models. For those riders who would appreciate the additional protection offered by a scooter windscreen, they can be purchased separately as scooter accessories . Depending on the expertise of the rider, it may be necessary to have the windscreen professionally installed.

4. Scooter Racks

Whether going for a road trip or simply picking up groceries, it may be necessary to expand the storage capacity of a scooter. Although there is usually fairly ample storage in the back of a scooter, that may not be enough for some occasions. There are a number of storage accessories that can make this possible, most notably a storage rack. Scooter racks generally affix to the back of a scooter and can be used to strap large parcels, bags, or luggage securely to the scooter. Be sure to select a rack that is compatible not only in size and design, but also in aesthetic style. A more modern scooter could look rather silly with a vintage-style rack on the back, so do keep appearances in mind even when shopping for this very practical accessory.

5. Scooter Locks

Although parking can be much easier with a scooter than it is with a car, there are additional parking hazards as well. For instance, a scooter is much easier to steal than a car, and therefore, should be locked up solid when it is parked. It is generally recommended that at least two locks be used on a scooter in order to protect it from theft. First, a chain lock can be wrapped around the scooter, and then around a fixed object, like a bicycle rack. However, some of these chain locks are easily cut with strong bolt cutters, which is why a U-lock is also recommended. Locking this type of lock around the scooter's rotor can prevent thieves from rolling the scooter away. Scooter locks are an important scooter accessory investment for the owner's peace of mind.

6. Scooter Alarms

If parking a scooter in a particularly dodgy area, it may be worth investing in a scooter alarm . Rather than having an alarm that is separate from the scooter lock, many products have this feature built in. When the lock is tampered with or removed, a loud siren or other alarming sound is triggered. This can be a major deterrent for a potential scooter thief and can also notify the rider of trouble if he or she is nearby.

7. Scooter Covers

Parking a scooter anywhere for a long stretch of time, even if it is in a garage, can mean the accumulation of a good deal of dirt and grime. Particularly for those people who do not ride their scooters every day, it may be a good idea to pick up a scooter cover. Covers are designed to fit over the scooter while it is parked, and protect it from direct sunlight as well as dirt. This way, the next time the rider decides to take the scooter for a spin, it can be clean and comfortable. Be sure to choose a scooter cover that is the right size to fit snugly over the scooter model in question.

How to Buy Scooter Accessories on eBay

Once you have determined exactly which scooter accessories are needed for your particular scooter, you can begin to search for them on eBay. The eBay search function makes it easy to sort through items from sellers around the world to find the perfect scooter accessories for your situation. Remember that the more specific your search terms, the fewer the search results that are returned. For instance, a search for " Vespa helmet" is likely to have fewer results than a more generic search for " scooter helmet". You can always use the eBay filters to narrow down whatever results you do get.

Some scooter accessories may have compatibility requirements. While eBay listings are usually quite detailed, if there are any questions about the accessories' compatibility with your scooter, it is easy to use the provided interface to ask the question of the seller so that you can be confident in your final purchase.


Riding a scooter, whether it is for basic transportation or as a means of weekend recreation, can be an exceptionally fun pastime. The fun is only compounded when the scooter is properly accessorised. Both new and seasoned scooter owners may be unaware of the array of accessories that are available for their scooters. Becoming familiar with the different types of accessories as well as determining how any individual accessory can fit into the lifestyle of a scooter owner is the best way to start the shopping experience. Once it is decided which types of accessories are needed, finding them is merely a matter of searching, browsing, and choosing from among the different styles and brands of accessories. Whether that means picking up a scooter helmet for maximum safety, or a scooter rack for expanded storage capacity when riding, all of these accessories are easily available from a variety of sources. With a bit of knowledge and a few facts at the ready, finding the best accessories for any scooter should be a breeze.

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