7 Day Buddhas according to Theravada Buddhism (uk)

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Theravada Buddhism, an orthodox Buddhist sect which keeps the original doctrine and tradition succeeded from the Buddha, is adopted by Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand while Mahayana sect is popular in China, Japan and other countries.

Buddhism originated in the southern Nepal with the teachings of Siddharta Gautama, the founder of Buddhism. He renounced his royal life to find the way to be out of the cycle of life which He considered suffering.

After years of studies of Hinduism in several schools and self- mortification, He found that those ways would not allow him to see the salvation. He then continued to quest the truth of life by mediating. Upon meditation under the bodhi tree, Siddharta got the thorough knowledge of the world, called the Four Noble Truths, becoming the Buddha or the Enlightened One. The first truth is that life is dukkha or a suffering. The fact that one must exist in the endless cycle of rebirth, weakness, sickness and death is suffering. The cause of being trapped in this suffering world is explained in the second truth-that is tanha or desire. The desire detains ignorant people attached to the illusion of the world: wealth, reputation, or passion is all illusion. The third truth is that the misery can be ended by removing the desire. The fourth truth tells of the approach to achieve the release - that is the Buddha's Eightfold Path.

Nirvana is the ultimate goal of Buddhism; it is the state that one ceases the rebirth.


Sunday Buddha

Seven Days Looking (Paang Tawai Netr)

The image is standing with hands held down in front of the body. The left hand is covered by the right. This attitude represents the period after the Buddha had realized Enlightenment. He achieved the enlightened state as He sat under a Bodhi tree for 7 days in deep meditation. It is said that He then stood for a longer period in deep meditation.

If you are born on this Day :

Character : Respectable, Carefree, Wise and Beloved by both friends and relatives.

Optimum Profession : Manager, Official, Doctor, Trader, Craftsman.

Very Lucky Day & Color : Wednesday & Green.


Monday Buddha

Pacifying the Relatives ( Paang Harm Samoot )

There are 3 images representing this Day. "Pacifying the Relatives" is a standing image with right hand raised, which was the posture of the Buddha when He persuaded disputing family members to peacefully compromise. "Forbidding the Sandalwood Image" refers to the time when the Buddha halted a sandalwood image in His likeness from rising off an altar, which has the Buddha standing with the left hand raised. "Mastery over Passions" is also a standing image with both hands raised, which is from the parable of the Buddha performing a miracle by calming the ocean and seas.

If you are born on this Day :

Character : Good Memory, Serious, Love to travel.

Optimum Profession : Trader, Doctor, Nurse, Fisherman.

Very Lucky Day & Color : Saturday & Black.


Tuesday Buddha

Realizing Nirvana ( Paang Saiyasna )

This image, reclining on the right side, toes even, indicates the Buddha's depature. Religious texts state that the Buddha entered into Parinibbana on this day of the week, and His final words to His disciples were, "As a flame blown out by the wind goes to rest and cannot be defined so the wise man freed from individuality goes to rest and cannot be defined. Gone beyond all images gone beyond the power of words", Sutta Nipata.

If you are born on this Day :

Character : Brave, Active, Broad and Serious Minded.

Optimum Profession : Policeman, Soldier, Chemist, Cook, Hairdresser.

Very Lucky Day & Color : Thursday & Yellow.


Wednesday Buddha

Holding the Alms Bowl ( Paang Oombaat )

There are 2 images for this day, one for the morning and the other for the evening.

For the morning, the Buddha is holding an alms bowl. After 4 years in His ministry, the Buddha journeyed to visit His father, younger brother and son. His father was appalled when the Buddha "begged" for food holding an alms bowl. The Buddha calmed His father informing him that the lineage of Buddhas was to perfom Pindabat ( Paang Oombaat ) that is, to be available to followers who devotedly bring offerings, which till today, the virtue of giving offerings is strong amongst followers.

If you are born on this Day Morning :

Character : Polite, Musical, Artistic, Ambitious, Emotional.

Optimum Profession : Writer, Clerk, Secretary, Translator, Teacher, Orator.

Very Lucky Day & Color : Wednesday(night) & Light Green.


The Blessed One ( Paang Parlaeli )

The image for the evening depicts the Buddha soughting solitude to meditate undisturbed, when animals of the forest brought Him sustenance. Thus it is usual to see in a temple garden, a seated Buddha image with an elephant offering a bowl of fruits and an approaching monkey offering a honeycomb.

If you are born on this Day Evening :

Character : Hard Working, Diligent, Honest.

Optimum Profession : Writer, Poet, Doctor, Scientist, Actor, Archaeologist.

Very Lucky Day & Color : Monday & White.


Thursday Buddha

The Meditating Buddha ( Paang Nung Samadhi )

This sitting pose image is a reminder of the classic posture for meditation. The full lotus with both soles upwards and visible, the hands resting on the lap, right above left with all fingers extended, palms upwards. In this position, some practitioners can feel the body is receptive to energy entering through the top of the head and through the open palms.

If you are born on this Day :

Character : Good Generous Hearted, Graceful, Tranquil, Honest.

Optimum Profession : Judge, Lawyer, Teacher, Clergyman.

Very Lucky Day & Color : Sunday & Orange.


Friday Buddha

The Contemplating Buddha (Paang Rum Peung)

The image is standing with hands resting across the chest, the right hand covering the left. This pose implies a complete spiritual transformation. A benevolent tranquility expresses the equanimity obtained through Vipassana meditation. The meditative practice develops clear seeing by training the faculties through direct experiences.

If you are born on this Day :

Character : Ambitious, Gregarious, Fun Loving.

Optimum Profession : Banker, Singer, Musician, Artist, Designer.

Very Lucky Day & Color : Tuesday & Pink.


Saturday Buddha

Protected by the Naga King (Paang Naga Prok)

The image is sitting on a large coiled serpent which rises to protect him from a raging storm. The Buddha sits in profound meditation, unaware of the turmoils, as He is lifted over the rising waves by the King of the Nagas.

If you are born on this Day :

Character : Logical, Tranquil, Reclusive.

Optimum Profession : Agriculturist, Constructor, Miner, Bailiff.

Very Lucky Day & Color : Friday & Blue.


Daily Buddha

Victory over Mara

Finally, there is an image often which is not specific to any day of the week. This Buddha image is seated in meditation with the fingers of the right hand touching the earth. The Buddha is confirming to all creation His imperturbability when besieged by temptation, fear, delusion and desire.


Om Moni Moni Maha Monayeh Soha

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