7 Dos and Donts When Buying Wrap Sunglasses

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7 Do's and Don'ts When Buying Wrap Sunglasses

Wearing wrap sunglasses can be an effective way for individuals to project a stylish look while also providing comprehensive protection to their eyes. Wrap sunglasses can range from the fashion-forward to the thoroughly pragmatic, giving women a wide range of options to choose from. Of course, making a selection in such a diverse marketplace can serve up a quandary for women if they do not have the right information on hand.

As one prepares to buy a pair of wrap sunglasses, it helps to be familiar with some of the ins and outs of buying them. A basic understanding of how one can select the lenses and styles as well some of the do’s and don’ts associated with using wrap sunglasses certainly helps in the purchasing process. A number of retail options exist for women to purchase wrap sunglasses. The online auction site, eBay, also offers an extensive selection of wrap sunglasses.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wrap Sunglasses

The following list of tips can help women determine the ideal fit, lens type, and style of wrap sunglasses for themselves. Considerations include lens tint and UV protection.

1. Do Understand the Different Levels of UV Protection

UV protection in wrap sunglasses can vary widely. If a consumer is concerned with obtaining a high level of protection when wearing these glasses, it is important for her to be aware of how UV protection works and is rated.

There are three types of UV light: UVA, UVB, and UVC. Only UVA and UVB rays are actually addressed by sunglasses, since UVC rays are blocked by the earth’s atmosphere. The more effective sunglasses block out 99 percent to 100 percent of UVA and UVB light. These sunglasses are usually labelled as UV 400 and offer comprehensive protection for eyes.

2. Do Go for Full Coverage to Protect Eyes

If a consumer’s priority is protecting the eyes from UV damage, leveraging wrap sunglasses with a full wrap design is essential. While many sunglasses purport to protect eyes, the traditional sunglass design featuring two front-facing lenses still allows UV rays to reach the eyes via the sides or tops of the frames. The advantage of wrap sunglasses is that they can seal out all harmful rays that might damage eyes on the sides and tops of the glasses as well. Some wrap sunglasses are also designed to wear over prescription eyeglasses while still providing full-wrap protection. These options often feature side lenses that allow a woman to use her peripheral vision while still keeping her eyes protected from UV damage. Full wrap around sunglasses can be very important for women who have recently undergone eye surgery of any kind.

3. Don’t Sacrifice Style in a Search for Wrap Sunglasses

When it comes to wrap sunglasses, there are countless options that are tremendously stylish and fashion-forward. Wearing a pair of wrap sunglasses does not always need to be about pragmatic needs. These sunglasses can also look quite good. Popular styles of wrap sunglasses include aviator wraps and sunglasses manufactured by major fashion brands and houses, many of which can also have solid UV protection integrated into their lenses. Vintage wrap sunglasses can be particularly chic. When shopping for wrap sunglasses, a woman can easily find an edgy, attractive design that delivers form as well as function.

4. Don’t Forget Sport-Specific Wrap Sunglasses

Women who are dedicated to a particular sport can look into wrap sunglasses that have been specially designed for their sport. These types of wrap sunglasses take specific issues such as wearability, snow glare, and more into consideration in their design, making them a fit for certain sports. Snow sport wrap sunglasses, for example, use a lens coat that works to limit glare off the bright, white surface of snow and ice, while runner’s wrap glasses might feature a lightweight design that does not wear a runner down on long runs.

Other accessory considerations included on these types of glasses might be rubberised bridges to reduce friction and extra-long ear grips that help ensure that the glasses stay in place during motion. Different lens tints can also make a sizable difference to sports sunglasses, and this is reviewed in greater detail in a section below.

5. Do Consider Driving Wrap Sunglasses for Long Commutes

Many women these days face long commutes to and from work. A pair of driving wrap sunglasses exclusively for the car can be a wise investment. These sunglasses are specially designed to minimise glare on the road from the sun during the day. There are even night-time options that feature coloured lenses that can reduce glare and blur from car lights. Purchasing a secondary pair to keep on hand for the commute can make many a woman’s life easier.

6. Don’t Rule Out Second-Hand Wrap Sunglasses

Even second-hand wrap sunglasses that do not have a vintage provenance can be a great addition to an accessory case. Many quality options are available second-hand, as people tend to take good care of high-end or brand-name sunglasses. When looking for a new pair of sunglasses, don’t rule out gently used ones. They can be an excellent way to supplement a collection of sunglasses with both stylish and pragmatic options.

7. Do Understand the Various Benefits of Different Lens Tints

Certain lens colours or tints can better address varying light conditions, making some wrap sunglasses more appropriate for one sport or setting or environment over another. When on the lookout for a pair of wrap sunglasses for recreation, a woman should keep this important detail in mind. The following chart maps out the different benefits of the main tint types used in sunglasses and looks at the sport that work best with each lens.

Lens Colour


Best Sports Applications

Yellow or Orange

Creates sharper focus by filtering blue light; enhances contrast in low-light environments

Cycling, Indoor Sports, Racquetball, Tennis

Amber, Rose, or Red

Enhances contrast in sunny environments

Fishing, Snow Sports, Water Sports

Dark Amber, Copper, or Brown

Heightens visual acuity by blocking high levels of blue light. Can improve contrast between grass and sky

Golf, Fishing (in grassy waters), Water Sports


Gives a mild boost to contrast and maintains colour balance.

Golf, Cricket, Baseball


Reduces brightness and maintains 100 percent colour recognition

All Outdoor Sports

People who focus on one specific sport or whose work takes place in conditions that relate to the environments described above can get an ideal pair of wrap sunglasses by selecting the right tint colour in the lens. By keeping these details in mind when buying wrap sunglasses, consumers can more accurately tailor a pair of glasses to their needs.

Shopping for Wrap Sunglasses

Offline retailers such as clothing stores or even vintage stores may have good selections of wrap sunglasses. Optical shops can have a range of choices, as well; however, offline retailers are often limited by what is on trend and may not offer a diverse range of choices. Also, clothing and vintage stores may not have options that accurately address a consumer’s eye protection needs. A larger catalogue of both style-conscious and protective wrap sunglasses can be found via online auction sites, as epitomised by eBay.

Buying Wrap Sunglasses on eBay

When buying a pair of wrap sunglasses on eBay, you can begin by running a search by entering a term in the bar found at the top of any page on the site. If you want to get an idea of the overall range of items available, try running a general term search with a phrase such as "wrap sunglasses". If you already have a specific brand, style, or lens colour in mind, run a search using this more specific criterion. For example, you could search for "running wrap sunglasses". eBay also offers helpful related search suggestions whenever a search is run; these hints can help open up new areas of investigation or help refine your search.

Getting to Know Your Sellers on eBay

You can further streamline the search for an ideal pair of wrap sunglasses by getting to know the sellers. This process can help ensure that you get the product you want. You can do this by reviewing a potential seller’s past auctions and even looking through the feedback a vendor has received from other customers.


Shopping for wrap sunglasses does not have to be a complicated process; not when a woman has the right information on hand. Despite the wide array of styles and types on the market, buying a pair of wrap sunglasses is a straightforward matter of researching the options suitable for a particular setting, application, or environment. By using the tips in this guide to refine her search, a woman can easily find and purchase a pair of sunglasses that match her needs. While offline retailers can offer some range of selection when it comes to both fashion and protective wrap sunglasses, the online auction site, eBay, provides a much more extensive list of selections. By searching through eBay’s auction listings and vetting the vendors from whom she is interested in purchasing a pair of glasses, a woman can successfully find anything from a brand name wrap to a UV400 skiing pair of sunglasses.

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