7 Dos and Donts When Buying a Wristwatch

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7 Do's and Don'ts When Buying a Wristwatch

A wristwatch is a popular accessory for men and women alike. Invented in the latter part of the nineteenth century, the wristwatch was initially a woman's accessory. However, soldiers in the First World War helped to popularise the style because of their need for a more convenient way to keep track of time than a traditional pocket watch. Wristwatches today are available in a variety of styles and are made from a wide array of materials, making them suitable for work, play, and special occasions. They can also have features that make life simpler, such as a stopwatch, alarm, information about timezones, and even moon phases. Many factors should be considered when choosing the right timepiece, so buyers should pay attention to the do's and don'ts of buying a wristwatch. Buyers can find wristwatches in jewellery shops and department stores. For a large selection and good deals buyers can browse the range of wristwatches on eBay.

1. Do Consider the Occasion

There are wristwatches suited to nearly every occasion, including casual days, sporting events, and black tie dinners, but there are few wristwatches that suit all occasions. A luxury designer watch with a platinum band and diamonds around the face would be out of place on a sports field, and a bulky rubber sports watch may appear odd on the wrist of a man in a business suit. Shoppers should consider where and when they plan to wear the watch, whether it is to the office every day, to the gym two or three times a week, or only on special occasions. If necessary, buyers can consider purchasing more than one watch so that they have one for every occasion.

2. Don't Assume all Wristwatch Bands are the Same

Wristwatch bands are available in two main styles: bracelet and strap. The bracelet style band is made from metal, using a series of interconnecting links. The strap has two pieces that fasten together and is often made from materials such as leather, faux leather, nylon, rubber, or even fur. As a result, strap style wristbands tend to weigh less than bracelet styles. However, the bracelet style tends to last much longer because it is made from more durable materials. It also sits more securely on the wearer's wrist.

Customising and Adjusting Wristwatch Bands

A bracelet style wristwatch can be customisable: it may be possible to add or remove links to achieve the perfect length for the wearer's wrist. However, straps offer even greater potential for personalising the watch. Strap style watches may allow wearers to exchange one set of straps for another, which can give a single watch multiple looks. Before purchasing a watch, make sure that it supports interchangeable straps.

3. Do Consider the Wristwatch Materials

Watch bands and cases can be made from a variety of materials. The case of a wristwatch houses the timekeeping mechanism and displays the time. The table below highlights some of the materials used to make watches and their benefits and potential drawbacks.





Precious metal with a white sheen

Extremely expensive

Resists damage from corrosion and extreme temperatures


Precious metal with white, yellow, or red sheen


Carries prestige


Very soft and is usually mixed with other metals

Stainless steel

Metal alloy of carbon, nickel, and chromium, with a silver sheen

Widely used and affordable

Attractive and resists corrosion and discolouration

Resists scratches and other marks


Metal with a silvery, greyish-white sheen

More expensive than steel, but less than precious metals

Hardest natural metal

Resists corrosion and damage



Soft material made from treated animal hides

Relatively inexpensive, depending on the type chosen

Has a limited lifespan, typically about five years

Available in a wide variety of colours and textures


A glossy material heated to a very high temperature to harden it

More expensive than steel or titanium

Lighter and stronger than steel, but can chip

Resists corrosion, damage, and fading



Waterproof synthetic material

Popular and relatively inexpensive

Resists damage from the elements


Plastic based synthetic material

Stronger than traditional moulded plastics

Waterproof and UV resistant

Resists temperature damage and cracking


Petroleum based synthetic material

Inexpensive and replaced easily

Tends to wear out quickly and can unravel if caught

Buyers should weigh up the advantages of all of the materials used in watches when making a choice. For example, resin is a good choice for a sports watch, but gold is best suited to wristwatches for elegant occasions. Bear in mind that the straps and cases often use different materials, so check which material is used for each part.

4. Do Consider the Watch Movement

The watch movement refers to how the watch keeps time. There are three types of movement that buyers can choose from: mechanical, automatic, and quartz. Mechanical watches are the most traditional. An automatic watch takes the best features of a mechanical watch and combines it with more advanced technology. Finally, quartz watches are the most modern and have the benefit of greater precision

Mechanical Wristwatches

Mechanical wristwatches rely on a winding device and gears to power their timekeeping. If considering a mechanical watch, buyers should check the power reserve, which indicates how long the watch lasts between windings. Also be aware that mechanical wristwatches tend to fall behind by a few minutes in a month, so it is a good idea to check the time and correct it as necessary. Although these watches may seem old-fashioned, they are also works of art that last for generations, in many cases, and are meant to be displayed.

Automatic Wristwatches

Like mechanical wristwatches, automatic wristwatches use gears. However, they have devices that store energy that comes from the motion of the wearer's wrist, and use it as a power source rather than relying on the winding action. Automatic wristwatches also have a power reserve that indicates how long the watch can last, and they are prone to losing time in the same way as mechanical watches. However, a well made automatic watch also is a showpiece.

Quartz Wristwatches

A quartz wristwatch relies on either a battery or solar power. It feeds an electrical current to a small quartz crystal inside the watch. The current causes the crystal to vibrate at a consistent speed of 32,000 oscillations per second, which is used to measure the passing of time. A quartz watch is highly precise when keeping time and it is also very affordable. However, the watch battery may need to be replaced from time to time.

5. Do Consider the Benefits of Analogue and Digital Displays

Watch faces, or the part of the watch that indicates the time, come in two varieties: analogue and digital. An analogue wristwatch uses the traditional clock face with hands pointing to the hour and minute, whereas a digital face uses numerals displayed by an LCD panel. Digital displays are convenient to read, but they do not appear as sophisticated as their traditional analogue counterparts. For a functional watch that is worn daily, a digital face may be suitable, but for an elegant wrist adornment for a little black dress or a suit, consider an analogue watch.

6. Don't Forget About Extra Features

A no-frills watch is fine for casual wear, but watches today can do much more than just tell the time. For example, sports watches are designed to act as a stopwatch and resist damage from water and shock. Some sports watches may even be equipped with GPS, compasses, barometers, and altimeters. A university student studying abroad, a frequent international traveller, and a business professional may choose a watch that displays the current time in several time zones, including major international cities. Even the casual wearer can benefit from a watch that has a built-in alarm clock or date display.

7. Do Invest in a Watch Box for the Wristwatch

Like any other piece of jewellery, a watch should be stored in a safe place, preferably a watch box, when not being worn. This protects it from scratches and damage, while also providing an attractive way to display the watch when it is not being worn. Shoppers can look for a watch box with a built-in winder if they are considering a mechanical or automatic watch. This keeps the watch operating when it is not worn for extended periods of time. Buyers who have several watches or many straps can purchase a box that has multiple slots. Travellers can rest assured that their treasured watch is stowed safely in their luggage with a travel watch box.

Buying Wristwatches on eBay

When you are ready to buy a wristwatch, visit eBay, which has a large selection of new, used, and vintage watches to suit every shopper's tastes. When browsing the eBay selection, you should keep a few factors in mind. First, always research the product before you buy. Also learn about the seller. This includes checking the seller's feedback history, which is left by previous buyers. Also look at the seller's accepted payment methods. If you are not sure about the seller's policies or if you want to know more about a particular item, then feel free to ask the seller a question before you buy.

Searching for Wristwatches on eBay

To search for wristwatches, you can simply enter a keyword, such as "men's sports wristwatch", in the search bar on any page on the site. You can filter your results by price or condition. You can also narrow down the search by specifying features of the wristwatch. Try specific keywords such as "Chanel diamond wristwatch" or "men's titanium watch time zone", if you know exactly what you are looking for. You can also specify the condition or age of a watch with phrases such as "women's vintage watch" or "men's used wristwatch".


Shoppers should pay attention to several do's and don'ts when preparing to buy a wristwatch. First, they should consider when and where they plan to wear the watch. Watch bands are available in two main styles: bracelet and strap. The watch band can be made from numerous materials, so buyers should choose whichever style and band material is most comfortable to wear. Buyers should consider the type of watch movement. Shoppers can choose from mechanical, automatic, and quartz varieties, each of which has its own advantages. In addition to the movement, a key factor in the decision should be the watch face, and whether it is digital or analogue.

Buyers should also take into account the extra features they can most benefit from. Sports watches may include stopwatches and other features that are suited for athletic pursuits and outdoor environments. Some high-end watches may offer features to indicate the time in multiple time zones. Finally, when buying a watch, shoppers should decide where they store it when it is not being worn. A watch box keeps wristwatches safe and secure, and may even include a winding device for mechanical and automatic wristwatches. eBay sellers offer a broad selection of wristwatches.

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