7 Golden Ebay Tips

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Seven quick Tips that I have found to be so, after a few Powerseller years.

  1. Do not charge high postage. Sure add a little to cover costs but avoid, at all costs, making money this way. I find that those that rip folks off for postage also provide poor service and attract negatives like bees to honey. The good sellers make money by selling good prodcuts well.
  2. Send items quickly. This will get you out of all sorts of trouble. Never mind why, just remember to send items quickly - as quick as you can. It works and it works well.
  3. Write listings and emails as you speak. If you type stuff that you would never say "i write with reference to" or "buyers must adhere to" then you risk losing bidders who are looking to deal with real people. There are lots of faceless companies online who speak like this - be you, that is what folks want.
  4. Pack over-zealously. No one ever got a negative for good packing. If it arrives broken you will always get the blame, not the mail so pack it as if it will be treated like a Rugby ball.
  5. Never think Ebayers are stupid. If you think that then it is highly likely that you probably are and not them. Look at all the negatives and how each person thinks the other is wrong and stupid (most) - they can't both be right. 99.99% of the time is communication problems. Bite your tongue, swallow your pride and aim to look at things in the long run and not individually.
  6. Look forward to packing things. never think of this as the duff aspect of Ebaying, it is just as important as buying and selling. Make it an enjoyable time when you can listen to the Radio (BBC Listen again is great) or the ipod etc. Make sure your packing materials are great too and you are half way there.
  7. Include in every listing text:
    • What is it
    • What does it do/benefit
    • Why should you buy it
    • What is its condition
    • What size
    • Postage
    Do not put happy bidding.
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