7 Handbags That Every Woman Should Own

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A handbag is a popular women’s accessory, designed to hold a purse, mobile phone, keys, and other necessary items. Handbags come in many different styles, sizes, and shapes. They also vary in colour. While blacks are versatile and can be worn all year round, brighter colours are often considered seasonal and best suited to spring or summer. Women’s handbags may contain dividers, pockets, and compartments, allowing women to separate and better organise their belongings so that they can find items quickly and easily. Handbags are also available in a variety of materials, ranging from leather to silk and canvas. Some handbags have embellishments, such as intricate beading or sequins, while others are embroidered. Handbags can feature one strap or double straps, allowing the wearer to carry the handbag easily in the hand, or over the arm or shoulder.

Handbags can vary in price hugely, often depending on the bag’s manufacturer. With a range of handbags available to suit all needs and occasions, it is sometimes necessary to have more than one. Looking at a list of handbags that every woman should own helps to identify which bags are missing from a personal collection. After purchasing a handbag on eBay, buyers should consider how to care for it properly to ensure that it lasts for many seasons.

Types of Handbag

When considering which handbags that she should own, a woman should bear in mind the intended function of the handbag, how many items it should be able to hold, and the occasion that the handbag will be used for. There are various types of handbag designed to fit every occasion.

Handbag 1: Clutch

Clutches are small, generally only holding a few key necessities. They are designed to be held in the hand, and are typically used for more formal occasions. Many clutches come with a detachable strap which can be attached to the clutch, allowing the handbag to be hung from the wearer’s shoulder. While some clutches are simple in design, others are more elaborate, containing intricate detailing, beading, and embroidery.

Handbag 2: Hobo

Hobo bags are oversized, allowing the wearer to carry around many items in addition to the necessities, such as a camera, spare shoes, a bottle of water, and a favourite book. These handbags are ideal for those who find themselves constantly requiring more space. Hobo bags are crescent shaped and usually have a medium or long single strap, allowing them to hang at waist level.

Handbag 3: Totes

Totes are similar in size to a hobo. These handbags typically feature two thick handles that allow the bag to be carried in the hand. The handbag itself is usually square. Canvas totes are ideal for trips to the beach as they are able to carry a wide range of items, including sunscreen, water bottles, sunglasses, and snacks. Leather totes are good everyday bags and can be taken to the office.

Handbag 4: Satchel

Satchels generally have a long, flat, single strap that is hung over the wearer’s shoulder and across their chest. These handbags are usually constructed of durable materials, such as cotton canvas or leather, allowing them to transport heavier items, like textbooks and a laptop. Satchels often have a flap and buckle closure rather than a zip.

Handbag 5: Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and fabrics, including leather, denim, and cotton blends. While some shoulder bags have a single strap, others have double straps. Straps should be long enough to fit comfortably over the wearer’s shoulder, allowing them to be carried hands-free. The straps may be thin or wide. Popular shoulder bags often display the designer’s brand logo on the front.

Handbag 6: Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are typically worn across the chest. This helps to distribute the weight of the bag across the body instead of concentrating it solely on one shoulder. These bags were originally popular with bicycle couriers, hence the name. They are durable, and can rest securely on the wearer’s back while riding. Messenger bags are recognised for their ease of use and have become a mainstream fashion trend. The bag is characterised by its thick, sturdy strap and large front flap closure, which allows easy access to the bag’s contents. This flap may hang loosely or may feature a buckle or snap closure. Traditional messenger bags are made of canvas and have no interior pockets. However, more modern styles are made of leather, suede, and nylon waterproof materials, and contain both inner and outer compartments. The bag is considered casual and ideal for holding bulkier items such as a laptop.

Handbag 7: Bowling Bag

Bowling bags are known for their retro style. These bags are modelled after those used to carry bowling balls. They have two short handles and may also feature pockets and dividers within the interior of the bag. Traditional bowling bags are characterised by their long body and rounded top.

Caring for Suede and Leather Handbags

Many handbags that a woman should own come in suede or leather. These materials require proper care in order to maintain their fabric and extend their lifespan. Both suede and leather handbags should be kept dry: these materials are difficult to dry and may develop water stains. If the bag happens to get damp, women should blot the water spots with a soft cloth as quickly as possible then proceed to let it air dry. When storing handbags, women should stuff the bag with tissue paper. This helps the bag to maintain its shape.

Caring for Suede Handbags

Suede handbags should be sprayed immediately after purchase with a suede protectant and water repellant. Taking precautionary measures helps to protect against rain and other external factors. Suede bags should also be brushed periodically to remove any dust and dirt particles, and to restore the nap to its original condition.

Caring for Leather Handbags

A cleaning solution should be applied periodically to leather handbags to keep the material clean and free of debris. A leather conditioner can also help the material to maintain a soft and supple texture, and prevents cracking and breaks in the handbag. Leather conditioner should only be used in conjunction with a cleaning solution. Leather handbags should be kept in a dark place at room temperature in order to prevent the leather from fading or cracking.

Searching for Women’s Handbags on eBay

To navigate to eBay’s assortment of women’s handbags, buyers should start their search on the eBay home page. Using the search bar, buyers can type in any key terms related to the item that they are looking for. Buyers may choose to simply search for "women’s handbags", or to type in more specific keywords such as "black hobo handbag". A more specific search better narrows down the listings, although being too specific can skip over items that may have been of interest to the buyer.

Alternatively, buyers can use eBay’s advanced search feature to narrow down item listings by category, price, or buying format. This feature also allows buyers to search by location or to limit the listings of handbags to those offered by Top-rated sellers.

Search by Brand

Searching by brand is a good option for buyers who tend to favour certain designers. While Gucci, Coach, and Louis Vuitton are widely known for their exclusive handbag collections, these designer bags are on the more expensive side. Buyers can opt for less expensive handbags made by less well known companies. These handbags are often constructed of high quality materials as well. Buyers do not have to compromise quality for price. Alternatively, a good quality used designer bag may be found.

Search by Material

Buyers may choose to browse handbags by material. While a canvas handbag may be better suited for daytime use, a satin or suede handbag is ideal for formal occasions and evening events. Leather handbags are versatile and are the preferred choice of many buyers. Unlike other materials, leather lasts even with extended use.

Buy a Handbag with Confidence

Buyers should always examine all listing images for signs of wear or damage to the handbag before making a purchase. The pictures of handbags for sale can provide helpful information to the buyer and let them know exactly what they are buying. If more pictures are desired, buyers should use the "Ask a question" feature to communicate with the handbag’s seller. Most sellers are more than happy to provide any additional information to prospective buyers to promote a positive transaction.


A handbag is both a functional and stylish women’s accessory. The selection of handbags available on eBay is vast compared to that offered by many retailers. While smaller handbags are considered more suitable for elegant occasions, larger handbags are designed for more practical use. Women should consider investing in several types of handbag so that they are well prepared for every event.

If looking for a summer handbag, a brightly coloured tote helps liven up an outfit. Leather handbags are versatile and work well with a wide array of outfits. Satin and suede bags are often reserved for more formal occasions and generally not used on an everyday basis. Properly caring for a woman’s handbag ensures long lasting use and keeps the bag in pristine condition. With so many handbags to choose from, eBay can help any woman to ensure that she owns all of the bags that she needs.

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