7 Heels That Will Make Your Legs Look Fantastic

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7 Heels That Will Make Your Legs Look Fantastic

There is no better example of the extraordinary lengths women will take to look fabulous than the high heel.. These shoes are perfect for making legs look longer and providing additional height, but they can also be known for being slightly uncomfortable. Kitten heels,, for example, are easy enough for anyone to wear without feeling pain. For many women, slightly uncomfortable doesn’t even begin to describe what it feels like when walking around all day on a pair of four inch stiletto heels.

Fashion is very much a personal choice, and just because one woman likes a shoe doesn’t mean every other woman will too. High heels built with exceptional style make legs look absolutely fantastic, and have certainly withstood the test of time. Try out a pair of these shoes the next time you find yourself shopping for shoes, either online at eBay or at a local store, but be sure to keep in mind some ideas to better accentuate your legs.

Heel Type 1: The Black High Heel

Whether it’s a court shoe, stiletto, or wedge, there’s always a special place in any woman’s closet for a pair of black high heels.. Black shoes look great with pretty much anything, therefore they can be worn over and over again. The black high heel is a staple of formal wear,, so if you have a special occasion planned, bring along a pair of black heels to be safe.

Versatility of Black High Heels

The black high heel works great for a long day at work, followed by slipping into a little black dress for a night out on the town. The flattering colour of black makes big feet look smaller, which is an extra plus for any ladies out there with wide feet. When buying black heels, try to choose a style that you feel comfortable in wearing since you are probably going to be wearing these heels quite often. The goal is to select a heel that is entirely black, or be a little bit daring by picking a black shoe with a brightly coloured sole.

Heel Type 2: The Neutral High Heel

Neutral high heels are typically offered in many shades of beige and light brown. Choose a neutral heel whose colour blends well with your skin tone, and wear them to seriously lengthen the look of your legs. The neutral colour blends with your skin to make even short legs look tremendously tall. Plus, neutral shades look excellent with many colours that clash with black, such as the pastel shades. A woman who has a pair of black heels and neutral heels in her closet has all of her bases covered. Again, with this shoe, choose a style that you are comfortable wearing since this shoe is going to see a lot of use. Neutrals are best for casual parties, especially for summer and spring functions. Choose a neutral shoe that either has the same coloured sole, or a shade of white for the sleekest look.

Heel Type 3: The Trusty Court Shoe

Court heels feel like they have been around forever, and for good reason. Court shoes are one of the most comfortable high heel shoes out there, and they have become a staple for women’s fashion at the modern workplace. The heel of a court shoe is slightly wider and sturdier than a stiletto, so wearers are not going to feel like they are walking around on tip-toes all day long. While some court shoes do have heels over 3 inches, most come in more manageable sizes. Walking around in a pair of these heels makes strides seem more natural while also making your legs look longer. Court shoes with rounded toes are also a great option for women with wide feet who hate the narrow toe present in some styles. Choose a pair of court shoes in any colour, but try to pick one that goes with at least three pieces of your wardrobe.

Heel Type 4: The Peek-A-Boo Peep Toe

After you just had a manicure, and you want to show it off, wear a pair of peep toe high heels.. What sets the peep toe apart from other shoes is the slightly open toe area in front. It’s the perfect high heel for the spring and summer seasons, even though they are a little more formal than sandals. For a festive style, choose a peep toe with a slingback clasp. The low clasp of the slingback shows off your ankles without any interrupting lines, making it one of the best choices for creating the look of long and sleek legs. Since they are typically intended for spring and summer, peep toes in bright or pastel colours can work great when trying to festively celebrate the season.

Heel Type 5: The Haughty Espadrille

High heeled espadrilles are the perfect choice for anyone who wants the leg lengthening power of high heels without all of the pain. Espadrilles come with a wedge heel,, which means the heel extends all the way down the shoe at a slight angle. Therefore, its far easier to stand and walk all day in a pair of espadrilles as opposed to other types of heels. Furthermore, the sole of espadrilles are made out rope, though cheaper brands use rubber. Rope absorbs a lot of shock, making the shoe extremely comfortable for walking. On the fashion side, these wedged shoes look ideal on women with muscular legs since the larger shape of the shoe flows well with the legs. As a word of warning for anyone with tiny legs, espadrilles tend to overwhelm small feet. This can result in people paying closer attention to your shoes than your legs.

Heel Type 6: The Fashion Forward Stiletto

Some women love this style; others would die before they would wear it again. The stiletto high heel inspires such extreme reactions because they are both, a very beautiful and very uncomfortable shoe. Part of their beauty comes from the dagger-like heel, so incredibly thin that standing on it seems impossible at times. This is also where the pain comes from, since the thin heel forces you to put all of your balance on the balls of your feet. Try and pick a pair of stilettos with a soft leather padding above the sole since this makes the shoes slightly more comfortable. Stilettos also have sharp toes, which makes them a great choice for anyone with narrow feet. If you truly want your legs to look fabulous, no other shoe has the same star power as a stiletto. If you dare, try to wear a stiletto above 3 inches to really maximise your sex appeal. The high heel forces the muscles in your legs to stand out, making them look spectacular.

Heel Type 7: The Platform Heel

If you want the high heel of the stiletto without all the pain of arching your foot to an uncomfortable angle, choose a platform heel.. These shoes have thick soles, and provide better stability. In fact, many women buy platform shoes with a stiletto heel so they can get the best of both worlds. However, before going out dancing in a pair of platform shoes, one should take some time to get used to walking in these platforms since this shoe can be a little tricky to master at first. Once you get the hang of them, wearing platform heels are a gateway to superior heel heights, that make you taller and your legs longer.

Buying High Heels on eBay

Many shoe stores sell high heels, but the truth is the selection is often limited, and it’s difficult to find a shoe in the right size. Instead of driving about from store to store looking for a new pair of shoes, skip the hassle and shop at home using eBay. Women love eBay for shoe shopping because there are sizes for everyone and the selection is simply unmatched. You can shop for the latest shoe styles in countries all over the world or simply stick with your old favourites. Furthermore, because eBay’s system allows sellers to compete with each other in an open arena, it’s easy to find the best deal on a fabulous pair of heels.

Buying the Right Shoe Size on eBay

Ideally, you should already know your shoe size before you start shopping on eBay. If you do not, take a moment to go get measured at the store. For high heels, most women need to be professionally measured because their foot fits differently in most shoes. Try on a few pairs at the store to determine if the sizing was performed correctly. Once you know the correct size, one can now shop online. However, to prevent the shoes not fitting just like you would have hoped they would, first take a moment to check out the seller’s return policy prior to purchase. Many shoe sellers do allow returns within a certain period of time, but do not assume this is always the case. Ask the seller about a return policy if you have any questions before making a decision.


 High heels are an important part of any modern woman’s wardrobe. However, it is hardly a case of one style of high heels fits all. A younger woman who wants to make a big impression at the club, can look absolutely stunning with a pair of stiletto heels or platform heels. These two styles come involve drastically high heels that really lengthen and tone the legs. Working women who want their legs to look nice while at work, can select the trusty court shoe with its medium heel. For party occasions, try the peep toe or the espadrille style, especially during the summer months. Black high heels tend to make feet look smaller, while neutral high heels make legs look longer than they normally are. eBay carries all of these styles and many more so that each fashionista can find the style that is right for her. So go ahead and slip into a pair of high heels that make your legs look simply wonderful.

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