7 Present Ideas for a 7 year old girl

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Finding the perfect present for a 7 year old is easier than you think. These are my ideas for presents for 7 year old girls. I hope you like them.

1. Craft / Make it yourself items - so from my experience most kids love the pride that comes with making something themselves. One of the top christmas presents this year is the Sew Cool sewing machine which comes with projects for your little one to make, If you prefer to keep it simple why not a sew it yourself felt kit, these range in both price and difficultly. You can usually pick them up from around £2+ so they make great stocking fillers.

2. Staying with the making it yourself theme - beados / aquabeads or any one of a number of products who do the same thing are great for little hands and imaginations. No mess, you just put the beads on a board and spray with water and they stick together. You can make pictures, or drink mats or anything you can imagine. Hours of fun for kids.

3. Frozen - ANYTHING! Need I say more... I don't know any 7 year olds who are not into Frozen right now. There are so many great toys to choose from. There are the character dolls, jigsaw puzzles art sets and of course the dresses. Any little girl would love to receive a Frozen themed gift!

4. A journal - Little girls are getting to that age where they love to write about what is happening in their life. A secret journal ( one with a lock ) will make any little girl feel all grown up and will provide them with a special place where they can record all their thoughts and dreams.

5. Books - I am a HUGE believer in books for gifts, I am of the you can never have too many books variety! Kids at 7 have just started reading chapter books so its a good chance to think back to the books you loved when you were a child and get them for the child in your life. Enid Blyton the secret seven or the faraway tree and of course the great Roald Dahl are good ones too start with.

6. Magic Kits -  Kids love magic, and even better than watching it is doing it yourselh. Hours of fun are to be had learning and then making your own little magic show. There are plenty of great non expensive kits out there and all offer different tricks. Buy one age appropriate and one that looks interesting and you will have fun!

7. Lastly I love gifts that get you all involved so my last gift idea is baking! Buy the 7yo in your life an apron or a baking kit then you can get in the kitchen and so much fun making cakes, biscuits and then the enjoyment of eating what you made! Great for teaching kids how to cook and kids love getting their hands dirty and licking the bowls, spoons etc.

These are my ideas of gifts you can buy a 7 year old, I hope you enjoyed it.
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